A Letter to our Jewish Friends – God Forbid We Let You Down

To Our Jewish Friends,

Never have I written a letter such as this one but I could not shake the responsibility I have to write to you in every Jewish community around the world and in Israel. If I don’t write now on behalf of Christian Friends of Israel and our Representative offices around the world, how will you ever know that there are multitudes around the world who are standing by you at this terrifying time of antisemitism among the arena of nations around the world who are throwing you to the lions.

My husband and I have lived through every Intifada, Gulf War, Desert Storm and other conflicts with you in Israel since 1985. During the Gulf War when many Jewish people did leave and go abroad, our dearest friend Rabbi Yaacov Youlis said “I wrote two words about you during the war in my diary”. I answered “What were they?” He said “They stayed”.  Staying power I suppose means one has to resist going where it might be safer but we never had one thought of leaving your country in which we have come as Christians under the wings of the Almighty.

After what I read recently about alleged Christians being deceitful in an Orthodox community in Jerusalem, I was appalled  but what I have just learned about a long time evangelical figurehead and the irresponsible actions and shameful way he has represented your genuine Christian friends is more than shameful, it is disgraceful. We are not taught from the Scriptures to behave this way and I can assure you we never will. I also can assure you that we have no political aspirations but only genuine Godly people every day somewhere in the world praying for the government leadership in a respectful way whoever they are. It is the business of the State of Israel, not a Christian leader, to tell you how to run your affairs and I truly doubt that even 1% of his constituency (which could well be a greatly exaggerated number) will even accept his harbingers. We have known this person for many years and inflated numbers, name dropping and boasting have been his style of leadership. His credibility is not something to be admired.

As Jews and Christians, we are both standing at a juncture in history and the choices we make are going to define the rest of our lives. These are defining moments for everyone on earth from every nation and background. As a Christian friend of Israel I unapologetically state that Israel is the ancient homeland of the Jewish people and you have every right to your own borders! We have an obligation to join your efforts in how we can better portray Israel’s image throughout the world. When people around the world become victims of lies, it is not easy to undo their thinking but we must try.

For us it is not difficult, we have lived among you for so long and from personal testimony, we have come to love the people of Israel and are dedicated to your welfare. We must speak up and I for one will request that all of our Representatives from America, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Papau New Guinea, Poland, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA to use whatever means they have to speak, teach and reach Christian communities in their nations with the truth about Israel. It will mean venturing into the unknown but we will rely on God to go ahead of us. Also, we will do all we can to protect your people in these nations from danger and as in the case of the UK and France, we have safe houses and well thought through plans in case you need us. There are gaps still to be filled but we are working behind the scenes. We will not retreat from our commitment to teach against Replacement Theology and to eradicate antisemitism in our sphere of community outreach. We pledge to make your concerns our concerns as we have been a part of setting into motion a process of deep healing from centuries of wrong accusations against you. We can and should continue to work together to repair God’s world and bring new life out of the death and destruction of the past intolerant history.

We are ambassadors of reconciliation and unconditional love—we do not have hidden agendas based upon demands and threats such as Mr. Evans has recently expelled. I have said before to my Jewish friends that we are standing together as friends on a path called Courage but my words will not be enough. It will take much harder work.

I’ve had some great teachers, all Jewish, who had faith in me that I should not give up but continue to trail blaze, venturing into the unknown. I may not see the finished picture but I know we as an international organization will not retreat from our commitment to seek your good and will do all within our power to stop anything that would harm you or your people.

My Jewish friends believe in me. I believe in them. We must together be history changers and reunite what belongs together and not let people who have wrong motivations divide us. We are on a journey with you. You gave us everything we possess—we must walk together. May any sparks we are able to ignite turn the dross of the past into gold as we leave a trail behind us to eradicate antisemitism and anything anti-Jewish in the Christian world. You must know who your real friends are and if we fail in demonstrating and you doubt us, please tell us how we can improve.

Whatever background we are from, we all owe our entire spiritual inheritance, as Christians, to one nation—that nation is Israel. This is a historical fact. If there never had been a nation of Israel most of Christianity would disappear. We owe you a great debt.

There is a dark cloud hanging over the earth at this time but the sun will shine again and Jerusalem will stand where she has always stood and on her soil we hope to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers who can receive strength from our strength.

We are also feeling hatred as well as you, but not to the degree you are at the moment. I suppose it is because we are the two peoples of the Good Book who are the witnesses in the earth today for the One True and Almighty God. But my biggest fear is not Hamas, Hezbollah nor any other source of antisemitism but that we, evangelical Christians might (God forbid) let you down and that thought terrifies me.