A Prophetic Perspective for the Jewish New Year 5783

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Okay, so again, we’re just so thankful for all of you that are here, for the nations, those that live here in Jerusalem. We’re thankful to work with young people like what we shared about six Hebrew speaking teenagers wanting to do all-night worship and prayer to the Lord.

That’s such a powerful thing. We want to, as well tonight, just welcome through

So there are a lot of people who wrote and said we can’t be there. We want to be there, so much of the Rosh Hashanah at this time. Can we join you?

So we welcome them as well, joining with us.

So this is a prophetic prayer perspective for 5783. Some of the things that we believe God is highlighting for us to pray 24/7 as we continue on this year.

And the first thing, I believe God is releasing a tsunami of glory and in the next slide He is releasing a tsunami, glory and harvest that will destroy ancient strongholds.

That’s a mouthful, but it’s a lot of what is happening and I believe is going to happen. I believe it’s beginning this year.

I believe there’s a powerful, mighty move of God that will destroy the most ancient religious spirits, the most ancient spiritual strongholds that have kept so much of the world in darkness and away from Yeshua.

And I believe that this is the year, and I’ll share in a moment here why – but I believe this is the time where God is releasing a tsunami. It will be a tsunami of His glory, which means His manifested presence. As we worship in his manifested presence and harvest, great harvest destroying ancient strongholds.

And some of the most difficult places on earth I believe this year are going to see great breakthrough. Some are already starting to see great breakthrough. We work with the ministry. Good friends that work in Iraq and in Afghanistan. And I think most are aware already that Iran is probably – the fastest growing church in the world is in Iran.

But they recently sent me a report of one of their young men who had gone a year ago to Afghanistan right after all the turmoil of the Taliban taking over. It looked so hopeless for Afghanistan. People were crying out all over the world for mercy on Afghanistan.

Well, this is just one young man. He went there and began making disciples, just worshiping and making disciples who made disciples, who made disciples. They tried keeping a record of how many great grandchildren, whatever spiritually, and so they keep a record of it.

And in one year, this is not mass decisions, it’s just one on one, people who did not just pray a prayer about Yeshua, these are Muslims who prayed a prayer about Jesus, of Yeshua and are following him.

And in one year, they have seen down their chain, five thousand Muslims that are new disciples in Afghanistan this year through one ministry, through one person that trained in Iran and was sent to Afghanistan.

So there’s something that’s beginning to break loose that we need to be aware of at praying timr – next slide.

I want to share a vision that the Lord gave of a great tsunami blowing hard from the Pacific Islands back to Jerusalem, and I won’t share all of the detail but you’ll see at the bottom. And actually, I won’t share all the details, but you’ll see it at the bottom there if you want to take a photo, you’re free to do that. And it gives the website where there are all the details of the vision.

Bottom line the vision was in Passover 2014, you can go to the next slide – I had a vision of the Lord, and he’s standing at the International date line, and that’s where it changes from one day to the next day.

So you can actually fly some of you have probably done that. You can fly across the dateline and you arrive before you left. Some of you are laughing because you actually arrive before you left.

But it’s where the dates change. So to me, that represented changes of times and seasons. It was on the International Day lot. And in this vision, I saw the boy with a rod in his hand, and he took it near the ocean, just off of the timeline, and he struck the ocean floor very powerfully.

When he did, there was a huge tsunami that began to rise up, and it was a huge wave of light, and it was headed from the International Dateline toward Jerusalem and toward the Middle East.

Now, I saw in the vision that Satan had long been afraid this would happen. And so he had built, centuries and centuries and centuries, he had built sea walls, barriers to stop this tsunami. And it was on top of each sea wall, there was a huge demonic power with his arms folded like this (akimbo) and it said, you will not get past me.

Now, how many know, Satan should have learned by now that he loses every time.

He should just learn this, but somehow, he doesn’t. And so God’s tsunami he can’t stop. Satan can’t stop what God is unleashing in some of the most difficult, hardest countries in the whole world. God is going to, is beginning to go get breakthroughs this year in some of the least evangelized places of the whole world.

And so in this vision, each seawall had this demonic power. So the first one that was sitting on each one of them was an ancient religious, spiritual stronghold and a demonic principality that was sitting on a throne on the top of the Sea Wall.

And so I saw the first one sitting here, it was ancestor worship and shamanism and idol worship. And as this tsunami came, he was like, “You won’t get past me,” And suddenly it just broke down the wall, and it broke down his throne, and he was caught in the waters and was not able to function like he had functioned, he could no longer hold the people in bondage.

And then it went Shintoism and then Hinduism and Buddhism and Hinduism, and it was one after another, and each one was larger than the next one as it came further west toward Jerusalem, and hit had a bigger stronghold.

And the final one in the Middle East was the demonic spirits that are behind Islam. And they were saying, “No way are you going to knock us off our throne.” But God did. His tsunami did it. And it was very interesting, next slide.

This was in Passover 2014, and the next, the first part of the vision came during a watch a Monday morning watch at Succat Hallel, and their were some Chinese in the room, they asked if they could share, mention the vision and they said, “We are twenty-two intercessors from Xian, China, the beginning of the Silk Road, which of course was the road, the route to Jerusalem in ancient days.

And they said, “We’ve come from there because we felt today that God had given us Isaiah 22:22, ‘I will place on his shoulder the key to the House of David. What He opens, no one can shut. And what He shuts, no one can open.’” And they thought they were there, 22 of them. It’s a sign of 22:22. When God opens the door, no one can shut it. If we just push it open, you can push it shut, but if God opens it, it cannot be shut because God opened it.

And this is so exciting. And then I felt like, the Lord let me know in my heart, it’s not for now. And, I thought “Oh, Lord, you give me this exciting vision, you know, these sea walls and everything, and it’s not for now?” I wasn’t to put it out widely, and I felt like I had to hold on to it and that it was for a future time. And so this last year, in 2021, in the Gregorian calendar, towards the end of the year, I began praying and saying, lord, when is this going to happen?

It’s been a long time. It’s been seven years now, and it doesn’t seem to be happening again. I felt like he had said, “It won’t happen until I tell you it’s happening. And I said, “Lord, when will it happen?”

And we were preparing for a gathering in Dubai with houses of prayer from all over the Middle East. And as we were preparing for it, I thought the Lord just dropped into my heart. “This is the year 2022,” 22 22. I will take you away and open door that no man can close. And I felt he’s saying, “This is the year I’m going to start doing that.”

Obviously, we’re jumping back and forth between the Gregorian and the Hebrew calendar, you know God’s calendar is ultimately the Hebrew calendar, but he uses things like the Gregorian And it was like he was saying “I support 2022.” And I said, “God, if this really is the year, then you’re going to begin this.”

Notice I’m saying begin, not end. But if this is the year you’re going to strike off of the date line and the tsunami is going to come. “Would you give me some kind of a confirmation?” Because I don’t want to just be out there saying something that sounds nice, but it’s not really what you’re doing, and I ask you for confirmation. Next slide.

A strong confirmation came at the time. You’ll see as I share this, on January 15 as we were getting ready in February for the meeting in March, for this site in Dubai, on January 15, a n underwater volcano erupted in Tonga, off of Tonga, actually very close to the international date line. And it created tsunami waves that were so big, if it had been near a population center it could have killed huge numbers of people.

But it created tsunami waves so big that they not only were felt across the Pacific, they said they measured these waves in the Atlantic Ocean and even here in the Mediterranean Sea.

That’s how big this explosion was. Now the next slide. As time went on, scientists were talking about this, and I began to find different websites and scientific journals and things and what they were saying. And what they said – the Tonga eruption was so powerful, scientists proposed a new ultra classification.


They said, since we have been watching eruptions of volcanoes, we do not have anything that begins to compare . This is in a class all by itself. It needs a whole new classification.

And then they said this: Tong’s eruption was so intense, it caused the atmosphere to ring like a bell. They measured sound waves around the world and they said what happened in this eruption at the dateline was so strong that it sent sound waves three times around the world that you could not hear with the human ear, to the human ear it sounded like sonic booms.

But they said it was far greater than a sonic boom. And they said basically the best way we can describe this sound is like a bell. Now what do we think of when we think of a bell. Freedom. Ring the bell of freedom.

Remember, Une Voya over here at Braden? Develop? Freedom! You know freedom, it’s like the Lord is ringing a bell of freedom around the Earth, because it circled the Earth three times. Next slide.

Then there was another study that was done from MIT at the Nordic University of Norway. And the authors said they discovered there were these amazing waves that went around the world because of that eruption.

And the physicist who had discovered the waves long ago, his name was Lamb, Dr. Lamb.

Oh, God because his name was Dr. Lamb, Dr. Lamb discovered the Lamb’s waves. They said it was Dr. Lamb. He said he was Dr. Lamb and that he had never seen anything like this. This circle was lamb waves. And they said it looked like an arrow that was shot and went around the world the world at least three times and they said they are Lamb waves.

And do you think they could be hinting at the revelation of the Lamb, Yeshua the Lamb of God? Lamb waves, you know this huge eruption at the international date line and you have this bell ringing, you have lamb waves going around the world, and then this kind of topped it all. Excuse the pun.

NASA mission sound that the top and volcanic eruptions in facts actually reached into outer space and changed things in outer space. They said this has never happened before. Now by this time in the beginning think, well God, maybe you are confirming that vision about Him striking the seaboard from the seaboard down to tsunami, that his major knocks down all these demonic strong, ancient demonic strongholds.

And I couldn’t help but think these verses. The next slide Hagai chapter two, verses six and seven. “This is what the Lord Almighty says in a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land.”

I will shake all nations, and what is desired by all nations will come. I mean only that salvation that’s the Lord itself. And I will fill this house, this house of his presence in Jerusalem with glory, says the Lord Almighty. So that’s quite a strong scripture that he’s not just going to shake the earth, he’s going to shake the heavens, he’s going to shake in the seas.

And I think all of us could say the last few years we’ve seen a few shakings. In 2016, the Lord gave me a series of visions about shakings that would come upon the Earth. And the Lord had me announce those shakings in China, in Hong Kong, and then about three weeks later the whole Covid thing started. And we’ve been shaking, haven’t we?

But what happens in shaking? He will shake all things that can be shaken. So much so that which cannot be shaken will remain. So it means his kingdom is left standing emerges when a lot of other things have just crumbled and fallen apart. His kingdom actually keeps growing and is stronger. And so he’s saying, I will give a good shakng not only on the land, but also in the nations, but even in the atmosphere, even in the sea.

So I thought this was such a confirmation. In Isaiah 59, verse 19, “ From the west, people will fear the name of the Lord, and from the rising of the sun, (fareast), they will revere his glory. So is it tsunami of glory, “for he will come,” He will come. It’s not just something that comes, it’s someone he will come like a pent up flood that the breadth of the Lord drives along. In other words, it’s like something that’s held back for a long time and there’s so much force building up that it’s like a dam.

When I was a little boy, we had a big dam near where I lived in the United States in South Dakota. And they were calling my father and others to come and put sandbags because they said, “Were afraid. There’s been so much rain and so much flooding from the hills that we hope the dam will hold.” Well, it did not hold. And a 30 foot, that’d be about 20 meters or so, wave came down from there, it took away a lot of homes, and it was pent up.

So that’s the kind of image, of something that builds up and builds up and builds up until it just breaks the dam, until it breaks the sea wall.

It breaks these ancient demonic barriers that have held back the harvest for so long. And I believe the Lord is saying, “Now is the time.” And I feel like it is a strong confirmation by an eruption right there at the dateline. And then all of these things that scientists are saying they keep, every said that two weeks I see a new article of something else they found out about it .

They found out about it. They just found out that there is so much water in the atmosphere that it changes the whole climate of the Earth. And it’s just thing after thing. This eruption, they just have no category, but God does. It’s shaking. He will shake all things that can be shaken and He’s going to shake loose the harvest. And so as we go through shakings, we need to remember, you know He’s going to help me to make a tree that’s shaking.

He’s going to hold me strong. I’m on the rock. But it’s shaking loose the harvest. It’s shaking loose the aliyah. He’s shaking loose, shakes loose different things that the enemy thought he had. But I believe with all my heart this year we are going to see major ancient spiritual strongholds crumble and fast.

And the Lord is going to bring in this. It is going to be the beginning of a great harvest for these difficult nations. Next slide number two.

Obviously, Satan is afraid of this. So I believe that there will be and is a Satanic effort to stop this via a premature World War III. And I did an interview with Chris Mitchell back about two years ago. We’re going to show a video right now because of the background videos and things he shows, it so much clearer and stronger. But about why, I believe that the Lord said many years ago that when a great harvest would begin in the most difficult nations, Satan would try to stop it with a premature World War Three. So yeah.

Chis Mitchell: Rick, thanks for joining us on Jerusalem Dateline. You wrote recently that this time is one of the most important times to be praying since World War II. What did you mean by that?

Rick: I meant there’s a global warfare. Many times people just look at what’s going on in their country or one or two countries, but there really is a global spiritual warfare going on that I believe is the greatest since World War II. At that time, they were being barraged with news day after day of Hitler getting another victory, of him beginning to exterminate the Jews, and it looked like there was no way to stop him. If you just went by what you saw in the news at that time, it seemed totally hopeless. And why even pray? What good will it do?

Chris: You mentioned Rees Howells. Why was he so instrumental in World War II? And what’s the lesson for today?

He was the head of a Bible college in Wales. And they had really learned in intercessory prayer not to just pray in reaction to what you see on the ground happening around you or in the news. But to wait on the Lord, in worship and prayer. Until you could really begin to have God’s perspective and begin to find out what does God want to do in the future? So, for example, in World War II, what it looked like it was all over, that Hitler was really decisively winning. The Lord showed them to pray that Hitler would go into Russia as a military man, he should have known better than to go into Russia with a lot of his troops right before winter. But he went in, they prayed that he would not be able to take Moscow quickly, as the news was predicting, and Hitler just got stuck in the snow and it severely crippled everything else he did. And from there on, that was the turning point of World War II.

Chris: Rick you talk about five phases of prayer, the first two about intercepting World War Three and a time of war and a time of peace.

Rick: I felt in 2017 that the Lord spoke to my heart that there was going to be great harvest coming in places like Iran. Saudi Arabia. And I felt like he said when that would begin. Satan would try to cut it off the same way he did with World War I. Which occurred right after the great outpourings of the Holy Spirit in Wales. In Azusa Street, in Korea. There was a great missions movement of young people from universities going in large numbers. And then Satan succeeded in stirring up World War I, and young people who would have gone into missions instead were sent into the war and died in the war. And I felt like this Lord said, don’t be ignorant of Satan’s schemes. He will try to start a World War Three when the harvest begins, and you are to encourage people to pray that that be stopped in the way that Rees Howells saw World War II come to an end.

Chris: In the next two phases. Rick you talk about geographical areas, Taiwan and the South China Sea, and also you talk about the capitals here in this region. Ankara, Tehran and Moscow. Talk about those.

Rick: I felt the Lord began highlighting that already in 2019 very clearly to us that there would be an evil alliance forming between Ankara and Tehran and Moscow right after the Lord showed us that they’re traditional enemies. It didn’t make sense that those three would work closely together. Right after the Lord showed us that, a week later they met in Ankara with the three from the three foreign ministers of those nations. So I believe there’s something evil. But again, we’re not fighting flesh and blood. We’re fighting against principalities and powers. But principalities use personalities and so we need to cut it off at that level. And I felt the Lord showed the same thing would happen in China, that China would begin by moving on Taiwan and if that was not stopped early on, it would grow into a regional war and if those two regional wars happened at the same time, they could spin out of control into a World War III.

Chris: You talk about the mantle of Reese Howells. What did you mean by that?

Rick: The mantle was this understanding in Revelations that we’re not to just pray according to what we see with our eyes or think with our minds or political opinions. But that we’re to worship and pray until the Lord begins to show us things as he sees them because He’s delegated authority on the earth to the Believers and we are to pray and proclaim His will upon earth as it has already been decided in heaven.

Chris: And finally Rick, what are you there at Succat Hallel praying right now?

Rick: Well, we’re praying obviously, protection over Israel. We’re praying protection and grace in the Middle East that it not turned in if there’s any kind of military action necessary with Iran that that would happen quickly and decisively and within God’s boundaries. Preferably covert work there to stop their nuclear bomb plans rather than an overt warfare and to pray that the harvest will continue to go forth in a great way in Persia, in Iran and in the Middle East. And also we’re praying much that this is a season where we believe God is stirring up the Jewish people to come home from places like New York where there’s such an anti-Semitism being expressed right now. And when they’re here, then Ezekiel 37 says that once the bones are connected, Of the od will begin to breathe upon them by his Holy Spirit. That’s where your listeners can pray for that breath of the Holy Spirit, for the north, south, east and west upon this land.

Chris: Well, Rick Ridings, appreciate your article and your exhortation to keep praying at this very important time.

Rick: Always a joy to be with you. Chris, bless you.

We thank you God, that you warn and let your people know ahead what we need to do. And I believe you showed me at that time that you were not going to allow Satan to cut off a great harvest in the most difficult nations in the world through a World War III. So we agree together tonight and we say let every regional conflict either not happen or be minimized or be kept only within the boundaries of the Lord.

We thank the Lord already. How we’re seeing that Russia thought they would go in a few days and just have it all over with it. That would encourage then China to try and invade Taiwan, the Chinese Communist Party to invade Taiwan. And it could have emboldened Iran. But God, we say tonight, Oh Lord the times and the seasons are in your hand.

The times and the seasons are in your hands. And we agree together there will be no regional conflicts outside the timing of the Lord and the position of the Lord. And we declare those regional conflicts will only be within the boundaries of the Lord. They will not grow larger than what God allows them to grow for his purposes.

We thank you, Lord, for the aliyah we’ve already seen out of Ukraine, out of Russia, that you have brought good out of what Satan meant that for evil there. And we thank you, Lord, and we believe you, whatever happens, that it will be it will be rapid, it will be within your – only in the limit of your time. It will only be what you allow if there’s something from Iran that it would be so miraculous and so quick like the Six Day War, that you would just glorify your name.

But we declare no regional conflicts joining together and stirring up a World War Three before the timing of the law. This is not the timing for World War Three this is the timing for a great harvest in the most difficult fields in the world, in the most difficult places in the world. This is a time where ancient demonic strongholds are going to be struck down by the tsunami of God’s worship and God’s glory as it comes from the international dateline all the way back to Jerusalem that every demonic power that has held so much of the Earth’s population in bondage will be broken down.

Their thrones will crumble and fall, their power to blind people and hold people in bondage will crumble and fall and there will be great harvest. Like they are having in Afghanistan it’s already in Afghanistan.

Lord let the tsunami come all the way back. Let there be nation after nation – Saudi Arabia. Let Saudi Arabia experience your tsunami. All across the Middle East Lord, in Iraq and Kurdistan, in the Kurdish area, in Turkey, in Jordan, in Lebanon, oh God, in Yemen, all across the Mideast Lord, UAE, and Oman and Kuwait.

Oh, Lord, let your tsunami sweep. But as it comes, let it sweep millions into the kingdom of God. And in the Far East and in the islands and in India, we thank you, Lord, for the Indians that are here right now, they’re from India joining in a number greater than we had before. And we see this as a sign that you’re getting ready for your tsunami to hit India.

These dominions will have to bow before you. We declare that every demonic power has to bow before you. Because you are the king, you have risen from the death and you have overpowered death. And so we declare they cannot stop this harvest through a World War III that the young people who are called into the harvest will not be sent to the frontlines of warfare, and that through your great mercies oh God, this tsunami of glory and harvest will come through these most difficult harvest nations that have been the longest holdouts.

But we thank you. None of them can hold out before you. Give onto the Lord with your glory and your life. And so we thank you Lord and believe you. We say Lord, as you told us to thrust forth labors into the harvest God, it needs to be quick because your tsunami is beginning to move. So we pray for a quick raising up and sending out, and thrusting labors into the harvest, into the right places, the right labors at the right time. Just like that. A young man trained in Iran, went to Afghanistan, and saw these 5000 Muslim people come to know you within a year.

We bless you for that all Lord, we praise you oh Lord. We thank you, oh God, you are almighty. Vernira would you please come quickly we’re just gonna pray and then we’ll continue with the teaching. Vernira is a Muslim background believer from Kyrgyzstan. And so she’s a good example of what God is doing. And would you just pray for this across Central Asia as you come from Kyrgyzstan and for this move of the tsunami and the harvest across central nation. Anyway…

Vernira: Oh Lord, we thank you Lord for this huge tsunami that’s coming Lord will overtake the Middle East. And please don’t forget those little countries that come, Kurzikstan, which is near, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lord, we pray there’ll be a tsunami Lord. You saved me a Muslim oh Lord. Save Your children oh Lord, open their eyes. supernatural God there in organization for God. And see and follow you Lord and let them go home and save their parents and disciple like this man from Iran who went to Afghanistan we just pray for that there will be a supernatural move of God among these nations oh lord, and God we know you will do it and God we praise you and thank you in advance.

You may be seated you may be seated. And so the next slide, the third thing I feel very strongly we should be concerned with this year is the Reese Howells the anointing to turn back the battle at the gate I don’to know if it has to do with World War three being averted, I believe it has to do wait for the demonic assault upon so many of our nations

Many of us in this room have seen our nations under a huge demonic assault. It’s like the enemy has come in a surprising way. But God, – you know I said, Lord, why are you allowing this? And I thought he said, “ It is because I want to lay the axe to the roots. And if I answered everyone’s prayers the way they were praying and cut off a little here and pruned a little there, the roots would still be there. But I wanted to expose the roots of wickedness, of unrighteousness, of injustice, so that people could realize how deep and how strong the roots were. And I want to lay the axe to the roots.” This is a time for that. Another term we can use for that is turning back the battle at the gates. And I want to share just a testimony of one nation in recent weeks that we’ve been focusing on in prayer here in Succat Hallel and the testimony of that if we do the next slide.

This is the country of Kenya. The elections in Kenya were held on August 9. And in this photo, there’s a picture of my wife Patricia and me in 2019. August 2019, we were on our way to Uganda at no advance notice to anyone in Kenya. We just flew in, had to spend the night and leave the next day. And a dear sister named Enjeri that some of you know she has been here many times, a dear African intercessor said, well, there is a really good meeting tonight. Shall we just go to that meeting together? So we dressed and we went. But when we got there, it turned out the wife of the vice president the wife of the deputy president is the name they use, was there. And she’s a strong believer and a strong intercessor. And we were carrying with us a huge key for the Old City of Jerusalem, a kind for the big old gates of the Old City. And we carrying that key to give to President Museveni in Uganda. God had opened a sovereign door so we could talk to him about Israel and Jerusalem and all these things.

And so we brought this key because we thought we were to tell if God wants to use you as a key to help turn other East African nations to come into the covenant blessings of Abraham. (People just come in, pick up some chairs.) So the Lord told us to take an extra key. We didn’t know what it was for. We thought, well, why are we taking this key? You just learn that you better obey the Lord. And so my wife has this key, antique key for the Old City of Jerusalem in her purse. And suddenly we’re introduced to the deputy president vice president’s wife, Rachel Rucho. And the Lord says, “Give the key to her.”

And so we gave the key, explaining what we felt that we felt, we said, “We really believe God is going to use you to have your husband to help turn Kenya and to help turn nations of East Africa to come under the covenant blessings of Abraham by aligning with Jerusalem and the footstool of God’s government in Jerusalem.” It’s not just a matter of moving the embassy, moving the embassy means we’re saying that we want to align with the fact that He’s going to reign from Jerusalem.

Not New York City, not Washington, not Tokyo, not Geneva or Brussels or anywhere else. He’s going to rule from his hometown, Jerusalem and he’s going to rule from his holy hill. God said, “I’ve appointed my king,” but He didn’t stop there, “I’ve appointed my king on my holy hill.” And so we said there, we believe God somehow wants to use you to help align Kenya with the footstool of God’s throne in Jerusalem and to come bring the covenant blessings of Abraham more fully upon Kenya.

So, on August 9, 2022, we were praying, actually, the Lord worked some things out and we were three or four people praying on a Zoom with the deputy president’s, at that time the deputy president’s wife Rachel Ruto. And while we were praying with her, we received very strongly, I’m sorry, can we go back one slide? I forgot to read the scripture. In this scripture, the Lord said, Tell her the scripture before the election. This is like the night before the election. And we said, Your Excellency, we really believe God wants to tell you this. “In that day, the Lord Almighty will be a glorious crown, a beautiful reef for the remnant of his people.”(Isaiah 28:5)

We know that the righteous remnant in Kenya have been humbling themselves, praying, seeking your face, turning from their wicked ways. And You promise that You will hear when they do reach out to God, You will hear from heaven, You will forgive our sin and You will heal our land. And so we told her, we said, we believe that God is giving a governmental anointing, a crown of authority to the righteous remnant here in Kenya that have been crying out so long for a breaking off of evil systems of corruption, and what that has done to the country. And then we said, we believe He is saying this, that “He will be a spirit of justice to the one who sits in judgment, that he will be a source of strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate.” Well, the next day, we do the next podcast. The next day, her husband, William Ruto, was declared the winner of the election. A clear winner by two or three percentage points. And his first comment, this is a miracle bend your knees. “I have been prayed into victory. We were working against the odds but I must confess, it is God.

Isn’t that an amazing thing for a president to say? That’s pretty amazing isn’t it? But I must say that it is God. They usually say, well finally I did so well, I did so great, they all voted for me and that’s it, but he just gave the glory to God. And I believe God blessed that. But then the man who was the chairman of the electoral commission said, he said, I stand here today when he announced that the William Ruto hitlah, despite intimidation and harassment, I took an oath of office to serve this country, and I have done my duty in accordance to the Constitution and the laws of land. And the old powers of corruption, he said, have come with great intimidation, great threats, if he would give the true result of the election. That this Christian boy who sold chickens when he was young from a little roadside stand, was now the first one outside of the ruling class in Kenya to come into the presidency. He led worship in university and was not just a slight believer, he’s a strong believer in the Lord. But then the next day, they announced the opposition that they were going to the Supreme Court. So everything got put on hold for several days, and then I knew why the Lord – if we could get the next photo up here Nathan, huh,

And then I knew why the Lord had given me this verse to give to her before the election, “I will be a spirit of justice to the one who sits in judgment”.

So it went to the Supreme Court, and there is a history of corruption in the Supreme Court, and so everybody didn’t know what would happen. They thought it could be overturned in a corrupt way. And indeed, the Supreme Court justice later testified that she went through a lot of intimidation. She went through a lot of harassment. But she and the entire Supreme Court, all seven, said, we must stand for the truth. We’ve examined every bit of evidence. We’ve examined every argument. We’ve taken days and days to listen to everything they could present to us. And we all are in unanimous agreement that William Ruto won this election fair. Hallelujah.

So there’s his legal team right outside the courtroom. They fall on their knees and raise their hands and start praising God. It’s just incredible, it’s just amazing what God is doing there. Huh, so the next one. And after, you know, this was declared the same day that they announced the inauguration to our great surprise.

They contacted us and asked if we with like to come as a guest of the state to the inauguration.

We were just some people that prayed that and have a little outreach in Jerusalem. Why are we being invited to the inauguration? And when we got there, they actually seated us with the families. So we were like four rows in the very front row in a 60,000 seat stadium, and their family was saying, Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.

Well, inauguration was going on, and when they declared and installed him officially, they blew a shofar, right in the inauguration, they blew a shofar, it was like incredible.

It was like the feast of trumpets yesterday, the Lord is the king, the Lord is the king of kings, the Lord of Lord the president of presidents the prime minister of prime ministers. And he is above them all.

And so they then invited us to the state house that month to our great surprise. So he had a small group of us there were about eight people, and the others were African leaders. And he took us into room. We thought, he’s got to be so tired. This will just be a formality to say thanks for your prayers. Goodbye. Good night.

And instead, he just opened up his heart how much he needed prayer and how much he wanted prayer and wanted prophetic word from the Lord. And so he asked a couple of us if we would pray and prophesy over him.

And when he asked me I had brought along a flag of Jerusalem. How many of you know what is on the flag of Jerusalem? The Lion of Judah (laughs). So we used this flag, I said, “Mr President I brought this as a gift to you. It’s the flag of Jerusalem and we believe you will connect very strongly with Jerusalem. But, I said, I believe the Lord has a perfect word for you, I believe the Lord says that you can do a great job as a president. You can put some Christians into some places of influence and power and that when you’re with your tenure ten years, they have two five year terms there, when you’re done with your tenure, ten years your term, the old could pop up again because the roots have not been cut off.

And we believe the Lord is saying that like the lion of Judah, you are to arise and tear apart systems of evil and corruption in this land, to have a boldness not just to stand up, but to tear apart. He will give you wisdom, he will give you understanding. Like Solomon, cry out for wisdom, and God will appear to you during the night. If you will take this time of your inauguration to cry out to God for wisdom, he will visit you in the night and he will give you wisdom and understanding, and he will show you how to tear apart how to tear apart those evil systems so that they can not just resurface after you’ve finished your time as president.

He’s not just after a president who loves Him and loves righteousness and justice. He’s after a president that will obey Him and be bold enough to uproot, bold enough to tear apart systems evil so they cannot just resurface after your ten years. So things like the Supreme Court decision, the rejection of the liberal constitution in Chile, elections in the UK and Italy, of prime ministers for biblical values on moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

Actually, the lady who won in Italy last night spoke at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast. Albert sent me a video of her taking a very strong stand, which she was in the middle of election. It was not a politically correct thing to do, and she took a very strong stand. Thank you, Lord.

Father, we dare to believe you for breakthroughs breakthroughs in exposing corruption in places of corruption like in Gaza. Lord, where a few evil rulers keep so many people in such slavery and bondage. Would you have mercy upon them, have mercy upon the people in Gaza.

And only you can do it. But Lord, raise up that little remnant of intercessors in Gaza . Give them strength, be a spirit of justice to them, be a spirit of strength to them, as they just confess the sins of their rulers, of their leaders, oh Lord, may you deliver them from evil corrupt rulers. In Your great mercies, in Your great compassion, oh Lord, for those people. Would you arise there Lord, would you arise in Ramallah.

We don’t know how, but we know you are almighty, Lord, and we thank you that you will accomplish everything You have spoken over this region. This region belongs to you. This land of Israel belongs to you. And we thank you Lord that you will establish the borders according to Your word and Your ways and at the same time, you will send a great blessing upon all the peoples of the Middle East.

Thank you Lord that You honor the sons of Ishmael that you our going to just send a tsunami of glory and harvest all hearts will be changed and in a moment and we will just see such great things at this time of harvest across this region. Thank you Lord, that you will bring forth sheep nations. There will be many sheep nations when you come, not just a few. And no nation is hopeless. As we break every instance of dismay off. We believe that China will be become a sheep nation, oh Lord, we believe Lord, we thank you Lord.

We proclaim covenant that nations in this room Lord we cry out for mercy on behalf of our nations before You. Raise up a movement of Second Chronicles 7:14 in our nations Lord, in Your great mercy wake up Your sleeping church oh Lord, wake up Your church Your sleeping church oh Lord, weeping, let them weep at the porch at the altar. Let them cry out for mercy oh God.

In the nations that are represented and Lord we pray that for our nation here in Israel. God, we thank you for what you have done. We thank you for what you are doing, O Lord. Now the next slide. This is the fourth and last point. I want to just share briefly my vision about releasing breakthrough in Israel for the opening of spiritual eyes.

And many of you are aware – there are different amazing things going on in the land. One of the things going on the land is a prophetic prayer movement a prophetic prayer group that is called Welcoming the Kingdom Glory.

And there is a group of Jewish pastors and Arab pastors and a couple of students that are in the International School that are meeting here, that meet together once a month just to worship and pray, wait on the Lord and listen, what is God saying to us together as Jews and Arabs and some internationals.

And in this group, the Lord spoke very strongly to some of the real messianic elders in the land that you would know, like Reuben and Benjamin Berger and Avi Mizrahi and Eitan Shishkov and others.

There was a gathering held in Christ Church of many of the Messianic leaders who came and just wept before the Lord to confess the sins of Israel before the Lord. And that’s the wonderful thing. There is a righteous remnant in the land now.

Praise God for all that come from the nations. But there is a group in this land of intercessors who are citizens of the land, are residents of the land, long term residents who have humbled themselves, prayed, sat, turned from their wicked ways, confessing the sins of the nation before the Lord. And I believe all it takes is a small group.

It doesn’t take a big group. He doesn’t say if the heads of political parties. He said, if my people, if my people will call my name, will humble themselves first as they turn from their wicked ways. Just like we heard tonight about Kenya. Then I will hear from them, forgive their sin and heal their land.
And so I’d like to share one last vision that came during one of the recent gatherings of this group of pastors and leaders and ministry representatives about, I think it was about two months ago, it was in July, and they were here in Jerusalem worshiping and praying.

And as we were praying together, calling out the Lord for mercy on this land, I saw a vision in which we were here in Jerusalem, and I saw a stone, a flat stone, and there was a lamp lying on that stone. It’s negative and kind. It was bleeding. And that was obviously the stone where Isaac, Abraham was prepared to offer Isaac, which is probably the stones in the dome of the Rock. Plus – When we first moved here to Jerusalem 23 years ago, you could go in there. We went into the mosque and he actually – if you gave a good tip you could go down see the stone. There was this flat threshing stone, talked about in the Bible that David bought.

And I saw this flat stone, and I saw the rap line on it, which is of course Yeshua. And then I saw God just took him like this, and it was like he was a pitcher full of blood. And he just began to take him. And he poured the blood of Jesus the blood of Yeshua, around the Old City. And we were praying in the Old City. At that time it was looking like a full out war because it could break out within the next few days, at that time.

And missiles were coming in for a few days at that time and just before this missiles were starting. But I took a walk to pray protection around the Old City of Jerusalem that Satan could not do what he wanted to do there, And then he took Yeshua, this lamp, and he poured the blood on the northern border, the eastern border, the southern border.

But when he got to the sea coast, he went one time off the sea coast and then a second time back, because there needed to be a double protection of the blood of Jesus, of the blood of Yeshua over the sea coast. And I believe that’s partially because of certain evil things happening along the sea coast, that’s partially because of threats that could be coming out of the waters, only God knows. I just have to report what I see. I don’t have to figure it all out.

But there was a double pouring of the blood protection along the sea coast of Israel. And then in the vision, He took the lamb and He held it in the air and as He was in the air He was making a movement and people were blind, they had scales over their eyes but they could hear a sound, it began to look like a blind person that’s trying to look toward where the sound is, even though they can’t see. And these blinded people with scales on their eyes were just looking up they knew some man was there.

And then He just began to sprinkle the blood of the lamb over them all. And as he did this, I saw in one big group of people there would be one person and the scales would come off their eyes and they would fall to the ground and they would just start weeping before the Lord and repenting and giving their life to Yeshua.

They were both Jewish and Arab and it is all going to be like one in a while big group of people. But then a little bit of time went on. It was a second person and then the third person in every group, their friends began. The scales began to come off. But like, he chose one in each group to sovereignly kind of open their eyes.

And then it began to come. Others began to have their eyes opened. And it reminded us of our son in law’s mother, Dalia Rosenfeld. When she came to the Lord, she was a second generation Israeli when she came to the Lord. I mean, Israeli living in the land. Jewish all the way back as far as living in the land. And she said that when she realized that Jesus Yeshua was the Messiah. She said, I had to wear sunglasses for two weeks because my eyes got so bad. I was weeping and weeping and weeping.

She said, Two weeks of weeping, repentance. Now, that’s a real salvation. You hear what I’m saying? It’s not a light little saying yes. And then next day saying no. It was a real deep repentance. In fact, she painted that painting that’s over there on the wall and it says “They shall look upon the one who they have pierced and mourn for as for an only son.”

And it was the reality of what she saw when she saw him. She said, “I just wept for two weeks.” But that’s what I saw in this vision, it wasn’t just white. And they fell to their knees and started weeping and weeping and it was the revelation of the lamb.

So can we stand together? We’ll just pray into this as we close this part and we’re going in to some worship and you’re free to go whenever you need to go. And like I said, we could pray all night, over each one of these parts. But I just wanted to release some vision parts tonight.

Thank you Lord. Lord, we do believe this is the year for breakthrough, for greater numbers. Thank you for all those who already have the scales come off with their eyes. Thank you for those who who have already found the grace of repentance as you reveal your goodness to them that leads to repentance and they have come to know you and have had their eyes open to look upon you, Lamb of God.

And we just agree with your word tonight. There is no other name given under heaven by which may be saved. But the name of Jesus the name of Yeshua.

This video and transcript originally appeared on Succat Hallel, October 13, 2022, and reposted with permission.