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Kingdom Disciples

Andrey writes, "Are we ready to learn God’s ancient ways for application today? Do we want Him to expand our understanding, entrusting us with an ongoing deeper revelation of His Word, revelation that becomes our commission?"

[VIDEO] Dr. Seth Postell’s Testimony (I Met Messiah)

Dr. Seth Postell, Academic Dean of the Israel College of the Bible, shares his story on how growing up Jewish he came to know Jesus as Messiah!

[VIDEO] Messianic Musical – “A Star is Born” (Hebrew with captions)

So as the Light of the world - the good tidings of great joy and blessing to all the families of the earth - came out of Israel, so we rejoice to present to you this Musical, wholly “made in Israel”, that portrays this amazing story of the coming to the world of Yeshua the Messiah.

Sculptor in Israel creates ‘Fountain of Tears’ to memorialize the Holocaust

The Fountain of Tears is a sculptured dialogue of suffering between the Holocaust and the Crucifixion, placed just outside the gates of the infamous Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau with a replica in southern Israel.

Why I’m celebrating American Thanksgiving

Tuvia writes, "But besides the food, another reason we want to celebrate it is that I love the biblical principles of freedom and equality it represents."

Names of God in the Bible (Part I)

Elizabeth writes, "The Bible has many names for God. The names of God reflect the context of biblical times, as well as the history of the bible. But the name which has become the most holy name for God in Judaism is YHWH."

Invitation to join online Global Homecoming Festival

This is more than an event, this will be an epiphany of God’s love. Many in your church will be encouraged, inspired by the faithfulness of these who sought not their will but God’s will in their lives.

[VIDEO] The Epic Spiritual Battle in This World

"I would like to share a vision I received in Jerusalem on the 22nd of November, 2020 of the epic spiritual battle that I believe is now underway..."

What on Earth is Satan Doing?

Aaron writes, "We need to ask ourselves if we would pass the test that Job passed. Would be still love and trust God if He allows the Enemy to take away all the things that make our lives so comfortable and enjoyable?"

Earthly Consequences; Heavenly Mercy

Moran writes, "I wrote that the story from Genesis has a prophetic element that holds true for each and every one of us today. In so many ways, we can relate to Jacob and his story!"

If All Is Well, Why Am I Like This?

Joseph writes, "The struggle between these two babies in their mother’s womb and Jacob’s holding on to the foot, to his brother Esau’s heel, during the birth process, was an indication that something was happening between these two babies that was of deep existential consequence."

Despite the difficulties of the year – “In everything give thanks”

Eric writes, "If we want the world to see that we truly believe in G-D and that we truly believe His Word, then our 2020 Thanksgiving should be the loudest and boldest Thanksgiving we have ever had."

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