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[VIDEO] Jonathan Cahn’s Journey to Christ!

After Jewish Johnathan Cahn has a life-changing revelation about Jesus, he makes a deal with God... and almost dies! Hear his story of how...

Book Release – I Am Miriam by Deanna Malespin

In a new short story about Miriam of Nazareth, modern Galilean mother Deanna Malespin paints a relatable picture of one of the most elevated...
Bat-El "Betty" Tegen

New Book calls Israeli youth to “Believe… that there is another way.”

On January 13th Bat-El "Betty" Tegen held a launch event for her debut book. It is the first book ever that is written in...
Domestic violdencde awareness

“We have turned ‘the Family’ into an idol” says Machaseh CEO

Sara came to Israel from the Netherlands and married an Israeli non-believer. He abused her for many years, but the Messianic congregation she attended...

Weekly News Summary: January 4th – 10th

Netanyahu likely to face trial before elections: Likud party officials admitted on Thursday that efforts to delay Netanyahu’s indictment until after the election are likely...

If a Murdering Fugitive Can Do It, You Can Too

Ever since the first time I heard the story of Moses and the Burning Bush as a small child, it has been one of...

Palestinian columnist calls for assassination as 46 world leaders arrive in Israel. Eerily evocative of plot of my forthcoming novel, “The Jerusalem Assassin.”

(Jerusalem, Israel) — God forbid that life should imitate art. “As over 40 world leaders gather in Jerusalem this week to commemorate the 75th anniversary...

Taking a step in faith

Taking risks that require great faith is scary. On the one hand, I want to be the one who dares to trust in God....

Sometimes a coffin can make all the difference

A Coffin or an Ark? As we read the Bible, we often find cases where events happen that are very similar. When looked at, these...

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First Annual Israeli Worshiper’s Meeting

The first annual Israeli Worshiper's meeting will take place this month between January 30th and 31st in Beit Yedidia, Haifa. On the website, the event...

A letter of repentance

Carolyn writes, "I’m so grateful for their help in bringing me to this place of repentance and I pray that many more followers of Yeshua will also discover and embrace the Hebrew roots of Yeshua."

The Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah): Much more than a dress rehearsal

Sandra writes, "The Levitical feasts, however, are packed with significance in and of themselves, notwithstanding their future (or past) fulfillments."

Where are the dinosaurs?

The Genesis account is the only of the ancient creation stories to comply with modern cosmology, and the scientific understanding of the...

Should Christians study rabbinic literature?

Tuvia writes, "What did Jesus do with extra-biblical rabbinical teachings? Yes, he spoke against some of them. Other traditions he kept."

Words of comfort to the body after recent tragedies

"Recent events have challenged so many of us to almost have to re-evaluate what we believe and think about God and how He works."

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