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[VIDEO] Setting Up Faith

In this new series, Faith & Faithfulness, pastor Chad shares on two concepts rarely preached together. The prerequisite of Faith is God speaking, do...

Trusting When We Can’t See (Part 2)

Moran writes, "I remind us that God’s point of view is different than ours. A simple, but effective analogy I like to use is that of an airplane..."

Biden in 2020? How bad would it be?

Aaron writes, "It is time to assess, with merciless honesty, the damage that has been done to the Church of Jesus Christ in the last four years that Trump has been President."

Not by Bread Alone

Joseph writes, "Those that did learn this lesson have become humble and passionate lovers of God and humanity, or shall I reverse the order and say lovers of humanity and God."

“For I know that my Redeemer lives…” (Job 19:25)

Dan and Dalia write, "Sometimes we think we know what He is doing in the lives of others and rebuke them, but we do not always understand, and may harm those who suffer. But when we come before Him humbly in prayer, asking for His guidance and obey Him, the result is - growth in faith and closeness to God."

Is Scripture Racist?

Chava writes, "What perhaps is the most clever but yet dishonest use of the term “racism” is lumping anti-Semitism with the various “phobias” that are also being claimed to exhibit racism."

From Pain to God’s Oasis: A New Messianic Music Album

I wrote these songs following a certain period in my life in which I dealt with some difficult and painful issues. Writing these songs allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings from that time.

A Joyous Hebrew for the Nations Graduation in the midst of Corona

A joyous celebration of fifteen graduates of Hebrew for the Nations recently took place in the heart of Jerusalem at the Jerusalem Seminary.

The Return to Zion?

Elhanan writes, "Many in Christendom have declared with their Replacement Theology that this current return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel is not the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. The prophecies that speak of the return, they say, were fulfilled in the return from Babylon. Is that true?"

[VIDEO] Life after The Great Tribulation

Teaching by Meno Kalisher at Jerusalem Assembly on August 1, 2020.