A tipping point, and a moment of truth

The last few days have seen a flurry of legislation pass into law in the Knesset, Israel’s national parliament. The one which received the most press coverage was the so-called “Jewish Nation-State Bill” which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It included ho-hum provisions codifying the description of the flag which has flown over this country for the last 70 years but also some more dramatic clauses such as downgrading Arabic from an official state language to a language with “special status” while Hebrew was declared to be the one and only official language of the State.

This new law drew a tidal wave of denunciations from the usual suspects, including the European Union, anti-Israel NGOs and left wing academics around the world. But it also resulted in statements by many Jewish community leaders and organizations in North America and Europe, making it clear that they sharply disapproved and hoped the new law would be rescinded or at least amended.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about this new law and its potential impact, but I think it definitely has prophetic significance.

A corner has been turned, and the historic trajectory of this country has been altered.

Many things are going to change because of it, starting with the fact that the long-strained relations between Israel and the Jewish communities in the Western democracies, especially the US, might have just reached a breaking point. The political, social and last-but-not-least financial support of these Diaspora communities has been vitally important for Israel over the last 70 years. Losing their support, or even receiving it on a more nuanced and/or less consistent basis, would quickly lead to what almost any analyst would say qualified as a “crisis” for this country.

Which takes us to the oft-repeated legend (which might be true but probably isn’t) that the Chinese word for “crisis” combines the figures for “danger” and “opportunity.”

There certainly is an opportunity here, and frankly I think it’s a door being opened by God Himself.

If Israel is about to lose the support of Jewish Diaspora communities it has long depended on for many things, it means that Israel’s Christian supporters are about to become a lot more important to it.

This, again, has prophetic significance.

Because the State of Israel was, from the beginning, a project of the God of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ. For most of the country’s modern history, that has not been readily apparent, and there are many things going on in this country (e.g. the shockingly high number of abortions performed here every single day) that don’t reflect the will of God.

But nonetheless, this country is here as part of the ongoing work of the Kingdom, and if I’m right, one result of this “Jewish Nation-State” law is that an opportunity is presenting itself for the representatives of the Kingdom to fill the void that’s about to be formed by the withdrawal of support for Israel by the Jewish Diaspora.

So if you are a regular contributor to a Christian organization which provides financial or other forms of support to Israel, prayerfully consider increasing your contribution. If you are a member of a congregation which holds a regular prayer meeting for Israel, join that meeting. If your congregation isn’t yet holding such a meeting, go to your pastor and tell him you want to start one. If you haven’t already, make speaking up for Israel on social media, as well as the more old-fashioned venues like the “Letters to the Editor” section of your local newspaper and in letters and phone calls to your elected officials, a regular part of your routine.

But there’s something else I’d like to ask you to do.

If you are a leader of a Christian Zionist group which regularly comes to Israel and/or meets with Israeli officials, start speaking up about issues like abortion, the LGBT agenda (which is VERY MUCH on the march here) and Israel’s treatment of its own indigenous Believer communities, including Messianic Jews but also Arab Christians.

If you’re a leader of Israel’s Believer community, find your own voice on these issues and start speaking out. The Enemy has plans for this country and these people, and he is NOT shy about advancing those plans. We need to stop being so shy and meek about standing up to him. If the traditionally “progressive” and “liberal” Jewish Diaspora organizations, especially from the US, start being less involved in Israel, that opens a door for us too.

Brothers and sisters, we are living in VERY exciting times! With this Jewish-State law, many things which have defined Israel’s relationship with the Jewish Diaspora as well as the Christian churches which have long been held in a very precarious balance, have reached a tipping point. It’s a new season, with many new dangers as well as opportunities. My prayer for all of us is to have the wisdom, the courage, the vision and the humility to go through the doors God is opening, to confront the dangers, take advantage of the opportunities, and be highly effective instruments in the Hands of our Lord and King.