A word for this season, thoughts of a dutch peasant

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will. – Rom. 12:2

How much of the habits and customs, do you think, did the Israelites pick up in the four hundred some years they were in Egypt? Is it possible they were enslaved to more than just the state of Egypt? Could it have been that they were enslaved to a wrong way of life, wrong habits, wrong language and wrong customs? Do you think that only the Egyptians were shocked and shaken by the ten plagues? Was God really only shaking Egypt, the world of that time, with those plagues? Was it a wake-up call for the people of Israel too?

Didn’t we slumber and sleep until now? Weren’t we being conformed to the ways of “Egypt”, with its dangerous habits, language and customs? When Israel had left Egypt they were told not to go back there. They were told not to want to be like the world. They were told to be separated. They dressed different, ate different, spoke different and worshipped different.

It took 40 long years to lose Egypt from within them. 40 long hard years of suffering. Have you ever found life as a believer to be boring? If so, just think of waking up for 40 years and find Manna on your doorstep, not to mention the sand it was laying on.

If today you want to know what the latest trends are in fashion, hairstyle or music, go and have a look in your local congregation. The best tattoos you will find there too. Is it wrong to dress nicely? Is it bad to sing a catchy song? No, not at all, but why do we need to look and sound like the world? Paul calls us to transform. Transform to what? To the image of the Messiah. We so want to be liked by everyone. We so want to be “normal” we hate to stand out, or stand apart. But that is exactly where God has called you to stand. Apart, to stand different, to stand radiant, as the light of Jeshua to show the way out of Egypt.

Today’s crisis is heralding in a new era. Truly the world will never go back to its old self again. And the bible tells us more crisis are on the way. Should we be afraid? Should we start hoarding food and supplies and make that our daily concern? No dear brothers and sisters. Start hoarding the Lord! Start making Him your priority! Focus only on Him. You are not to be a citizen of the world anymore! Get out of her! Why her? Because it is a prostitute! Babylon!

Please take heed of this warning. Get your spiritual house in order. Stop eating “chometz” (leaven) now! Come and eat the daily heavenly Manna. The bread of Life. Worship Him with song and dance and love and life. And your days will be prolonged, and none of the deceases of Egypt will touch you! Chag Sameach, have a blessed Passover!