A word about the upcoming elections in Israel

Something to pray about:

48 years ago after needlepointing a pillow, I named it Vancouver Island but had no idea why. That pillow has graced every couch where I’ve lived from that time.  

Years later, while hosting a group of Christians from Vancouver Island in our Galilee home, a precious couple invited us to come and minister there. While praying about it later, the L-rd said the only way we’d ever go there is by invitation with all arrangements made. So we didn’t respond to their invitation.

A year later when this couple returned to our home, they extended an invitation to come and they’d arrange all the dates, transportation, housing, etc – a real blessing!

As we were buying our airline tickets this past spring, the L-rd told me at the end of our ministry journey on Vancouver Island, the world would change for the good and bad – Wow!

Shortly afterwards in April the Israeli elections took place but no coalition government was formed, so new elections needed to be held September 17, which is also the day our journey ends on Vancouver Island.

So I’ve held this in my heart since then and wondered what will happen…