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News Karen Royel

The Beautiful Land Initiative: Leading by Example

The winter of 2018/2019 brought the largest rainfall Israel had seen in five years. Waterfalls in the Golan began to flow again, Mt Hermon was covered in snow, and the ...

News Kehila News Israel Staff

Weekly News Summary: Top Stories from December 1st-6th

Glim outlook on new elections: According to recent polls, if Israel returns to a third election, the results will still not be conclusive. A poll was conducted by the Maagar ...

Community News Estera Wieja

The Creative Path to Honoring God // Yuval School of Arts

The great German composer, Ludwig van Beethoven once said that music was the mediator between the spiritual and sensual. He considered it to be a higher revelation than all wisdom ...

Community News Kehila News Israel Staff

Jerusalem’s Armenian community emphasizes Christian presence, identity in Israel

For the first time in its centuries-old history, the Armenian community of Jerusalem erected a Christmas tree for the holiday season this year, in a symbolic gesture of strengthening the ...

Israel & the Middle East Kehila News Israel Staff

Lebanese businessman buys auctioned Hitler items, donates them to Israel

A Lebanese-born businessman bought several items that belonged to Adolf Hitler and other Nazi paraphernalia in order to keep them out of the hands of neo-Nazis. Abdallah Chatila, who lives ...

Testimony Videos One For Israel Staff

[VIDEO] Jewish Teacher becomes a Student of Yeshua!

After reading Isaiah 53 this Jewish teacher becomes a student of Yeshua…the greatest Teacher of all!

Community News Kehila News Israel Staff

Kehila News to BLESS TEN (10) Messianic/Christian ministries for #GivingTuesday

Kehila News is an online ministry that praises other ministries according to Proverbs 27:2, but for #GivingTuesday, we want to serve as financial conduit to BLESS TEN (10) Messianic/Christian ministries ...

Community Blogs Maoz Israel Staff

Nine Stories to Warm the Soul

When IStandwithIsrael.com was born, suddenly thousands of dollars were flowing in monthly with the request to give to those in need in Israel. Here are just some of the real ...

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