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VIDEO: Christianity under radical Islamist attack

The mainstream media is trying to sell you the lie that the Sri Lanka bombings were a one thing. The truth is that there is a war on Christians every single day.

VIDEO: Where the Israelites entered the Holy Land for the first time

3000 years later, I came to see where my ancestors entered the land of Israel. This is where Jewish history began in Israel.

VIDEO: I’m at the Gaza border

This is what's happening on the Israel-Gaza border. The Great March of Return is not peaceful, it's focused on terrorizing the lives of Israelis living near the Gaza Strip.

VIDEO: I’m in the Golan Heights

Recently, the U.S. recognised the Golan Heights as part of Israel. I have a message for the UN and the European Union who refuse...

VIDEO: A Muslim and a Jew united for peace – Imam Tawhidi

Imam Tawhidi, an Iranian Shia Muslim, and I - an Israeli Jew send a message of peace to the world. We must fight extremists and...

VIDEO: A message To you from a Jew

Antisemitism is at its worst since the Holocaust. We must NOT be silent. We have to stand up to this blind hate and unite together. Jewish people must feel safe wherever they are, just like anybody else.

VIDEO: The Muslim who fights for Israel

Despite death threats, Sara Zoabi, an Israeli Arab Muslim, says: “I will never stop loving the Jews”.

VIDEO: Things NOT to do in Israel

Visiting the Holy Land is a dream come true to a lot of you, and it's honestly one of the most amazing places in the world, this is why I recommend on knowing the things you should avoid!

VIDEO: Why Israel built the wall

Israel built a security barrier wall between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. This wall is doing miracles.

VIDEO: I was born in the Galilee

Many of you asked me where I was born and raised, so I decided to share little bit myself.