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Who is MK Moshe Gafni and what are his anti-missionary activities?

He's a veteran Israeli lawmaker, seasoned politician, leader of a Haredi political party, and socially active with hundreds of law proposals – and also one of the biggest adversaries of the Messianic community in Israel.

Set Aside Prayer Times for Lebanon, and This is How to Pray

Rick and Patricia write, "Pray great grace, strength, and protection over the houses of prayer and believers in Lebanon who are pouring out love to Him, and upon the people of their nation."

Why I Chose to Make Israel My Home – Story 12

Iris writes, "Why did I choose to make Israel my home? For me, it was a matter of obedience, rather than choice. The call of God has been reverberating in my spirit from childhood.

Love Your Neighbor, Love Your Enemy: Israel Sends Aid

In a tragedy of huge proportions, Beirut has just suffered a devastating explosion of dangerous substances that had been confiscated and stored at the port. Even though Israel and Lebanon are considered enemies, Israel has offered support and aid.

Is Scripture Racist?

Chava writes, "What perhaps is the most clever but yet dishonest use of the term “racism” is lumping anti-Semitism with the various “phobias” that are also being claimed to exhibit racism."

A Joyous Hebrew for the Nations Graduation in the midst of Corona

A joyous celebration of fifteen graduates of Hebrew for the Nations recently took place in the heart of Jerusalem at the Jerusalem Seminary.

Messianic materials used in Israeli schools

Religious organizations in Israel are outraged that the Ministry of Education recommends the Bible Society’s YouTube videos as supplementary learning materials for high schoolers.

Ein Gedi: A Place of Refuge – What Can We Learn from this Biblical...

There is so much more to En Gedi than simply a hidden refreshment during the harshness of life. 

What I Learned From Israeli Serial Entrepreneurs

Jon writes, "What happens when Israeli innovators make their mark on foreign shores... surprise cultural challenges, fundraising and staff recruitment differences, and some lessons on adaption for us all."

This is God’s Unfailing Love in the Torah Family Tree

Joseph writes, "The stories of our Torah family tree tell many good things about the patriarchs, but they also tell of God’s unfailing love when these same Patriarchs failed to live according to God’s precepts."

What Exactly Is the Good News?

Eric writes, "One of the things that I am most amazed by is that there are millions of people that have received the Good News, but really have no idea what the Good News is."

Handwriting on the Wall

Elhanan writes, "How to read this Handwriting on the Wall? Are these events just the ongoing same old sad history of the human condition, or are these things a portent of an epoch never before realized?"

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