A Changing of the Seasons (Part 2)

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

We are currently moving through a change of seasons, and I’m not talking about weather, I’m talking about history. Three weeks ago when I posted part 1 of this series of essays on the changing season we were in, I already had part 2 almost fully written. But kind of a lot has happened since then, so I had to throw out my first draft and start over from scratch.

That original draft had a short list of reforms the Christian Zionist movement should make in order to continue supporting Israel while gradually making way for the rise of the local Body of Messiah which will soon be taking over some of these roles that have long been filled by them. But like I said, kind of a lot’s happened since then and frankly, most of what I had in mind to talk about three weeks ago is barely even relevant anymore.

Here’s what I believe IS relevant, and will get more relevant in the coming weeks and months. 

The social, political and economic unrest in the US has spread to many other parts of the world and the COVID-19 pandemic, which at least the wealthy countries of the world seemed to be getting a handle on, has flared anew. These two crises seem to be feeding off of as well as into each other. Other crises are also brewing, such as a worldwide shortage of food due to various natural disasters and a breakdown in distribution systems which have, like so much else, been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, storms and forest fires continue growing in intensity and frequency all over the world. Some people claim that this is happening because of human activity while others say it’s occurring naturally. I say arguing about why these things are happening is a foolish waste of time, because there’s no argument about the fact that they ARE happening and that they are contributing to many other problems humanity is facing.

Wars and rumors of wars abound, some in Israel’s immediate vicinity and others farther afield. The fabric of the post-WWII international order has been fraying for some time and it is now beginning to tear apart in some places. It is anyone’s guess how much longer is can be held together but the smart bet would be that it’ll be in tatters sooner rather than later.

The role of the Body of Christ worldwide in this season of escalating crisis remains what it has always been, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone who might be ready to receive it. The only good thing about all this bad news is that people are usually much more ready to hear the Gospel when everything else they’ve always counted on for their comfort and security has broken down. There is a window of opportunity to share with them, but that window could slam shut at any time. There isn’t a moment to waste!

In regards to Christian Zionist support for Israel, I hereby offer the following ideas, realizing that circumstances might change very quickly, rendering these words obsolete by the time you read them, or perhaps remaining relevant for some time to come.

I believe efforts should be concentrated on three main areas, supporting Aliyah of Jews to Israel, supporting the local Body of Messiah and efforts to help Israel prepare for the wars which are coming and to recover from the difficult economic situation the country is currently experiencing.

These three priorities are all equally important to the near-term future of this country, so pray and seek the Lord’s leading for which one of them you are best able to contribute to.

Prayer is something EVERYONE can do. If you’re able to come and work in Israel in some capacity, there’ll never be a better time to do it. If you can’t come but you can send money to help out in some way, or offer some other form of practical support than please do. But in any event, now is NOT the time to step back and watch. The Lord is on the move in the world today, and Israel is at the center of His plans and purposes. Now is the time to GET INVOLVED!

May God give us all the strength, wisdom, courage and faith to come alongside those He has placed in His Land in this season of history to bring about His plans and purposes.

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