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A Kingdom of Priests? Am I a Priest Now?

"What an honor – the task of helping to heal the rift between humanity and God. Whether we are aware of it or not, we do represent God to those who don’t know him. This means we can share His heart, His words, and tell of His kindness."

Fearful in Heart?

Eitan writes, "How are we to manage our hearts in such a climate of uncertainty? Businesses and jobs have taken a huge hit. What is the hope for the future?"

[VIDEO] Losing Center

In this brand new series the "PH Balance of the Kingdom", Chad's first sermon in the series continues with the topic of boundaries and...

Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue

Lee writes, "Let’s take a look at what the Bible says about justice and following laws. It’s a good place to start the discussion."

Hard to Mum well while hustling hard

Simcha writes, "For years I carried around the guilt of motherhood not being ‘enough’. I am one of the many many women who believed that motherhood needed to fulfill me, complete me, and be my everything."

David the Psalmist

David was the first to publish a songbook of his Hebrew worship songs, and the first to record Messianic Jewish music so the songs could be sung all over the world. It took a miraculous series of events to lead David and his wife, Lisa, to become pioneers of messianic worship in Israel.

[VIDEO] “Hineh Ma Tov” Outside the Upper Room, Jerusalem during Pentecost / Shavuot

Two thousand years ago while 120 were celebrating this day (Shavuot/Pentecost), GOD sent His Promised Holy Spirit down empowering those Jewish Men to bring...

Corona Comparisons, Plagues and Priests

Guy writes, "Our place is to be his witnesses here on earth. Like Aaron the priest we are called to stand in the midst of the people, raising the censer and interceding on their behalf."

The Importance of the Aaronic Blessing

Joseph writes, "What does this blessing that is given to Aaron and his sons actually say?"

A Vision: Government Glory and the Restraining of Evil

Rick writes, "In May 4th, 2020 I received the following vision of government glory: Above the Temple Mount, I saw Jesus as the Son of Man crowned with all authority. He was radiant with great light."