A Journey Marked by Mistakes and Pain Towards Music and “The Destination”: Oxana Eliahu

Oxana at Messiah Conference 2012

Oxana was born in Russia under the Communist regime of former Soviet Union. She was a refugee in Italy and made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) from Canada in the early 90’s, then left her parents behind, who had left Russia and came directly to Israel a few years after her.

She admits that she made many mistakes in life, and was an atheist. It was in Israel that Oxana Eliahu, singer, composer, song-writer, had a close encounter with the truth about salvation and surrendered to Yeshua. Recently, Oxana published an autobiography, and spoke with Rachely Scapa about her life, travels, music and her book “The Destination”.

Oxana, when did you become a believer in Yeshua?

“I became a complete Jew only in May 1995 in Israel. But previous to that, I was an atheist; I didn’t believe that God exists. We were taught that people who believe in God are primitive and narrow-minded. In the book, I tell how we were brainwashed.”

Where did you live in Israel?

“I lived in Yokneam in the first six months, moved to Bat Yam, a suburb near Tel Aviv near the Mediterranean Sea coast, where I lived for almost 20 years.”

How did you begin being involved with music?

“Music was always a big part of my life. I always sang and performed from very young age.

I always wrote poetry and song lyrics, but the gift of composing music came later when I had become a believer in Yeshua. I truly believe this was Abba’s great gift for me.”

Where are you term of music? Composer? Singer? Songwriter?

“I am a composer, a singer, a songwriter and also a producer of all my music albums. Right now I have 6 albums released, but I am working on 2-3 more: one will be in Spanish and Hebrew “Melodia Del Alma” (Melody of the Soul), another will be English and Hebrew “Joy in My Heart”, and, God willing, in the near future there will be another Hebrew and English album with new songs in Hebrew!”

Where do you get your inspiration from?

“What a great question – Yeshua is my inspiration! God’s Word and the Holy Spirit are my inspiration too.”

Oxana’s first album, “The Power of Words” “כוחה של מילה” in Hebrew, was recorded in 2005, here in the Land. But it was not as easy as many might think. Oxana shares more about the process of producing the first album:

“This was a very hard start, as I had no clue how to produce a CD, but it was an amazing and unforgettable experience. After I produced my first CD, I told to myself, ‘Now I can die…’  I felt that something very significant, very special come ‘out of me’.  This Album ‘The Power of Words’ was a beginning of my music ministry.”

How did the local Body of Believers in Israel reacted? Was it well accepted?

“It was amazing how people who listened to it were blessed by the message and the music in the album. Before the CD was produced, I had an order of 1000 CDs, which was not even possible to comprehend. Then there was another order for 300 and then another for 200 CDs.

“The only sad thing is that until today many Messianic believers in Israel have never heard my music at all”, she adds with sadness.

And the unbelievers involved in the production?

“It was a lot of fun to work on this project. Yes, there were some unbelievers who worked on the project, so we had an opportunity to share about our faith.”

How did they react to the message of the songs?

“I believe that it made people think about God, faith, Yeshua. I think we had unity and the atmosphere in the studio was magical, and this magic was from the Holy Spirit, who surely was present there.”

How long did it take for the recording of the second album?

“The second album ‘Recipe for Love’ ‘מתכון לאהבה’ was recorded in Israel as well. It took 2 years.”

Oxana says that there is a very powerful testimony about this second album, which she shares in depth in her book.

“God was working with me and teaching me some important principles through this project. I was so blessed, because I had sponsors, people who wanted to support the whole project, so I could invite amazing musicians and this made ‘Recipe for Love’ very beautiful and unique.

I learned that my God is the God of the impossible and He is able to do exceeding more than what we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.”

What took you to the USA?

“God knows I never wanted to leave Israel, especially after such a gypsy life I had. I just could not believe that it was God’s will for me to leave Israel. A divine, unusual and very fun love story took me to America. I am sharing about it in my book with many unique little details of how Abba worked it all out for me to bring me to the fulfillment of His destiny for my life.”

Tell us about the book “The Destination”. What is it about?

“It an autobiographical novel, but the main character’s name is Vita in memory of my grandmother.

Basically it is about the Kaminsky family, who lived under Communist regime and behind the iron curtain for generations. Vita and everyone she knew thought people who believed in God were ignorant and primitive. She hated being a Jew and despised the idea of going to Israel. In the late 1980’s, when Perestroika allowed Jews to leave Russia, she had big dreams for success.

It tells about Vita’s – my own – journey towards transformation, going through dreams, wonders and miracles, dramatic relationships, divorce, and death, ending with a divine love story that brings her to Peculiar, USA.”

Why write a book?

“Many times, after sharing my testimony in churches and congregations, people had asked me if I had the story of my life written in a book.

At first I didn’t pay attention to those questions about the book, but as people continued requesting, I prayed and asked God if this was His idea.

I am like Gideon, always trying to make sure that I hear the right voice. In my prayer I said, ‘God if this is your will, please give me another direct confirmation. Please let someone say these exact words to me, ‘Oxana, you need to write a book of your testimony.’

A few weeks later, we did a revival service in Butler, Missouri. I had only forty-five minutes to share and sing, so I couldn’t even share my whole story, just a little part of it.

At the very end, when almost everybody had left. A woman approached me and without any greeting, with no ‘hello’ or ‘shalom’, she said to me: ‘Oxana you need to write a book of your testimony.’

Wow! I had goose bumps. This surely was the confirmation. I knew I had to take it seriously now.

After many trials, and signs, well, I felt convinced that it was God speaking to me through all those different people. I felt that I couldn’t escape anymore. I had to write the whole story of my life, because it is actually His story and He is the real Author of my life and of this book.

Tell us about what you are doing i the USA now.

“Boaz (Oxana’s husband) and I travel all over the United States, Canada, and Israel, sharing my story and singing my songs in 4 different languages. In the five years after moving to America, I produced more music albums: ‘Not My Will, But Yours’ in English, ‘Beloved Adonai; in Russian and in instrumental album ‘Sound of the Soul’.

In between travels I am working on new songs, also on translation of the book into Russian (if someone would like to help with it, it would be awesome, I am looking for volunteers). It would be also great to translate it to other languages, but for now Russian is the first priority, first of all because of my mom, who can’t wait to read my story, which is also our family story.”

Oxana will be in Israel from September 16 until November 7, 2016, and would like to visit local congregations to share her music and story.

You can learn more about Oxana and her music ministry by visiting her website or subscribing to her YouTube channel.

Her book “The Destination” is available for purchase in a digital PDF form on her website or click on the Amazon link below.