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Artwork by Elhanan ben-Avraham


When Israel unilaterally and unconditionally pulled completely out of Gaza in 2005 in a ‘Land for Peace’ offer by Ariel Sharon, the Gazans were given the opportunity to turn their land into another ‘Miracle on the Mediterranean’ with open borders and tourism and exporting flowers and fruit from the greenhouses that Israel left behind. But they immediately, with the huge funds of aid contributed from around the world, chose to import weaponry from Iran and launch terrorism and rocket attacks into Israel, which has continued for all the years since. Thus Israel closed and monitored the borders to protect our citizens. Just read the Hamas National Charter, which is like reading Mein Kampf. Hamas, which controls Gaza, has brought Hell upon the people of Gaza, and Israel, must be now entirely dismantled and defanged.

‘Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Gaza, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because they carried away captive the whole captivity, to deliver them up to Edom: But I will send a fire on the wall of Gaza, which shall devour the palaces thereof.’

Amos 1:6-7


In the streets and malls and restaurants and parks and hospitals of Israel, Jews and Arabs, folk of every race and color and religion, dwell and work peacefully together daily, making no news whatsoever, unlike many inner cities of North America. A full one-fifth of Israel’s citizens are Arab, mostly Muslim, free to worship as they wish in their mosques throughout the land, and Christians in their churches, and even are represented in the parliament and the supreme court and the military. And yet, despite all this, Israel is regularly vehemently accused of “Apartheid.”

But let an Israeli Jew dare to venture, even accidently, into any Arab city of the so-called West Bank, or Gaza, where Jews are forbidden to live, and see their car attacked with stones and torched, and often enough sprayed with bullets. It is this environment that calls for a separate Palestinian State cleansed of Jews, Arab only, Judenrein.

Which, pray tell me, best describes the term Apartheid?


In the streets of many Muslim nations, as well as in the streets and universities of Europe and North America, fanning the flames of antisemitism again are hordes of Arabs and their sympathizers waving the flag of Hamas and shouting “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”  That is not a cry for liberation or a peaceful two-state solution to the Palestinian problem, but a call to the genocide of the Jewish people of the State of Israel, a nation founded from the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust, many old survivors taken refuge here.  It is the genocidal call to drive the Jewish people from the very tiny land that lies between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean Sea.

It is no surprise to the Israeli people, as the very Charter of Hamas, a declared terrorist entity, openly declares as their goal the destruction of Israel, which they call “the Occupation.”  And Israelis hear the regular chant of the Iranian Mullahs, the Hamas patron, “Death to Israel. Death to America.”

Long before any “Palestinian problem,” with no settlements whatsoever on the West Bank or Gaza, Israel was attacked for its very existence, and at its founding in 1948 five Arab armies came to liquidate the fledgling Jewish refuge from European antisemitism. By the grace of God Israel has amazingly won all its enemies’ genocidal wars, and remains in the land of its birth and history.

On October 7th, 2023 Israel experienced an unprovoked surprise attack on its civilian population, thousands of missiles raining down on its towns and cities, killing and wounding thousands, and bloodthirsty Hamas jihadi savages broke into Israeli villages bordering Gaza to mercilessly slaughter, behead, dismember, rape, burn, and kidnap unsuspecting men, women and children.  It was Israel’s Pearl Harbor.

As did the Americans after the Pearl Harbor attack, Israel went on the counterattack with full force, though threatened with destruction by the well-armed by Iran Hezbollah terrorists on our northern  border in Lebanon.  This time, after 18 years of missiles and terror attacks from Gaza, even after completely withdrawing in 2005 in a land-for-peace experiment, Israel will now seek to remove Hamas from power. Ironically, now in its effort to defend Its population, Israel is being accused of “genocide” in Gaza.

Genocide?  And a “disproportionate response”? “If the attack was proportionately 8.47 times greater than the attack on Pearl Harbor (*see the figures below, calculated by a US marine Viet Nam vet), Israel doesn’t have the right to go to war and conquer their enemy? Did the Allies  want a one-to-one ratio of deaths during WW II as so many are claiming ‘disproportionality.’ There is no proportionality in War, unless you expect to loose.”

No, the continuing threat of genocide of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel is not an issue of land, but the same spiritual reality that brought the Holocaust, the Pogroms, the Crusades, the expulsions, and the Inquisitions for the last 2000 years.  And now, after those 2000 years, the Jews have returned to rebuild and restore the Land of their birth and promise (see the Prophet Ezekiel chapter 36, and Zechariah chapter 12).

*‘To give an understanding of how large the attack on October 7 was to  Israel, I have calculated the ratio of deaths per population. The attackers killed approximately 8.7 times more Israelis per population than Japan did at Pearl Harbor.  Dec 7, 1941 2403 Americans died in Pearl Harbor.  December 1941 US population was  134 million.  October 7, 2023  1400 Israelis died in the Gaza attack.  Israeli population in 2023: 9.217 million’

134/9.217 = 14.5

14.5 x 1400 = 20,350

20,350/2403 = 8.47 times greater than the attack on Pearl Harbor per population.’


War Report from Israel

With each rocket fired into Israel’s civilian population centers, and with each atrocity, murdering and kidnapping of children and rape of women, celebrated by dragging the dead bodies of Israelis through the streets of Gaza, comes the shouted cry of Allahu akhbar! (Allah is great!).  Breaking through the Gaza security fence, the jihadis entered Israeli towns and kibbutzes and randomly murdered hundreds of Israelis, entering homes, and taking over 200 hostages, including children, the elderly, and foreign farm workers.

This unprecedented, unprovoked and unexpected surprise attack has thus far claimed some 1400 Israeli lives, and over 3000 wounded. Israel has responded from the air and land. The response was swift and strong, but complicated by the many hostages now being held by Hamas in Gaza, who has declared open Holy War- Jihad– on Israel,  well documented in their very national charter, which reads like Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Our chief concern is in the north on our Lebanese border where the terrorist entity Hezbollah (the Party of Allah) is armed with far more advanced weaponry supplied by Iran. Thus far there has been only relatively minor provocations, which was responded to by Israeli artillery. But residents in the far north have been evacuated. Yesterday we spent part of the day in our bomb shelter, with explosions shattering the air, partly by our own anti-missile systems. And we heard the sound of Israeli bombing in Gaza into the night. All our reserves have been called up as we are in a state of war, prepared on all fronts. Difficult fighting has liberated the towns and kibbutzes from the invasion, neutralizing many hundreds of terrorists. Residents of the south have also been evacuated.

Unbeknownst to our enemies, Hamas is the Biblical Hebrew word used for the reason the great flood in the days of Noah was brought upon the world, meaning violence and deceit (Genesis 6: 11,13).  Both Hamas and Hezbollah, supported by the Islamic State of Iran, have declared as their purpose the destruction of the Jewish state in the name of the dark Islamic god Allah.

We remain standing in prayer for our nation, and the mercy of YHVH, for His name’s sake.


“Islam is a religion of peace”- former US president Barak Hussein Obama.

Forget the bloody inception of Islam in the 7th century AD and Muhammad’s Jihad religion spread by the sword, stopped only from conquering Europe at the Battle of Poitiers in 732 AD.  In our own modern times the “peace” (salaam) of Islam has been raging across the Middle East from an 8-year war between Islamic Iran and Islamic Iraq to a 15-year civil war in Lebanon, an unending civil war in Syria, and a continuing civil war in Yemen ignited by the Islamist Houthis, all killing and displacing millions.  The ongoing disagreement between the Sunni and the Shiite branches  of Islam has led to many blowings up of each other’s mosques. Such offspring spawned by Islam as ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Taliban, Boko Haram, and the Muslim Brotherhood, whose antics hardly need to be revisited here.

There is also the Houthi Muslim movement, which is officially known as Ansar Allah (“Supporters of God”), have not been coy about their ideology. The flag of their movement bears their slogan in Arabic: “God is great, death to America, death to Israel, a curse upon the Jews, victory to Islam.”

The Islamic republic of Iran is a central hub of the more aggressive Shiite sect.  It openly and annually declares its public death chant, “Death to Israel! Death to America!”, the only thing really that radically “true” Islam agrees on among themselves. And yet the naïve and open-bordered Progressive West has welcomed Islam with open arms to build their mosques next to their churches and synagogues to prove that we can all just be happy together, kumbaya.  It seems that the September 11th World Trade Center event has all but faded from memory, not to mention the train bombing in Spain, a metro bombing in England, and now the bombing and savage massacres of thousands of civilians in Israel, all accompanied by the devout Islamic chant, “Allahu akbar!”.  By some contrast, the Jew Jesus commanded us to love one another.

But many would insist that radical Islam is but a small percentage of the world of Islam. Over 1.8 billion people are practicing the religion of Islam– which accounts for nearly 24% of the global population.  The Jews, by contrast, are as of 2023 estimated at 16.1 million, or 0.2% of the 8 billion worldwide population. But not to worry, it is not more than only about 20% of Muslims are who actually radical. Now do the math:  that’s a mere 360 million jihadis. OK?

Some are now using the term ‘Islamophobia’ to accuse any concerned about the rapid spread of Islam in the West.  But a phobia is an irrational and unfounded fear of something, whereas such a concern may not be so very unfounded.


Nearly 500,000 people in Israel have been internally displaced by our government, north and south, since the surprise attack by Hamas on October 7, evacuated from their homes to protect them from bombardment. Whereas Hamas has PREVENTED the evacuation of civilians from northern Gaza to protect them- quite the contrary, using them as fodder for their cynical political propaganda war (though Israel had dropped 1.5 million fliers, made 20,000 phone calls and sent 6 million recorded messages to residents to move out of the way to the south for their protection). And no Arab country has offered to take in their Arab brethren, even temporarily, the king of Jordan declaring, “Not even one.” Just sayin’.


Yes, in this war may the innocent in Gaza be spared, and those guilty of the intentional wanton murder and kidnapping with glee of innocent Israeli women and children be swept away in fire.  Yet those poor innocent Gazans not only voted in Hamas like the Germans voted in the Nazis, but were dancing and celebrating and handing out sweets over the brutal murders and rapes of thousands of Jews,  and dragged through the streets of Gaza just the day before the fire began falling on their heads. And their children are raised to hate Jews and Israel, according to Hamas ideology and education, and trained to be suicide bombers and Jew killers from infancy. Hard to believe? Listen to  Mosab Yousef Hassan- ‘Son of Hamas’, son of a Hamas leader, and former terrorist (who became a Christian) who spoke out very bravely at the UN and continuously since. Of  course there are innocents there but, unfortunately, it’s worse than you think.

Little regard  was spent on the fate of civilians as the Allies bombed Germany and Japan to end the evil threat of the Axis in WW2. Now we have peace with Germany & Japan only because every disproportionate means at the disposal of the Allies was used to utterly defeat them..



“For this reason God will send them a powerful delusion so that they may  believe the lie, in order that judgment may come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.”

-2 Thessalonians 2:11

Wars are a fabric spun of deceptions and lies intended to manipulate support for the war’s efforts and bring defeat of the enemies.  A web of propaganda casts a fog over the eyes like a smoke bomb on the field of battle. It requires some effort to see the truth through that fog.

Such players as the extremist radical Islamist Hamas, whose very charter speaks of its raison d’etre as the same as Hitler’s, are  spinning their web of fabricated images, distortions and lies to sway world opinion against Israel, and succeeding on many fronts, even after unilaterally launching an unprovoked barbaric and bloody war on the Jewish state, which has responded in its own defence. Behold the pro-Hamas demonstrations from Mecca to Manhattan, Paris to Pittsburgh, and London to Los Angeles.** Israel is desperately attempting to counter those lies and accusations with reliable facts and verifiable images, and even admission of blunders.

But at the very foundation of Hamas sits a lie, founded by an illiterate Arab 600 years after Jesus, and some 1800 years after Moses, a lie that has spread across the

Earth by fear and the sword, consuming some 24% of the world’s population. Muhammad declared that he was sent to replace both Judaism and Christianity as the last and ultimate prophet of Allah. The Idea of Islam now is the driving force of many wealthy nations armed with sophisticated weaponry, including or seeking nuclear bombs. Many of those nations are virulently antagonistic toward the Jews (0.2 % of the world population) and the one tiny Jewish state on the planet, whose existence sits as a bone in the throat of its holy book and the genocidal intents of its supremacist theology. Whereas after losing a series of genocidal wars launched against Israel, some of the more rational Muslim nations have indeed made agreements of relative peace with Israel.

But make no mistake about it, the welcomed-in and rapid spread of Islam into the western world and its universities and governments is not a positive development or influence. Whereas the Ideas of Christianity and Judaism are built upon the foundation of love and forgiveness, radical Islam is built upon that of fear and revenge. Truth and lies cannot long peaceably occupy the same space, as many are beginning to witness. May the West not need to again experience an event akin to the WTC attack to be convinced.*

‘Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. In fact, the reason I was born and came

into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.”

“What is truth?” retorted Pilate.’

* Over 1.8 billion people are practicing the religion of Islam– which accounts for nearly 24% of the global population.  The Jews are as of 2023 estimated at 16.1 million, or 0.2% of the 8 billion worldwide population. But not to worry, not more than 20% of Muslims are actually radical. Now do the math:  that’s a mere 360 million jihadis. OK?

**Protesters seen with ‘extreme anti-Semitic’ signs at pro-Palestinian march in London

Slogans ‘abhorrently attempt to state that Israeli government is comparable to Nazis’. Police said there were 300,000 people on the march — but organisers claimed the number surpassed…


(no problem):

Over 1.8 billion people are practicing the religion of Islam– which accounts for nearly 24% of the global population.  The Jews are as of 2023 estimated at 16.1 million, or 0.2% of the 8 billion worldwide population. But not to worry, only about 20% of Muslims are actually radical. Now do the math:  that’s a mere 360 million jihadis. OK?

Don Quixote


In a bygone era and generation good and evil, right and wrong were easily distinguishable by the average American and Westerner. We now have peace with those who were once our worst enemies- Germany and Japan- only because every disproportionate means at the disposal of the Allies was used to utterly defeat them. Little regard or concern was spent on the fate of civilians as the Allies bombed Germany and Japan to end the evil threat of the Axis in WW2.


An admonition for the West.

In the name of compassion, freedom, multiculturism and inclusiveness, you have welcomed the Trojan Horse inside your gates. In your near-sighted naiveté you have invited in hordes of those who have no loyalty or affinity with your culture or history, but use your freedoms to plant their own.   Now planted firmly in Western cultures that have lost touch with their own foundations, creating a visionless vacuum, the well-focussed vision of your guests is now undermining your national character, or what’s left of it.  With sophistication your guests have infiltrated the halls of higher education, and even government, to dispense their influence to a confused young generation.

In America, France, Germany, Holland, England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Belgium and even Sweden, the well-intentioned have greeted the invaders with open arms to build their mosques next to your churches and synagogues, that we may all dwell together in peace.  But all of those nations have since experienced the pain of terrorist attacks accompanied by the cry of allahu akbar!

You have not only ignored history, both ancient and current, but the voices of warning.  Now you have witnessed those ‘peaceful’ hordes in massive rioting in your streets, waving the flags of terrorist organizations and shouting ‘death to Jews’, even threatening Jews on American college campuses across the Land of the Free, many of who cannot make up their minds as to what is good and what is evil. And this in response to Islamist neighbors viciously murdering and injuring and taking as hostages thousands of Israeli civilians in an unprovoked surprise terror attack, and Israel having the temerity to respond in its own defense.

The central Islamic expansionist vision is focussed and sharp, adhering to the Quranic verses and the questionable example of the prophet Muhammad.  Even the moderates among them fear for their lives lest they fall prey in crossing the zealous among them.  Look at the fates of the writer Salman Rushdie and the filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, or Anwar Sadat.

You have ignored the Islamic history of violence, even among themselves, including mass casualty wars between Muslim Iraq and Iran for eight years, a fifteen-year civil war in Lebanon, continuing civil wars in Syria and Yemen, the Muslim slaughter of Christians in Africa, and the continuous assaults on democratic Israel from its inception unto this day. The Islamic Republic of Iran, seeking nuclear weapons, chants at their annual rallies, “Death to Israel! Death to America!”

Some Western nations are just beginning to awaken. Some voices have arisen to pass legislation forbidding such demonstrations in support of terrorist entities, and acts of antisemitism.  Even those nations who understand the plight of the one tiny Jewish nation of Israel, that arose from the ashes of the Holocaust (which was supported by the Muslims), that dwells in the heart of a mostly hostile Islamic ocean, are backtracking in fear of violent reprisals in their own cities, some recalling the attack on the World Trade Center in the heart of New York.  And yet, oddly enough,  the greatest irony is that the Jewish state, whose population includes 20% of mostly Muslim citizens who know just how good they have it (none preferring to live in a Muslim or even a Jew-free Palestinian state), is the only nation in the Middle East where Jews and Arabs live together mostly peaceably in all areas of  life.

But has that awakening in the West perhaps come too late to change the facts on the ground?  Do the demographic numbers and burgeoning population suggest that the Trojan Horse has already succeeded in its intended purpose?


The historical context in the 18th century of the American founders’ view of religious freedom came from the persecutions within the diverse Christian world such as the Anglican church headed by the king of England persecuting the Puritans, those early pilgrims to America who came for religious freedom, and the other branches of Christianity that caused their exclusive brand to exclude others from validity or practice. Judaism too was recognized as a part of that Judeo-Christian value system, as seen in the letters from the Jewish community to George Washington, and his to them. I do not think those founders, historically steeped in Judeo-Christian worldview and values, had any idea that Islam, Satanism, child sacrifice (abortion) and other perversions so common today, would one day be considered as freedoms.

In Israel, unlike America, Islam is indeed indigenous to this region, and mosques have been here even before the foundation of the Jewish state.  In respecting that fact, Israel has honored their presence and not destroyed mosques, as did the Muslims to many of our synagogues in Jerusalem.  That being said, Israel is aware of the inherent dangers and keeps a close watch on those which promote anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hate and terror- which America is well-advised to do as well.


Since the recent horrific and inhuman terror attack on Israeli civilians (may America not experience another such event), I have not seen such unity amongst Israelis since the divisiveness of our previous political differences just a month ago. The amazing comradery shows itself in the fabric of our society- one which is so small that every trial and pain is felt by all. There is a common strength and bravery  and sensitivity now shared that is tangible, and encouraging.  Israel at war gathers together.  On a downtown Jerusalem building is projected large, in Hebrew: ’Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one.’


(a war song)

As roaring lions overhead

thunder the skies with rage,

our eagles swarm to battle

bearing in their sharp claws

vengeance due the savage

who would devour our flesh

and savour our warm blood,

slaughtering our innocents

in orgies of religious frenzy

to their Divinity of Darkness,

carrying away our children

in arms of weeping mothers

from safety of home and bed

to fearful darkened tunnels,

our swift eagles pour a wrath

of hot flame upon the heads

of the sons of death and dark,

terrifying the terrible terrorist,

searing a deadly dance of joy

and bloated boast to mourning,

shattering their demon dreams

and schemes to nightmares.

“The Israelis love life, but we love death.”

-a Hamas spokesman