A Church in Cyprus That Stands With Israel

The once warm relationship Israel had with Turkey has broken down since authoritarian President Erdogan has become increasingly Islamic and hostile towards Israel. Conversely, Israel’s relations with Greece and Cyprus have become very warm.

Cyprus understands what Islamic aggression is, as Turkey invaded and conquered the northern part of Cyprus, causing the island to be divided into two parts, with Greek Cypriots having to flee from the north with the loss of all their possessions.

The Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ in Limassol hosted a conference on Israel, where we were invited to speak God’s purposes and plans for Israel in these last days. These people love and pray for Israel and have a wide audience outside of Cyprus through their live streaming.

Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram with pastors Sophocles and Andy Christodoulou
Ari speaking at Israel Conference
Pastor praying for Israel

This article originally appeared in Maoz Israel Report, June 2016 and reposted with permission.