2016 Jewish Evangelism Report by ONE FOR ISRAEL


2015 was perhaps the most fruitful year in Jewish Evangelism since the first century!

What else did we do on the evangelistic side of things during 2015?

– During 2015 alone we have been in touch with more Israeli seekers (mainly Jewish) than in all of our ministry’s previous years combined.

– During 2015 we’ve seen more Israelis come to know the Lord than in all of our ministry’s previous years combined.

– We have produced the second volume of the magazine “Finding” which answers objections coming from the orthodox anti-missionaries’ magazine (which, incidentally, is called “Searching”).

Anastasia joined our team! 🙂 (creative, research and content).

– We’ve been video-interviewed twice by the popular news network “Walla”.

What’s coming in 2016?

– We are currently working on a new series of 25 apologetic videos talking about faith in light of science and answering atheistic objections to faith in God. (Just finished recording, now in post production, to be released during the 1st half of 2016).

– We will re-design and re-build our entire platform of evangelistic websites to be more user-friendly and mobile-responsive.

– We will develop a new series of videos explaining the messianic prophecies in the Hebrew Bible, showing how they point to Yeshua (Jesus).

This article originally appeared on oneforisrael.org, January 5, 2016.