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Diary of an Israeli Soldier

We came across some journal entries Ari kept when he was fighting in the first Lebanon war in the early 1980’s. This rare inside view will give you an intimate look at the life of an IDF soldier during a unique time in Israel.

Why is it good to fear God?

"It seems odd to some people that we are supposed to fear God. Surely God is good and compassionate, righteous and just – what is there to be afraid of?"

Why does Israel reject ethnic Jews as legitimate Jews?

Cookie writes, "A Jew who has rejected today’s Orthodox Rabbinic Judaism – which, in Israel, is considered to be the only legitimate expression of the Jewish religion, does not automatically mean that that same Jew has no connection to their people, to the State of Israel or to their Jewish identity."

Why do scholars use Palestine for Israel

Ron writes, "Whenever I would read anything scholarly and see the usage of the word Palestine for the land of Israel, a term that was given to the region over 100 years after Yeshua’s death and resurrection, I would get angry."

Does God need us?

Howard writes, "God is love, and He wants us to know His glory. To glorify Him in all things in our love for Yeshua is our response to His love for us to live with Him forever."

An inside peak in the graduation ceremony of Messianic army preparation program

Natzor is a ten-day intensive army preparation program for Messianic 18 year olds who have graduated high school and await their enlistment to the IDF. Run by Netivah youth ministry, this session marked the 15th consecutive year of the program.

Muslim background believers make a change in Israel

It is not easy – nor safe, nor simple – to live in the Middle East as a Muslim background believer in Jesus. That is why the following story should both inspire you and encourage to pray.

Tisha be’Av – an excerpt from my book

Tuvia writes, "Since my book, 'The Secret Scroll of Magdala,' takes place around the destruction of the second temple, I have decided to share an excerpt from my unfinished book today. A small warning – it ends with a cliffhanger."

The power of a focused life

Andrey writes, "Some of us are pressured in the workplace and stressed at home. Many people are trying to make sense of their lives. Believers are not immune to this sense of craziness and can also “lose heart” in this crazy season."

“…I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My own heart, who will do all My will” (Acts 13:22)

Dan and Dalia write, "Through the Bible we learn about David's qualities and character, and understand why God called him a "man after My own heart". This study gives us inspiration for our life of faith."

The world is not my home

Joseph writes, "This reading is important for us to remember that we are living a nomadic life in this world at best, and that we don’t have a permanent home in this world. We are all like the children of Israel entering the land of Canaan to possess it..."

Discerning This Time and Season: Prayer for Israel (Part 1)

Rick shares, "What I want to share about, I would call it discerning this time and season. The sons of Issachar were known as those who discerned the times and seasons. They recognized, they understood."

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