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Restoring the Biblical View of Labor (Part 2)

Andrey writes, "Despite the fact that after the Fall, labor became mostly something tiring and disappointing, it is still an integral part of our lives and a reflection of the image of God in us."

The Nations Imagine a Vain Thing

Howard, "Truth is actually what is being suppressed, whether conservatively or liberally, since the Word of God is the truth, and Jesus says that He is. Deception is strong all around as the Lord forewarned concerning these last days."

Truth or Consequences (Part 3)

Aaron writes, "Telling the truth, and being willing to face the consequences, is what will make us be that light in the darkness."

The True Name of God

Joseph writes, "The Torah reading this week is so appropriate for what is going on in the whole world and in the land of Israel, plagues, and being stricken by God both the people and the land of Egypt."

[VIDEO] Shield of Faith

Pastor Wayne talks about our need to put on the whole armor of God in our battle with powerful spiritual forces in high places....

Begin the Change

Guy writes, "Faith is like a tank or bulldozer moving us forward toward the goal. Only we, by believing the lies of the enemy and by thinking ungodly thoughts about ourselves, can allow ourselves to get stuck."

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

Talia writes, "That seems to be the question on many minds these days, and it is sad to me that it has led to some heated discussions and division within the Body of Yeshua, both here in Israel and elsewhere."

“I’m done with Prophets!” — Wait just a minute!

Ron writes, "It is reasonable that there would be some disillusionment with prophecy. But Paul says to not reject the prophetic gift. We need it. What does this look like?"

[VIDEO] “Havu l’Adonai” Psalm 29 (in Hebrew)

Sung by "Fiat Lux" Vocal Ensemble - David Loden, Director

The Answer to Political Upheaval Is Having More Children

Eric writes, "I believe we still have time to change our nation, but we won’t do so primarily through political means. We need to increase our efforts to share the Message of Yeshua."