A reconciliation long overdue

This morning I awoke from a dream and wrote this letter to a person who was a dear friend with whom I had a falling out. Thank G-d for reconciliation and restoration!

Here is what I sent my friend:

The L-rd has been speaking to me about the way I’ve reacted to you in the past. So I would like to apologize for putting up a wall of ice, which instead of being a protection, has only proven to be a detrimental delay.

I am truly sorry for the way I’ve treated you. Please forgive me.

Blessings in Yeshua’s love,


By the way, my back had been hurting recently but right after I sent you this apology, I felt a heavy weight lift off from my back and the pain is gone!  


I was walking out of the war zone. Behind me missiles were slamming into the ground, shaking the earth and exploding into flames. I could hear, see and feel it all. But I was walking away from it into an open field. There was a small crevice in the earth, a former riverbed that had gone mostly dry.

I seemed to be in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. Several Jewish families took me into their homes. But then I got quite sick and had to be hospitalized. As I recovered various families came around to help. One was very wealthy and took care of my expenses. One family was feeding me vegetables.

Then I was walking away from the same scene as at the beginning of my dream. The bombing had ceased and there was an eerie calm but I knew it was temporary. The earth was green and lush and when I reached the crevice, this time it was filled with flowing water springing up from the riverbed, flowing with refreshing, clear blue waters. I walked in the direction of the water flow, away from the war, grateful for a time of peace.

One of my host families wanted to prepare a final meal for I’d be leaving them soon. The father selected a huge slab of red beef to prepare for the meal.

And then I awoke, filled with gratitude from this dream.

My friend: I believe the L-rd is causing all of these “things” to surface now. He is getting ready to do something HUGE and reconciliation is His will. How incredible that G-d healed your back after sending this letter! G-d will honor our hearts to get right with people who have been hurt, especially for ministry leaders. For revival to come to us, we must be about reconciliation. It seems to me that we have begun – bless the L-rd! May your instant healing be a real witness to anyone who hears it!

Yes, the L-rd impressed this on my heart too while writing the apology! One day ministry leaders who are distanced from one another will be called by G-d in a very strong way to repent to one another. If they do, they will also see heavy burdens lifted from their backs. And if they don’t, they will walk in a dry riverbed and wonder why their prayers go unanswered. Praying in agreement with you for true repentance and reconciliation to blossom and fill this whole region with the fragrance of Messiah!