A Dutch peasant’s thoughts on Palestine

Highway 90 in Israel (Photo: Tiia Monto/Wikimedia Commons)

After living in different places around the world, I have gotten to a place where I don’t really know where I belong. I wonder if that is the feeling our father Avraham had. We are living in a time that to belong somewhere is starting to loose its meaning. There are so many people migrating and it has become much easier to travel far and wide. Still, belonging somewhere is a very important part of our identity.

I remember working with Arab workers from Gaza and the West Bank at different times in the 80’s. I never heard them call themselves Palestinians at that time. I do know they were proud Arabs. I remember how I would see Arab workers from the territories sit beside the road after work, waiting for their ride. They could sit there for hours. While I would get upset when the bus was 15 minutes late, they didn’t seem to mind waiting. My father would say, they can outwait time. I imagine that our father Avraham outwaited time. (Outwaiting is a Dutch peasant expression meaning to wait out something or someone 🙂

These days we don’t see Arab workers from the territories waiting beside the roads for their ride.

They have learned, sometimes involuntarily, where they belong. Since they were taught that they call themselves Palestinians. In the north of Israel you can still find workers waiting by the side of the road for their ride. They are the Druze. The Druze are a proud people. They have never had their own country, but if you ask them where they belong, they will say, here! There is a third group of people in the region. The Jews. The Jews have never had time to sit beside the road and wait for their ride. They will run around being so busy doing their business that patiently waiting for a ride is not a option. Our father Avraham used to sit at the entrance of his tent from time to time.

And in a way he was waiting for his ride. He was promised the ride of a lifetime. I wonder if he realised that the waiting was part of the ride, for his ride was called faith. Nothing really changed much since that time. We are still to wait patiently for our ride. And we also will find out that most of our ride was faith. Avraham waited patiently and never received the Land. His descendants, yes all of them, were never able to hold on to it. There is a lot of activity lately among the descendants of our father Avraham about the right to the Land, both sides are crying out, I was here first! Meanwhile, One has been sitting patiently. He is “outwaiting” time! His ride has been, to be at rest, since the 6th day.

Dear friends, what does it matter if you think to know to whom the land belongs, if you are not in that rest. What does it matter if you really, really know when the rapture is going to be, if you are not waiting for your ride. What does it matter if you know what the ultimate English translation of the Bible is, if you don’t enter His Rest. We can only enter that rest, when we give up everything. You see a dead person has no issues. If we have died with the Master, we have no more rights. If we are fighting for our rights, we haven’t died yet for our Master. It our job to assist the leading of many sons and daughters to glory. The only right we have in this world is to give all for the Master. Brothers and sisters, love one and other!