A call to prayer for President Trump

US president Donald Trump delivers his final speech at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem before his departure, on May 23, 2017. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

As most people know, Jay Sekulow who is President Trump’s personal lawyer is a Messianic Jew. At the moment, he is the only personal lawyer President Trump has. We know that Sekulow is a praying man. He is one of many born-again believers Trump has hired. I believe we should stand with Sekulow in prayer, that he will find good solid God-fearing lawyers who have been given wisdom from above to help President Trump.

What Trump has DONE for the nation is really amazing. In fact the list is so long, I won’t take the time to list the decisions that have brought the nation back from the brink of disaster.

He has also surrounded himself with more believers than any other president I have ever heard of. Just this week he has added Pompeo as new Secretary of State. Pompeo has been criticized as talking way to much about Jesus. Then there’s John Bolton, a strong Christian.

However, before Trump became president, he obviously lived a wicked–to the extreme–life. I personally believe there has been a foundational change in Trump. Tell me about anyone in the world who would surround himself with so many many believers–unless he had a desire to receive wisdom from them.

Trump’s great weakness is his mouth and his anger. We need to pray into this. To me, it speaks of fear.

About the women, this is certainly the greatest crisis in his life now. As a believer, I would say, first of all this happened over a decade ago–not while he is in the Whitehouse as was with Clinton. The best scenario is that he has confessed and repented to his wife and other close associates. Certainly he has many strong righteous pastors who meet with him regularly.

However, as I understand the Scriptures, a sin which has been made public, would be best to repent publicly. On the other hand, if he were to do that, many Democrats would laugh him to scorn, claiming it was a political stunt. I’m sure he knows that. On the other hand, his completely denying the stories of these various women will be a block between him and his God. Ultimately, it doesn’t turn out well for people who deny their sin.

Kind David hid his sin until the prophet Nathan made it public. Then he repented. Lord, help Trump to have the courage to repent.

As one brave Democrat said, “I wish the president well because I wish success for our nation.” I too wish the president well.

God, please help this man who obviously is trying, but has so much baggage from his past. Lord, remember the work he has done and is doing to save the unborn, to keep perverted men and women from bringing their transgender lifestyle into the arm forces, who brought a God-fearing Supreme Court Judge to replace another man who also feared God. And he has done good and brave things for the economy and so much more.

Not to speak of fulfilling promises in the Bible by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital!

What’s more, the president is facing North Korea because of the naivity and timidity of past presidents and Iran because of the blindness of Obama and his love of Islam.

Lord, please have mercy on this president, who needs You so desperately. Lord, we need You desperately.

This article originally appeared on Shira’s Facebook Page.

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Shira has lived in Israel since 1967, where she became an Israeli citizen. She has worked as a director and producer of documentary films. One project, “Dry Bones," a film on the prophetic significance of Israel’s rebirth, is acclaimed around the world and was seen by Golda Meir. In addition, Shira has written for many publications concerning the Messianic Jewish Movement and the Christians’ part in Israel’s spiritual resurrection. She produces the monthly Maoz Israel Report, providing a prophetic, political, and spiritual perspective of current events in Israel.