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He Wore a Crown of Thorns – Palm Sunday and The Eternal Kingship...

David writes, "Like so many other public events at this time, the Palm Sunday procession has been shelved due to the Coronavirus threat. But this should not prevent us from celebrating in our hearts this key moment in the life of Jesus. It has so much meaning and symbolism..."

My Aliyah Story – Experiencing the Miracles of God in Israel

Hannah writes, "At the time, I was a single mother with three children and did not see how I could possibly make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) on my own; but with God all things are possible."

Biblical Disasters — Divine Providence

Barry writes, "Today, we understand this as one of many powerful signs of God’s providence for us in times of great difficulty. War, plagues, famine, and many other disasters strike—and God is always there for us, guiding the way with his healing mercy."

[VIDEO] Peter Tsukahira: Making Sense of the Old Testament

When did Christians enter the story of Israel and what part do we play in the future? Peter Tsukahira unpacks the significance of the history of Israel in the Old Testament and God’s heart for His family today.

The Season of the Threshing Floor and the Coronavirus Plague

Rick writes, "In a time of swirling information and misinformation concerning the nature and the source of the plague presently working in the Earth, we fear we could miss what the Lord wants to speak to us at this time."

Rejoice in the LORD; Think of Others

Howard writes, "Let us practice rejoicing in the Lord. His joy is our strength. If we know that God loves us it strengthens us, encourages us. Our children grow when they know that the father and mother love them, are for them. Let us think of others even as we ourselves may be lacking or suffering."

Starting Another Year with the Bible – The Coming of the Biblical New Year

Dustin writes, "We are about to enter a new biblical year. You might be wondering, what – now? In March? It’s been a couple months since the beginning of 2020, and we are still several months away from the traditional Jewish New Year, aren’t we? "

Passover: A New Meaning for Our Time

Moran writes, "This feast of remembrance, which God instructed Moses and the children of Israel to keep thousands of years ago, is a generational bond between the Jewish people over the millennia."

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Understanding Persecution in Israel

Shani writes, "All of us in Israel are used to the constant threat of rocket fire and bus bombings; aggressive people who don’t like the fact we exist is a way of life. But I have to stop myself and remember — just because we’re used to it, doesn’t make religious persecution right. And left to fester, it could easily get worse."

A letter of repentance

Carolyn writes, "I’m so grateful for their help in bringing me to this place of repentance and I pray that many more followers of Yeshua will also discover and embrace the Hebrew roots of Yeshua."

2 lessons from Gideon and his army

"We all experience fear, but it’s how we respond to it that counts. Courage looks fear in the eye and refuses to obey its demands."

The Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah): Much more than a dress rehearsal

Sandra writes, "The Levitical feasts, however, are packed with significance in and of themselves, notwithstanding their future (or past) fulfillments."

Where are the dinosaurs?

The Genesis account is the only of the ancient creation stories to comply with modern cosmology, and the scientific understanding of the...

Should Christians study rabbinic literature?

Tuvia writes, "What did Jesus do with extra-biblical rabbinical teachings? Yes, he spoke against some of them. Other traditions he kept."

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