A slap in the face

A slap in the face
Israeli gymnast Artem Dolgopyat after winning a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics (Photo: screenshot)

On August 1, 2021, Israel’s wildest “sport” dream came true. After the millions of dollars which we’ve invested over the years sending our best sportsmen and women to the international Olympics, we won a second gold medal. (In 2004 Gal Friedman, windsurfer won the 1st gold medal in Athens). We waited 17 years for this.

One can see a clip from 2017 showing Artem Dolgopyat already working out with an amazing trainer preparing him for the future. When he returned to Israel from Montreal with a silver medal at the age of 20, his army comrades were very proud of him.

He “jumped through all of the hoops” but last week he’s hearing that he can’t marry in Israel. This is because children with a Jewish father aren’t considered Jewish. Sound absurd?

Menachem Begin was Prime Minister from 1977-83, and the Interior Ministry registered my two oldest sons as Jewish. (I’m non-Jewish married to a Jewish Israeli). PM Begin took out the Osirak Iraqi nuclear reactor among other amazing achievements.

It’s time to restore BIBLICAL TRUTH, justice and righteousness in our land. In EVERY WAY Israel needs to return to the Bible, and not base its laws on ancient Jewish traditions. We also need to return the Passover as the beginning of the true Jewish calendar, as is clear in the Bible.

Israel will continue to embrace all those with Jewish mothers, of course. During WW II one Jewish grandparent was enough to label a person Jewish.

As Messianics, we KNOW that Jewishness in the Bible comes through the father. One has only to open the first chapter of the New Testament and see the “Son of David’s” genealogy spelled out clearly. The genealogy in Luke 3 shows Messiah Yeshua’s genealogy on His mother’s side coming from Nathan.

Dear friends, especially LEADERS in the Body of Messiah in Israel, this is NOT a time to be silent.

Addition 2 days after writing the original article.

After I wrote the above article someone sent me this perfect cartoon for it. I’m sorry if you find it repugnant. I find the LAW stating that children from a Jewish father here in Israel aren’t considered Jewish extremely REPUGNANT since it’s not from the Bible & Israel, of all countries in the world should stand for the Bible, correct? Biblical marriage and against killing babies, in addition.

We must CONTEND for this somehow – not just lift lofty prayers in our little prayer meetings or congregations. I also have to say that I made myself vulnerable mentioning my oldest 2 sons in the previous email. To make it clear in case someone wishes to understand further, because Begin’s term ended in ’83 and my other 2 children were born in ’84 and ’85, they weren’t classified as Jewish. Hopefully Avigdor Lieberman who was 26 yrs old in 1984 or Ayelet Shaked who was 8 yrs old or even our prime minister who was 12 years old in that year will realize that in the MODERN HISTORY of Israel there was some sanity and this should bring everyone HOPE not only for our sportsman but for many families.

One of the Knesset members, BTW blames our recent serious outbreak of COVID-19 at least in part (also Muslims who had been abroad celebrating their holiday) to the 100,000 who gathered in Tel Aviv for the gay parade. He was scathed by some people, of course, for speaking out. I dare someone to write him a letter of encouragement.

When I wrote to 3 lawmakers in Jerusalem I added this sentence after the one about Yeshua’s genealogy: ” Look at the short list of King David’s ancestors in the book of Ruth (MEN!).”