A light in the darkness


Katherine Snyder talks about the work of Anchor Of Hope and the role God plays in counselling.

Paul: What is Anchor Of Hope?

Katherine: Anchor Of Hope is a Messianic counselling centre in Jerusalem and is under the covering of King Of Kings Ministry.

Paul: When and where did you start and why did you start?

Katherine: We officially opened in 2014. We were also training counsellors and we had a class in 2013 to train counsellors that would ultimately become the staff for the Anchor Of Hope Counselling Centre. We started because there is a great need in the country for people who are suffering, and by suffering I mean whatever life throws at you. Whether it is bereavement and loss, relationship issues, family issues, difficult diagnosis. There was nothing here for believers, very little, I shouldn’t say nothing, but very little serving the Messianic community.

Paul: How did the vision for the centre start?

Katherine: The vision actually started in the 80’s when a friend of mine, she had marital problems and there was absolutely no-one to go to talk to who was a believer. Israel has many psychologists, but they wanted to see a believer. Then in the 90’s some of us prayed. We saw more and more in the need for a counselling centre and we didn’t want people leaving the country. So the vision was kind of birthed, to see also a safety net of counsellors in all the congregations and that is why we are counselling, but we are also training.

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