2015 Behold Your God – Comes to a Close

The Campaign Comes to a Close
On Tuesday night, as the sun set along the Southern Shores of Israel, our 2015 Behold Your
God Outreach Campaign came to a close. While no two campaigns are the same; each reaching a diverse community of people in a different geographical region, each campaign is also filled with joy, struggle, and the common goal of reaching our unsaved Jewish people with the Good News of Messiah! We can’t thank you enough for your fervent prayers and words of encouragement.

We praise the Lord for every contact that was made during the campaign; for every seed that was planted, for every conversation where we got to speak about the unfailing love, grace, and salvation of our Messiah Yeshua. Over the last two weeks, by the grace of God, we were blessed to distribute 28,525 Gospel tracts, collect the contact details of 447 unsaved Jewish people, witness to 4,416 people over the phone about Yeshua, and marvel as one Jewish woman, Esther, professed her faith and accepted the Lord! Praise God!

The Follow-up Begins
The team is now packing up their outreach materials and belongings as they will soon be returning home, taking some time to relax with their families, and returning to their weekly duties. While the campaign may come to an end, the work will continue on. In the coming weeks, our missionary staff, with the help of local congregations in the South Shore area, will continue following up with each and every contact made; calling those who received a book and inviting all to meet one-on-one for a further time of discussion and Bible Study.

We thank you so much for your prayer during this year’s Behold Your God Campaign. We are already looking forward to the next campaign that we are planning in 2016. We ask that you please continue to pray for our team; for their health and safe travels as they return home and for the seeds that they planted. May each and every seed that was sown through bannering, phone calls, tracts, and personal conversations find its way to furtive soil and bear much fruit for the Lord and His Kingdom!

Some Wonderful Testimonies
Ani Ohev AshkelonThere are so many stories to share from the last few weeks. Below are a few of my favorite testimonies from the final days of the campaign:

Alexander Adelson, one of our missionaries and campaign leaders, reports: “This afternoon, we met with one of the managers of the building where our team is being housed. I hadn’t planned to talk to him about Yeshua at our meeting but he started asking lots of questions about the Lord. He was so impressed by the behavior of our group that it had compelled him to connect with us on a deeper, spiritual level. He even admitted to looking through our online materials. He said that he was impressed by the information he discovered and asked us for a New Testament. He said, “If you are able to positively impact an atheist like me, it’s already a good sign!”

Igal, one of our interns, reports: “In the morning, we opened a table along the boardwalk with books and materials about Yeshua. An hour later, we were approached by a city employee who angrily told us we needed to leave since we didn’t have a permit. We explained that we didn’t need one since we weren’t selling anything. She finally admitted, “I didn’t want you here because of your message.’ She exclaimed, ‘You can bring anything else here, but not this message.’ She called another city worker to come and he arrived with a combative attitude. He said, ‘Listen, Ashdod is a city full of religious people. It’s better for you to leave.’ I shared with them my testimony and how Yeshua changed my life. In the end they decided to let us stay. When they left, I overheard the second inspector tell the first, ‘You know, there might be something to what he was saying.’”

Laura, one of our missionaries from Canada, reports: “When I arrived at the promenade, I Bannering 3saw Daniel whom we had shared with the week before. Daniel spoke with me about how, after our conversation, he had shared about Yeshua with an entire class of new immigrants from Russia. He exclaimed that they were all interested to hear more. He said that he would collect all of their contact details and send it to us for follow-up. So, it seems we now have an unbelieving Israeli helping us!”

Avigail, one of the campaigners, reports: “I connected with a religious man and we talked for a long time. His cousin is a head rabbi who prays every day in the synagogue. We shared with him about sacrifice and our need for it. He agreed, and admitted that all people are sinners. I explained how much God loves people; to the extent that he sent Yeshua to take our punishment. I quoted from Isaiah 53 about how we’ve all strayed, like sheep, and that the suffering servant took our place. In the end, he was happy to receive a copy of our book.
Rahel, a campaigner on our follow up team, reports: “I was calling people to see if they got the book we’ve sent them. One woman, Batya*, didn’t remember talking with anybody from Jews for Jesus, and didn’t want any book. She cried, ‘Our people had suffered in the Holocaust because of Jesus.’ I recognized her Romanian accent and I started speaking with her in Romanian. Immediately, the Lord gave me favor with her. I shared my testimony and my father’s testimony as a Holocaust survivor. She listened intently and then said that I made her curious, now she wants to get the book from us. It seems like the Lord has been knocking at her door already. Someone had already given her a Bible in Romanian and she had once visited at a Messianic congregation in Jerusalem. She began asking many questions about my family and our customs as believers in Yeshua. Please pray for Batya’s salvation as it seems like the Lord has been speaking His Word of Life into her for quite some time.’

Prayer Points
We thank you again for all of your prayers! Please continue to pray for:
• The seeds planted during the campaign to bear much fruit
• Our missionary staff and follow up team as they continue to speak and share more with the many contacts made
• The campaigners to return home safely and to get some much needed rest

We praise the Lord for His mighty work over the last few weeks. To Him be all the Glory!

Your brother in Messiah,

Dan Sered

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Dan Sered, Director of Jews for Jesus' Israel Branch, was born in Israel to a secular Jewish family. While his parents might have been considered atheists, he, himself, always believed in God and the miracles that God does in the TaNaKh (Old Testament). At age 12, when studying to become a Bar Mitzvah, Dan had questions about the Messianic prophecies and realized his rabbi didn’t seem to have all of the answers. In his mid-teens, the Sered family was relocated to New York, where Dan later attended Stony Brook University and met Dinah, a Jewish believer in Jesus. Dinah shared the Gospel with Dan and showed him how Yeshua (Jesus) fulfilled the prophecies he had questioned about years before. His eyes were opened and Dan committed his life to the Lord. In 1999, Dan & Dinah were married and shortly after began to serve as missionaries; joining Jews for Jesus and later moving to Israel. In 2006, Dan was appointed as the Israel Director of Jews for Jesus. Israel currently has the largest Jews for Jesus branch in the world today with multiple departments who are united together with the same goal of reaching the lost sheep of the house of Israel.