A Call for Biblical Wisdom and Action about COVID-19: Understanding God’s Ways and How to Pray

The past weeks of global slowdown have been for many in the Body of Messiah a precious time of intimacy with the Lord. We hear Him drawing us to deeper communion and surrender, repentance and intercession, “acquiring oil” like the wise virgins of Matthew 25, and “building an ark” like Noah before the flood. It seems we are in the time of birth pains described by Yeshua in Matthew 24, leading to the end of this age and His return to rule the earth in majesty, peace and unprecedented joy.

Meanwhile, during these same weeks, countless theories and accusations about the source, handling and upcoming global response to Covid19 have circulated the Internet. Some predict or prophesy the transformation of humanity into a race of cyborgs. Others predict or prophesy a glorious season of world revival and godly technological advance. What are we to make of these prognostications and how should be respond?

More than a few reports indicate that Covid19 seems to have been manufactured with the knowledge of certain governments, likely relates to the introduction of 5G, may be part of a global anti-Christ conspiracy to manipulate and eventually de-humanize humanity, or some combination of all the above. There have also been prophecies of a beautiful future, with the pandemic coming soon to an end.

It is important to remember that we see in part and prophecy in part (1Corinthians 13:9). This means some individuals may accurately perceive an aspect of what has, what is or what will take place. Others see a different aspect. Even assuming their views are accurate, they can appear conflicting. But more likely, the differing views are complementary. Collectively, they can help us gain some perspective of the broader landscape.

Bear in mind that even the prophets of Scripture did not see the whole picture of what God was and would be doing. What the prophets of Scriptures did see, when we consider their writings all together, and Scripture as a whole, is the overall picture of God’s ways with humankind. It is that larger picture or perspective that gives us a better understanding of His character and His ways in this present slice of history, including Covid19. It also guides our response.

From the Scriptures we learn that YHVH, Creator and King, is omnipotent and sovereign. He is love. He is holy. He is truth. He is good. He is merciful and slow to anger, but judges sin and iniquity. Because of YHVH’s immutable character, His attributes operate in concert. This means that when God judges, He still retains the attribute of mercy. He desires justice to be established. Concerning those who are His children by faith, He disciplines us because He loves us. His judgments and chastisements are designed to remove all that hinders holy love.

Moreover, God desires all humankind to be saved, to come to the knowledge of truth and surrender to His leadership. But He has given us free will. Generally and collectively, humanity has chosen not to surrender to His leadership or His sovereignty, love, holiness, truth, mercy, justice, righteousness or way of salvation. For that, we collectively pay a price, such as Covid19.

Perhaps God has allowed (some believers say, caused) a new pathogen to develop. Perhaps He did not stop anti-Christ forces from manufacturing a deadly substance or substances resulting in a real (or some say, fake) pandemic. Perhaps certain individuals or global elites are especially guilty. We do know the Scriptures teach that as we approach the end times, a globalist governance led by anti-Christ forces will arise. We are to pray this does not take place until God’s timing.

In any case, most people reading this article, including me, lack the scientific training and technical skill sets needed to properly evaluate the morass of data circulating on Covid19 and related issues. For us common folk, the temptation in times of trouble can be to rely on a small amount of data presented by a small number of individuals. Scripture advises us otherwise: “The first one to plead his cause seems right, until another comes and examines him.” (Proverbs 18:17)

Often, conspiracy type data is presented in a tone that intentionally or unintentionally stirs anger and worry, resulting in more panic. While that does not automatically discredit the speaker or the data, it does suggest an underlying spirit of fear or bitterness. The anger of men does not achieve the righteousness of God.

Therefore, further investigation is needed to sift fact from fiction. We must petition heaven for the exposure of truth concerning Covid19 and global agendas. Pray that hidden schemes of evil will be revealed to godly leaders around the world. Believers in all nations would also do well to pray earnestly for President Trump, who has demonstrated the boldness to stand for truth in a world resisting it.

Meanwhile, some genuinely prophetic and intelligent individuals may be correctly discerning the plans of Satan and his minions. Some believers refer to this as seeing into the “second heaven.” Therefore, some whistle blowers may genuinely supply us with some degree of needed insight—for the purpose of fasting and praying, as well as taking other practical action, to expose and sabotage the enemy’s plans. We are not to passively accept those plans of the enemy as inevitable at this time. One reason God allows the enemy’s plans or conspiracies to be exposed is so His people will intercede to prevent them from coming to pass.

Precisely because Covid19 is novel, most experts with skills to evaluate relevant data, do not yet understand its full nature and mode of operation. So as a result of precautionary measures, healthcare systems are depleted, economies are shut down, widespread poverty is mounting, political and social unrest is building, democracy is threatened, questionable vaccine programs may be developing, and many people are angry. Perhaps the precautionary measures were and are right and needed. Certainly, God is shaking the nations through them. (In no way do I intend to minimize the grievous suffering of those who are unemployed, or sick, or who have died, or their loved ones. They need our prayers and other practical acts of compassion.)

Now, against all the bad news, there is some very good news. Because of the global uncertainty, shaking and panic, parts of the world are wonderfully ripening for spiritual harvest as never before. As we have shared for over a year, God is shaking that which can be shaken, so that what cannot be shaken will remain. (Hebrews 12:27) The shakings are not over. Neither is the call to individuals and nations to repent. As the Church prays for shakings to result in righteous andn just leadership over nations, and as believers respond rightly, an unprecedented, worldwide harvest lies ahead. This is a key part of the broader landscape.

Through the global crisis, God wants to expose corruption in individuals, systems, institutions and throughout our social order. We must pray earnestly for Him to expose darkness by the brilliance of His light. Such a process is necessarily going to be difficult. Innocents are or will suffer. We must prepare now to help them in the power of the Spirit.

Most importantly, we are to redeem the time for the sake of the Kingdom of God! Whatever the cause(s) of this global pandemic, you and I have been given the great commission to preach Good News, reflect the image of Yeshua, shine light into darkness and make disciples of all nations. May that be our joy! 

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)