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Meet the Domari people of Jerusalem – the hidden Gypsies you’ve never heard of

KNI spoke to Amoun Sleem, the founder of the Domari Society in Jerusalem, a non-profit that helps the impoverished Domari people.

Vaccinate or Not, Do It Unto God

Howard writes, "Already some of you have been vaccinated; some of you are waiting your turn; others are uncertain; some are against. What shall we do then, Brothers and Sisters?"

Pray to Remove Occult Shields Over the USA

Rick writes, "As we prayed with some Washington DC and UK spiritual gatekeepers Friday, 15 January, 2021, we all felt a special anointing come when I proclaimed the prayer below."

Truth or Consequences (Part 3)

Aaron writes, "Telling the truth, and being willing to face the consequences, is what will make us be that light in the darkness."

“I’m done with Prophets!” — Wait just a minute!

Ron writes, "It is reasonable that there would be some disillusionment with prophecy. But Paul says to not reject the prophetic gift. We need it. What does this look like?"

Eilat Believers Fight to Prevent Homosexual Studies Scheduled For Next School Year

Ariel Ben David, spiritual leader of Maayan Eilat Messianic Congregation in the country’s southernmost resort town of Eilat has taken on the fight against coordinated plans by the town’s municipality to introduce homosexual studies as part of next year’s local high school curriculum.  

Restoring the Biblical View of Labor (Part 1)

Andrey writes, "It is very important to remember that Adam not only enjoyed a relationship with his Creator in the spirit: he also received the power to rule the earth."

Israeli pro-life ministry Be’ad Chaim launches new initiative to raise awareness, change public opinion

The initiative is a branch of Be'ad Chaim called "Zchutam" which means "their right" in Hebrew. KNI spoke to Sandy Shoshani, National Director of Be'ad Chaim, about the initiative.

A Rabbinical Perspective on the Passover Lamb

Joseph writes, "The Torah portion this week is Parashat Bo, Exodus 10:1 – 13:16. It is the last chapters telling the Exodus of the children of Israel from over 200 years of slavery in Egypt."

Time to Take a Stand for Truth and Spiritual Integrity

David writes, "Could it be that the LORD is exposing these things and calling the Church to repent and return to truth and spiritual integrity?"

When Katie walked through the wall

Carolyn writes, "Last October the L-rd gave a dream with instructions to be in America during a time I’d most definitely NOT want to be in America but I was given an assignment to be in the strategic SE region with a focus on Georgia during the inauguration season."

Why Jews Don’t Want to Be Saved

Eric writes, "It is vital to understand that everyone who comes to a faith-understanding of the redemptive work of Yeshua, whether Jewish or non-Jewish, enters into the same covenant relationship."

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