A new day for Poland

by Devorah Mizrachi


My Ema (mother in Hebrew) and I were part of a team of six ladies who just returned from a fantastic conference in Poland. An estimated 1100 women were attending, and at least 40% of them were unbelievers. My mother and I were both asked to speak at this conference on behalf of Israel. My Ema talked about her experience of being a Jewish Israeli mother and how she prayed and worked to build her household on the Rock of Yeshua. She spoke about the different ways she taught my sisters and me to trust in God no matter what storms came into our lives. After she finished, I as a daughter, was able to honor her for the woman of God she is. From a different perspective, I shared how God took care of me living in Israel as a young woman. I gave a testimony from my time serving in the Israeli Defense Forces and how I had to learn to trust in God no matter what came my way.

During the meeting, hundreds accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as their Savior and Lord. The leadership of the conference reported that they received many wonderful and encouraging comments about what was shared. Women wrote that they were inspired to invest more in their relationships with children, and with daughters in particular. Also many wrote that they don’t have strong mother and daughter relationships and that they were inspired to pray and work on it. Praise the Lord! All glory to God.

On Sunday we were able to visit a Polish congregation. During the service, the believers made a stand for Israel and the Jewish people. I was asked to come and present an Israeli flag, and a local Polish believer presented a Polish flag. We danced together as an act of declaration that the nation of Poland would stand with Israel and with the Jewish people. This prophetic act was a very powerful moment considering Poland’s history. We were all touched and blessed by this. We are believing for a new day in Poland, that they will be known as a nation who stands with Israel and with the Israeli Messianic believers.

This article originally appeared on Dugit, April 30, 2017, and reposted with permission.

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