A great idea to bless the lives of those you love

Allow me to tell you a short story.

Many years ago I stumbled into an extremely uncomfortable and unhappy situation.

There were only two good things about it.

One, it didn’t last long (only a few months) and two, in the middle of it, God set up circumstances which led me to one of the greatest long-term blessings of my life.

It happened like this.

Due to a series of unwise decisions on my part (assisted and abetted by some bad advice from others) I found myself living in a small Druze village on Mount Carmel, above Haifa. I had not been able to find a job so I’d asked a man I knew who was one of the only other English-speaking believers in the village (where the main language spoken was Arabic, and even my rudimentary Hebrew didn’t help me much) if I could borrow a book to read. He let me look at what he had and one book was a NIV version of the One Year Bible.

He told me he’d gotten a different version he liked better and which he was then using, so he let me borrow that copy for my own use, with the understanding that I’d give it back to him if I ever got my own and/or if I moved away. So I took that One Year Bible home and started reading the portion every day.

I had of course read from the Bible before, but having a daily portion to read like that every morning as I ate my (meager) breakfast was a new and highly enriching experience.

A few days later, I had an appointment to see a dentist in Haifa. I thought would take several hours, but as it turned out, the dentist took one look at my teeth, told me I was fine and sent me away. So I was left with the entire day ahead of me and I decided to explore Haifa a little, walking out the door of the dentist’s office and beginning to walk down the street.

Shortly, I came to the door with a sign that simply said “Quality Books” and since I liked books I decided to pop in and see if I could find something to read.

I walked in, turned by head to the left and saw…a NKJV version of the One Year Bible.

Just like that.

I bought it for, as I recall, 120 NIS (about $25 by the exchange rate back then) and from that day 11 years ago till this, with an occasional exception, I’ve read the daily portion every morning, having read the Bible all the way through 11 times.

There’s an expression that says “The Lord works in mysterious ways” and although that precise phrase is not found in the Bible my experience is that it’s very, very true.

God worked in my life in a “mysterious way” to bring me a multitude of blessings through this strange series of events that ended in me acquiring my copy of the One Year Bible. It has kept me out of a lot of trouble and led me into many good things.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, it is my hope that by reading this short blog post, you are inspired to take advantage of the tremendous blessing that a One Year Bible can be for your life or the life of someone you love. In this way, the “mysterious way” God blessed my life can bless many other lives.

You can get one in a few different versions at this link.

Right now is the best time to get one of these books for yourself and/or your loved ones, as the new calendar year is about to begin and the One Year Bible reading plan is about to kick off.

Aaron's copy of the One Year Bible
Aaron’s copy of the One Year Bible