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Israel celebrates Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles

Israel celebrates Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles

Beyond the biblical mandates and rituals, for Jewish believers in Messiah, Sukkot takes on a unique significance.

Yom Kippur 5782: Day of At-one-ment for Israel, the Church and the Nations

Sandra writes, "By God’s gracious New Covenant, Yeshua’s death and resurrection did what the blood of bulls and goats on Yom Kippur never could."

Sharing God’s heart for Israel in the nations – Asia Messianic Forum 2021

While we were a little apprehensive at first if the online format would work, God really took us by surprise. Officially we counted twenty three nations that joined, with people from twenty four of the twenty eight states in India.

The Scapegoat’s Willing Guilt Offering and the Soul’s Affliction – Yom Kippur

Howard writes, "To consider and to study from the Word of God about the Day of Atonements in general, and its sin offering and whole burnt offering in particular, is to enter into the Holy of Holies..."

Ten Days of Awe: Repentance and a welcome home party

"Repentance is a familiar word with a murky meaning for so many. What is repentance exactly, and why does it matter?"

A testimony of God’s strength in overcoming difficulties and past mistakes: An inspiring story...

She turned to God in her distress and now she is about to finish her Bachelor’s Degree, her daughter will soon start first grade, and she has a loving husband who loves her daughter as a father. This is the inspiring story of “Alexandra.”

Israel’s Second Underground Railroad – How it all began (Part 5)

This resistance gave birth to a sort of “underground railroad” of boats landing in the dead of night near the seashores and overland treks through mountain ranges or deserts.

The Fall Feasts and signs of the times

"We need to be aware of the Biblical signs and seasons, along with their prophetic significance."

Revealing the Mysteries of the Feast of Succoth, the Feast of Tabernacles, the 7th Feast of the LORD! The Great Fall Harvest Feast of...

Richard writes, "Lord Yeshua will begin this Feast by first holding the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Yeshua will come and serve His servants who are still alive on the earth when He returns..."

Succot – The Feast of Tabernacles

David writes, "Now that we understand the relevance of these last Moedim, let us commemorate and rejoice over Succot with the Jewish people."

The place of Iran in Biblical Prophecy

Elhanan writes, "But it is none other than YHVH the God of Israel, the Master of ceremonies who according to the many Biblical prophecies would be gathering in judgement that coalition of Adversaries against the wee people called by His name..."

The Song of Moses is for us

Joseph writes, "Chapter 32 of the book of Deuteronomy is actually a court hearing. God is the plaintiff, Israel is the accused, the Heavens and the Earth are the judges, and there are a set of witnesses."

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