Abraham had three wives

When we read the stories of the patriarchs, we have to ask what the purpose of God was behind all the events, even those that may seem strange. My understanding is that God sent Abraham back to the land of Canaan to “restart” the original plan from the garden of Eden. (Genesis 12:1-4)

Through Abraham’s first wife, Sarah, was born Isaac, to whom was given both the promised seed of the Messiah Savior, but also ownership rights of the land. (Genesis 18, 21)

Through Abraham’s second wife, Hagar, Ishmael was born, who was blessed and circumcised into the family covenant even before Isaac was born. Through Hagar a family and covenant connection was made with the people of Egypt (Mizraim) and through them to all the sons of Cush and Ham, living in Africa. (Genesis 10:6)

After Sarah died, Abraham married Keturah. The sons of Keturah were sent northward and eastward, and joined in with the sons of Ashur (Assyria). This established a family covenant connection spreading out into Europe and Asia. (Genesis 25:1, 3, 6)

God promised Abraham to be a blessing to all nations, to take possession of planet earth, to be a father of many nations, and to bring the savior of the world. (Genesis 12, 22, Isaiah 19:23-25, Romans 4)

The sons of Ishmael and the sons of Keturah were not a mistake. They were part of God’s predestined plan to restore planet earth and extend the family of God through covenant with father Abraham.

This article originally appeared on Revive Israel, August 1, 2018, and reposted with permission.