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And the Truth Shall Keep You Free

If you’re reading this, you likely live in a free country. A land where, at least according to the laws, you are free to...

[VIDEO] Ancient Dead Sea scroll reveals connection with Joseph and Yeshua – Case for...

In this episode we explore the connections with ancient text and the scriptures of connections between the life of Joseph foreshadowing Yeshua! We explore...
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The Upper Room on Mount Zion: Site of the biblical Pentecost and the pouring...

Early church fathers mention upper room and 'church built by Jews' at this spot.
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Shavuot: What is it about?

Shavuot/Weeks is the fourth of the annual appointed times which YHVH God gave to Israel to celebrate and to remember His mighty works on behalf...
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Chosen People Ministries to host ‘Oppose Antisemitism: Stop the Hate’ event in NYC

Rally seeks to educate and equip attendees to 'take action' against antisemitism

‘Why Stand with Israel’ film seeks to educate Christians about God’s ‘eternal love’ for...

Director Brian Sanders hopes to educate and inspire the Church to stand with Israel.

The Spiritual Discipline of Not-Overeating?

Since I began to look at On the Eight Vices, I have started to practice the discipline of not overeating. While this doesn’t seem...

Don’t spit in the well of living water

There are numerous and intentional parallels between the narratives about the riot in the temple in Ephesus and about the riot in the temple...

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