A Few Thoughts on Current Events Around the World

This update is aimed at answering two questions I’ve been asked about repeatedly on Covid-19 and the peace treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Allow me to start by saying that I believe Covid-19 and this treaty are connected and are a clear sign to the end times we are living in.

In order to see the connection, we first must rise above the confusion and fear, without getting stuck in current events. We need God’s perspective and an understanding of how HE looks at the current situation in the world from His Heavenly habitation.

Where do we find the only one true description of the big picture as God sees it? Well, for sure not in the mainstream media! To correctly interpret the present-day situation, we must look at His Holy Word – the Bible.

God’s Word portrays a pretty clear picture when dealing with end-time events; we only need to be familiar with a few chapters in Ezekiel 38-39, Zechariah 14, Daniel 2, 8-13, Mathew 24-25, Revelation 12-13 & 17-18, to see where this world is really heading.

Now, wars and rumors of war, famine, plagues etc. seem to be only part small details of a much bigger movement. It seems the world we are living in these very days is making big steps toward what I like to describe as the resurrection of the modern-day Tower of Babylon!

As it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end (cyclical Hebraic/Biblical mindset – See Eccl. 1:9–10, Isa. 44:6-7, 46:9-10, 48:3…).  As the people of the ancient world rebelled against God, in the manner of a one world government, like the ancient tower with its ruler, Nimrod, so it is with this generation. The world’s leaders are doing their very best to once again unite all the world around a type of tower that they’ve been busy building for many decades now, a tower they frequently describe as the New World Order. World leaders and politicians speak openly and freely of the need for this New World Order. Even our respected Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke of this in the past, and added that the main thing which will help achieving that goal is advanced technology.

Allow me to say it once again that we, followers of Israel’s Messiah, must see the big picture, otherwise we will get lost in the small details. We must understand that this New World Order is a satanic attempt to imitate the TRUE New World Order that the God of Israel is about to establish here on Earth and His will begin with the return of His only-begotten Son, Yeshua, to reign here, from Jerusalem, “the city of the Great King,” for a thousand years! In other words, satan, who knows that his time is short, tries to mislead the non-believing world today, into a cheap imitation of what is waiting for them in the near future – the seventh Millennial Kingdom of God!

Now simple logic says that in order to create something new, the old one needs to first be removed and destroyed. It is my humble opinion that two main things play an integral part in that process of destroying the old:

(1) A “pandemic”, which in my opinion, is a well-planned and invented one that will help destroy the world economy, create chaos all over the world, and eventually lead to very strict measures against the people who disobey those who lead it.

(2) A setting of the stage for a so-called “world peace” will follow and this will be brought about by the antichrist himself.

Indeed, when looking at the world today, one needs to be completely blind not to see how this “new pandemic” is shaking and severely affecting the world economy. Airlines, businesses, small and large alike, are shutting down. International and due to lockdowns, even domestic travel is not the same anymore. People in general are very fearful and anxious, not knowing what the future holds for them and the number of suicide attempts are increasing around the globe, to mention only a few changes.

Before I address the peace treaty between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, I want you to be aware that advanced negotiations, sponsored and very much encouraged by the U.S. administration, are taking place with other Middle East states, such as Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

People who are not aware of the big picture, the satanic imitation of God’s coming New World Order, might fall into the trap of thinking: “Wow, hallelujah, at last we will have peace and tranquility in this afflicted world!”

How can we discern between the real thing and its fake imitation? Beloved, it is much simpler than you think. Yeshua said that the main way we can discern between the false and the true is to notice the outcome or the fruit, as it’s written in Matthew 7:16-20 “by their fruit you shall recognize them.”

So, allow me to show you the fruit of both the Covid-19 and the different peace treaties which were already made in the Middle East, and those which are going to be signed shortly.

The Covid-19 Fruit: Lockdowns, fear, anxiety, panic, depression (financially and mentally), confusion, loss of more and more of our freedoms, etc.

The fruit of peace treaties in the Middle East:

The first treaty was with Egypt, but do we have true peace between Israel and Egypt? What did Egypt gain from it, and what did Israel give up for it? Egypt gained huge territory, almost three times the current area of the modern State of Israel, territory that was conquered by Israel in the Six-Day war, and in my humble understanding of scriptures, was an integral part of Land that was promised to our forefather, Abraham! Moreover, since that treaty was enacted, Egypt gained the support of the U.S.A in the rebuilding of its army to be one of the most advanced in the Middle East!

The second peace treaty was with the State of Jordan.

Exactly like the previous one, it has been only Israel who gave up things, including territories which Israel gave up recently in the Jordan Valley and the Arava plain. Since the day the peace treaty was signed between Israeli Prime Minister Rabin and King Hussein, the very fragile Jordanian regime is actually supported by and dependent on the Israeli army! Moreover, Israel agreed to a more than generous sharing of our precious water resources!

And lastly, let’s look at this current treaty with the United Arab Emirates. Please understand while viewing a map of the Middle East, the UAE does not share any borders with Israel and thus, is not at all an immediate threat to us! Israel, as usual with these peace treaties, gave up the officially planned annexation of the very heart of God’s Promised Land, Judea and Samaria, mistakenly called the occupied territories or the west bank. Judea and Samaria is planned to be given to an invented people, the Palestinians, so they can establish their own sovereignty, even though this means dividing God’s Promised Land into two independent states, in full accordance with President Trump’s deal of the century. Israel also allowed the U.S. to supply the UAE with advanced weaponry, which includes F-35 fighter planes and advanced drones, which poses an immediate threat to the military superiority of Israel in the Middle East!

Beloved, it is my humble opinion that all the above and future “peace treaties” are not based on a love for Israel, and most assuredly not on the love of the God of Israel, Who is the only ONE true God of the universe, but rather on temporary political interests, such as forming a Sunni Muslim coalition against the Shiite Muslim Iran. Once the mutual political interests are gone, it is written that all nations will come against Israel, who will be weaker in military superiority.

The conflicts here in the Middle East are not mere territorial ones, but rather spiritually oriented. It’s the God of Israel and His ancient chosen nation against idol worshipers of the god of Islam and we know who wins in the end!

My question to you beloved people is, do the above look like good fruit to you? Do they look like they belong to the REAL New World Order that God Himself is planning for this globe? I don’t think so! Do they lead to God’s Millennial Kingdom here on Earth? Surely they do!

As always, God is using the nations of the world to chasten His beloved chosen ones, and then, after doing so, He turns to severely judge the nations who came against them!

Beloved family, the times which precede the return of our Lord and Savior, according to scriptures, are already here!  We should wake up, discern between good and evil, examine our very hearts before the Lord, to see if there is any wickedness in us, to repent from whatever sin that separates us from Him, and make sure we fix our eyes on Him, and not on any political party, or any politician – whether he/she is on the “right” or on the “left”!  Please understand I’m not encouraging you not to vote or take part in the political world, but rather, stop automatically trusting whatever politicians are telling us.

We need to endeavor to look at the big picture and not get stuck in the small details. We need to read His Word, to consume it more than ever before! We need to seek His Face and be intimate with Him, more than ever before! We need to stick with what His Word tells us, and test the spirits, whether they are from Him, or from another source.

May He help us and have mercy on us in the very challenging times in which we are living. May we brace ourselves as the shaking of this sinful world is becoming stronger and stronger! He is A GOOD GOD! He will finish the good work He has begun in each one of us! We only need to stay attuned to His Spirit every day, every moment; He is our only hope!