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[VIDEO] The Stripped Whole Podcast – The Great Masquerade

This episode is all about the masks that we wear and some keys to breakthrough in our authenticity and why vulnerability is SO important!

What is Sin?

Elhanan writes, "We as Jews know just how much and how long we have suffered as a people, and I think it might be wise for us who have been given the Torah and the Prophets to seek to understand some of the whys behind that."

Five Ways Suffering Brings Life

Ron writes, "While suffering is far from enjoyable, there is simply no other way to become all that God has called you to be."

Purification of the Hebrew Community

Joseph writes, "This text is an extremely important witness of several principles of great importance to those of us who believe in Yeshua as the messiah."

[LYRIC VIDEO] In These Last Days

An original lyric video of Carolyn Hyde's song "In These Last Days" from her album "Deep Calls To Deep"!

Shelanu TV will shut down on cable – and reopen online

HOT cable company chose not to reapply for a license on Shelanu TV’s behalf, effectively ending its time on Israeli cable TV. God TV’s spokesman in Israel, Ron Cantor, said the show will go on, albeit in a different format.

[VIDEO] End Times Prophecies – Parts 5-7

Daniel continues his Bible teachings on end times prophecies.

Stop attacking believers and start attacking sin

Eric writes, "One of the most popular series of verses in the New Testament is found in Ephesians chapter 6 verses 10-17. These verses are often rightly quoted when discussing spiritual warfare."

Press Release: HOT Cable Company chooses to drop Shelanu TV because of pressure

Last night we learned that HOT Cable company has chosen not to reapply for a license for Shelanu TV, which effectively ends Shelanu TV’s era on the HOT cable network.

[VIDEO] Messianic Musical – “Noah’s Ark” (Hebrew with English Subtitles)

This Messianic musical, “Noah's Ark", produced mainly for children, was produced and performed about a decade ago, based on the Biblical account in the book of Genesis, intended to strengthen and challenge children and adults in their faith in God and the Lord Yeshua (Jesus).