A little about us – The Bible Bloc party

With national elections just a few days away, there is a lot of attention being given to the choices before us.

For the first time in Israel’s history, three Messianic Jews and an Arab believer are running together in the Gush HaTanachi party (the Bible Bloc party).

Our goal is to bring some righteousness back into our nation by implementing our policies in areas of great moral concern to all of us.

These areas include giving our support to the pro-life movement in the Land, as well as reforming our hospital systems to become more efficient by enabling our doctors and nurses to do their jobs at a high level of quality, as well as creating more space so that 17% of our hospital patients are not hospitalized in corridors (this is the statistic from one year ago).

We also believe in maintaining secure borders that are not defined by foreign entities. Working to end the funding of international terror organizations is also a priority.

Ending the restrictions against the aliya of Messianic Jews is also an aim of ours. Our believing candidates want to pray and intercede for our Knesset members and Prime Minister while serving alongside them.

Following is the list of our 8 candidates, so that you can gain some familiarity with us. Listed are our names, area of residence, and other relevant information.

Candidate #1: Avi Lipkin, Jerusalem, veteran immigrant from USA. Worked in the Likud-led government as a translator.
Candidate #2: Hana Hawa, Haifa, Arab believer, works as a mechanic in a family owned auto garage.
Candidate #3: Miki bar Neder, Jerusalem, veteran immigrant from England. Works as a tour guide.
Candidate #4: David Friedman, Jerusalem, veteran immigrant from the USA. Worked as Dean and Lecturer at King of Kings College, then at Israel College of the Bible.
Candidate #5: Asher ben Yosef, Ashdod, immigrant from Brazil. Is an attorney who works at his self-started Amutah.
Candidate #6: Maxim Belyaev, Jerusalem, immigrant from the Ukraine, hi-tech worker.
Candidate #7: Yana Ledved, Ma’alot, immigrant from Russia, social worker.
Candidate #8: Rahel Lipkin, Jerusalem, worked as an Arabic-language news broadcaster on Israel TV.

Friedman, Hawa, Belyaev and Ledved are all believers in Yeshua. The two Lipkins, bar Neder and ben Yosef are all conservative or Orthodox Jews who welcome the presence of believers as part of our nation.

We all would consider it a privilege to represent you and work for the above mentioned aims, which we believe will further the interests of the Messianic Jewish and Christian communities in the Land, as well as stand for God’s righteous standards.

We are letters יק at the ballot box.