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Israel & the Middle East Devorah Gittel

From Questions to Prayer: The Political Stalemate in Israel

Devorah writes, "As I was praying one morning, the LORD asked me a question, 'Do you really understand the issue that is at stake between Netanyahu and Gantz? You have ...

Israel & the Middle East Karen Royel

US State Department Reverses official view on Israeli Settlements

A major shift has occurred in American policy towards settlement activity in Israel.  On Monday morning, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the US  is returning to the Reagan-era ...

Israel News Kehila News Israel Staff

Daily News Summary: Netanyahu issues last minute warning as election deadline looms

At a rally in Tel Aviv Sunday night, Netanyahu warned about a minority government supported by the Arab Joint List party.

FIRM Staff

What does Israel have to do with you?

As we follow Jesus we center ourselves on loving God with our heart, soul, mind, and strength and then loving our neighbor as ourselves. These two foundational life commandments are ...

Kehila News Israel Staff

Daily News Summary: Ceasefire holding, to the displeasure of local residents. Immigration Authority arrests and detains couple, and terror victims sue Hamas:

Fresh rockets target south but shaky Gaza ceasefire appears to hold: Two rockets were fired on Southern Israel on Thursday night, both of which were shot down by the Iron ...

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