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[VIDEO] Destiny

Watch my new music video 'Destiny' filmed on Vancouver Island (Mesachie Lake)

Re-introducing Holyland Design

We provide everything you need to kick-start, create and maintain awesome design for your ministry/organization, local business or congregation.

How a Violent Death Brought Us a Covenant of Peace

Eric writes, "I will never again read Numbers 25 again without seeing Yeshua and the truth that it was through Yeshua’s death, which was an extremely violent act, that the true and perfect eternal covenant of peace was brought forth."

What are you waiting for?

Avraham writes, "I would like to discuss some Biblical and historical background to help highlight Israel's purpose in God's plan, and then plead with you to act accordingly."

As the World Groans

Aaron writes, "This isn’t one of the more widely discussed and dissected passages of prophetic Scripture, but I think it deserves some attention, especially in the season of history we’re currently passing through."

[VIDEO] A Tool for Rest?

Continuing on the series "Yeshua's Hardware", Pastor Ray shares on the Yoke of Yeshua and how this is meant for our rest and freedom,...

Always support Israel – no matter what

Christian Evangelical support for Israel is even older than the country itself. Almost all Christian denominations through history who have focused on the authority and sufficiency of the Scriptures, have eventually reached a form of Zionism.

[VIDEO] Crises cry out for leadership

Jamie challenges the viewers to support those who seek to unite the country to combat the multiple crises it faces.

Noah and the Flood

Elhanan writes, "This is not unlike our own predicament at this troubled time in world history. We are vexed at the events occurring in our days, troubled at a worldwide pandemic threatening the world’s health and economies, and lawless anarchy and riots of discontent raging in the streets of America."

A Worthwhile Investment

Kristoffer writes, "I’ve always known that Jesus was Jewish, but I never fully understood how that affected my own faith and my own relationship with him. Until one day it hit me."