A perspective from a believer in northern Israel

Screenshot of new report of Iranian rockets fired at Golan Heights in Israel, May 9, 2018

There have been errant rockets falling in Israel the past years from the Syrian civil war, but the recent buildup of Iranian Revolutionary Guard troops establishing bases in Syria has caused Israel to launch strikes because we can’t allow Iranian troops to get established on the Syrian side of the Golan. Then Russia promised to send special missiles that could shoot down Israeli planes and that was the game changer. So the other night we “apparently” launched a massive strike to take out those Russian missiles.

And the strike the other night was just in time because the report was that Iran was planning to completely barrage northern Israel with missiles.

The message really hit home that the war has begun when our local VAAD, community authority, sent a WhatsApp message to everyone in our neighborhood that the bomb shelters are now open. The bomb shelters are locked year round because kids would go down in there and have parties. But now the bomb shelters are open. Yes, from everything I’m seeing here in the North, we are at war.

And with the US Embassy move followed by Guatemala and other Israel-friendly nations beginning May 14, the hatred of the nations who rage against Israel and our G-d is only going to intensify.

But let’s focus on the real reason for all of this. We, the Jewish people, have not followed our G-d but we’ve put our faith in the IDF, in America and political solutions, etc. and we have not turned to the G-d of Israel. So He is going to use this for His glory and that is the good news. There’s already a deepening hunger for truth among Israelis today and I believe that many will seek and find Messiah through dreams and visions as fear of war becomes a place to find peace in the presence of our G-d.