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Clashes in the West Bank, Settlement Expansions, and Coronavirus: Week Review, February 15th-21st

Violence in the region: Violence between Israel and Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza continued this week. Last Shabbat, the Feb. 15, 2 rockets...

Archeological Dig Uncovers Proof of Biblical Accounts

Archeologists digging around the site of ancient Lachish, mentioned as having been destroyed by an Israelite army in Joshua 10:31-32, have uncovered the remains of a Canaanite temple along with many other artifacts.

Anti-missionary activists attack Messianic home for at-risk youth

Members of Lehava, a violent anti-assimilation organization led by Ben-Zion Gopstein - a former disciple of Rabbi Meir Kahana - have been attacking a safe house for at-risk youth which is operated by a Messianic family.

Hundreds at Western Wall Pray Against Coronavirus Outbreak

A meeting was held at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City Sunday evening to pray for the people around the world who have been infected by the coronavirus outbreak.

The Bible Society in Israel – Word comes out of Jerusalem

The Bible Society in Israel is an institution dedicated to spreading the Word of God to all people in the land.

Answering the Accusations against Tikkun #2

Ron writes, "So, yes, we believe there will be great revival; but, no, not apostles equal to or surpassing the original 12."

If… Then…

Moran writes, "This week, as I reread this important Scripture portion, I once again understood how God’s Word points to the amazing work of Yeshua."

A little about us – The Bible Bloc party

David writes, "For the first time in Israel’s history, three Messianic Jews and an Arab believer are running together in the Gush HaTanachi party (the Bible Bloc party)."

How did Jesus find people named John, James and Peter in the Middle East?

Tuvia writes, "We typically associate names like John or James with the Western European and North American culture. But these names started out as biblical names, and they conquered Europe together with Christianity."

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Messianic congregations, American Christians aid flooded Israeli city

The Nahariya relief effort was a model of cooperation between local congregations in Israel and the development of long-term relationships with international Christian communities.

A letter of repentance

Carolyn writes, "I’m so grateful for their help in bringing me to this place of repentance and I pray that many more followers of Yeshua will also discover and embrace the Hebrew roots of Yeshua."

The Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah): Much more than a dress rehearsal

Sandra writes, "The Levitical feasts, however, are packed with significance in and of themselves, notwithstanding their future (or past) fulfillments."

2 lessons from Gideon and his army

"We all experience fear, but it’s how we respond to it that counts. Courage looks fear in the eye and refuses to obey its demands."

Where are the dinosaurs?

The Genesis account is the only of the ancient creation stories to comply with modern cosmology, and the scientific understanding of the...

Should Christians study rabbinic literature?

Tuvia writes, "What did Jesus do with extra-biblical rabbinical teachings? Yes, he spoke against some of them. Other traditions he kept."

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