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Messianic youth groups in Jerusalem among those quarantined after COVID-19 outbreak

One of the largest high schools in Jerusalem, the Gymnasia is home to several Messianic students some of whom had attended youth group meetings days before being diagnosed with the coronavirus. Now, all teens and leaders who attended those meetings were forced to go into quarantine as well.

New Messianic women’s shelter opens in Beersheva

While most of the country was reducing its services or shutting its doors entirely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Aviv Ministry was able to expand its women’s shelter into a more spacious facility in Beersheva and is already welcoming new residents.

The Meaning Of The Wheat And The Tares For Our Times

"We are moving inevitably towards harvest time. We often think of that as a purely positive thing – a great ingathering of souls to the kingdom – but with the harvest comes the winnowing."

Loving Thy Neighbor // Congregations Across Israel Respond to COVID-19

The believers in the land of Israel, like in many other nations, have been prohibited from congregating, so they have been exploring other ways to continue their ministry. Many congregations have been very efficient in caring for their communities. 

Vertical — new Galilee house of prayer — to be dedicated on Shavuot

A new house of prayer in the Galilee will be dedicated on the grounds of the Aliyah Return Center (ARC) this week on the evening of Shavuot in a live event streamed on Zoom. The beginning of watches at this new house of prayer is auspicious and miraculous in its timing.

[VIDEO] Response to Laurie Cardoza-Moore’s attack on Messianic Jews

Here is my response. forgive me for the humor…if I didn’t laugh, I might cry… I am not personally offended, but I am concerned for the Jewish people who will be turned off to the gospel by her lies about Jewish believers.

When the Mighty are Fallen (Part 2)

Aaron writes, "It’s time to repent and cry out to our God to have mercy on us. I’m saying this to every follower of Christ all over the world, very much including myself."

To my Zionist friends response to the God TV dilemma

Don writes, "I am deeply concerned about some of the responses regarding the recent God TV dilemma. Did the God TV brother express himself in a way that is insensitive to this whole issue? Perhaps so, but please do not let this drive any of us away from our covenant Jewish brothers and sisters in the Messiah."

Is the Gospel for Israel?

Gilbert writes, "So, ultimately the gospel is for all people, Jews as well as Gentiles. Our duty as Gentile believers in Yeshua is to provoke the Jews and make them jealous (Romans 11:11), but we must do it in a gentle loving fashion so that they will know and accept Yeshua is their own Messiah."

Repentance Leads To Conversion: Life-Changing/Character-Changing

Howard writes, "Does anyone here tonight want to be changed from what you are and the way you now are – even as a believer – because of hearing the Word of God to you?"

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