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Weeping aloud, weeping allowed

Eitan writes, "In their story, God is making a strong statement. Is there a message for us in Joseph’s piercing cries?"

Too Much Religion, Too Little Faith

Joseph writes, "This reading includes some of the most important moments in the Biblical history. The crossing of the (Red) Sea of Reeds, and the Song of Moses."

The first Protestant missionary in Jerusalem: A history of Messianic Jews in Israel, Part...

The first protestant missionary who arrived in Jerusalem was Cristoph Burckhardt, in May 1818. He was a Swiss Clergyman, and he stayed for less than ten days while he sold and distributed bibles.

Who is discipling the young generation in Israel?

We are inspired by multiple youth and young adult ministries throughout Israel. They have adapted and intentionally stepped up to meet the ever-changing needs of young people in their country.

Israel’s coast reveals ancient Christian treasure

If there’s one thing more exciting than discovering ancient treasure buried in the land of Israel, it’s finding ancient treasure from shipwrecks deep under the sea!

A Spark in the Dark – How it All Began (Part 11)

Shira writes, "Of all the demographics in Israel, surprisingly it was the youth who seemed to take Rabin’s assassination the hardest. We ourselves were overcome with grief for these lost kids. “We have to reach these youth,” we kept saying over and over as we walked between the clusters of memorial candles and groups of teenagers with guitars."

A history of Messianic Jews in Israel, Part 1

In this series, I will attempt to account for the history of Messianic Jews in Israel from 1818 and onwards. I am speaking specifically about Hebrew-speaking Jews in Israel who believe in Jesus and maintain a Jewish identity.

[VIDEO] The reason for the season! Dig into the prophecy and controversy of Christmas

In this episode we look at why Yeshua was born in Bethlehem. We investigate even more evidence about this event, including from rabbinical sources,...

Parashat B’shalach (“when he let go”)

B’shalach  – “when he let go” –  Exodus 13:17 to 17:16 will be read in Synagogues and Congregations the world over this Shabbat. It tells of...

Decrees from God’s Holy Word to Stop the End Time Globalist battle for the Earth! (Part 1)

Richard writes, "Use God’s Word as the Sword of the LORD. The Battle has already been Won by King Priest Yeshua."

Spiritual Covid

Eric writes, "Today, the Body of Messiah is not struggling to hear G-D’s words of deliverance; we hear His word clearly. We are struggling to be able to receive them."

What might the next 12 months have in store for us?

David writes, "As I often proclaim, failure to prepare is preparation for failure. For the true One New Man, Jewish/Gentile body of Messiah Yeshua, the most exciting, fruitful time is yet to come."

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