A few words about Eddie Santoro

Eddie ,on the right, praying for the sick in the hospital with Zvi.

I have known Eddie and Jackie since they made Aliyah, but especially from when they moved to the Jerusalem area. They began to pioneer the Ahavat Yeshua congregation with Asher. They also became involved with a monthly meeting of some of the Jerusalem pastors for fellowship and prayer. It was there that we began to really know Eddie: always full of the Yeshua’s love, passion, zeal, faith. He loved the Ruach HaKodesh.

When the brain cancer was discovered 4 years ago, Eddie’s reaction was to trust God for healing but to also do his part. He drew close to the Lord. His days became filled with God’s Word, proclaiming the promises of the Lord. His passion for unsaved became am example to all of us, witnessing of Messiah’s love to as many as he could. Jackie and Eddie would witness and pray for countless sick in hospital as they waited for treatments.

God graciously answered prayers and gave Eddie 4 years (almost 3 years more than expected by doctors). Those years were not in vain as he served the Lord with all his heart. His love for God and others was always a testimony, as well as his boundless faith and optimism.

Heaven has received a real champion of the faith. Our hearts go out to you, Jackie and Evan. We know how difficult a time this must be for you. Know that we, the Body of Messiah are here for you. We are so appreciative of Eddie’s and your labor of love among God’s people. We love you!