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Israel Between Rocks and Rockets

Howard writes, "The ever present conflict in Israel between the Jews and the Arabs goes back to the family feud between Ishmael and Isaac, and between Esau and Jacob. It has to do with YHVH God’s choice/election..."
‘God saved our lives’ – survivor of rocket attack in Ashkelon tells ALL ISRAEL NEWS how he escaped harm by seconds

‘God saved our lives’ – survivor of rocket attack in Ashkelon tells ALL ISRAEL...

He urged Christians around the world to pray for Israel's safety and that believers here would be a light in the midst of a dark time.

Israel Under Attack – How We Got Here

Chava writes, "It’s mind-boggling to comprehend how we got to where we are today in less than a week’s time. How did it all begin?"

“Not Now!” to Terrorism in Jerusalem: How to Pray

Rick writes, "This is a prayer alert I sent out in October 2015. I felt we are to pray in a similar way now concerning the new wave of incitement and violence."

The First Congregation – How it All Began (Part 3)

Ari and Shira's congregations was not the first congregation planted in Israel, but it was the first of its kind—unapologetically geared towards building a Spirit-filled Hebrew-speaking community of Israelis.

Shema: The Hebrew Word – And Prayer – You Should Know

People often say that ‘seeing is believing’, but did you know the Bible teaches the opposite—that listening is more important than seeing?

Remembering Chuck Kopp – A pioneer and a pillar in the Messianic community in...

He served for 20 years as the chairman of the Evangelical Alliance of Israel (EAI), a position that allowed him to often represent Christian interests in Knesset committees and take part in the Government Christian Forum.

“Watch therefore, and pray… and to stand before the Son of Man” (Luke 21:36)

Dan and Dalia write, "In this challenging time, in which we are now living, we must be ready for the meeting with the Lord. None of us know when that will happen."

Parashat Bamidbar: The One Thing People are Willing to Die for

Yehuda shares, "There is a stark contrast between being in the desert and conducting a census. There are no rules in the desert and no laws, it is absolutely limitless."

20 Scriptures proving why an Oral Torah could never have been given by God to Moses at Mount Sinai

Richard writes, "The Oral Law has blinded Israel and caused their Greatest Sin of not seeing that their own God became their Messiah and Savior, and saved them from all of their sins."

Eternal Appointments

Wendy writes, "As we near the completion of “Counting the Omer,” the season when the Israelites were wandering around in the wilderness, on their way to Mt. Sinai, learning that God would provide for all their needs..."

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