Ahavat Yeshua Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Happy Birthday, Ahavat Yeshua!

On Saturday, June 18, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of our congregation, Ahavat Yeshua. The meeting was wonderful and festive in every way. The hall was filled with people, the anointing of God was very present in the worship and the word, and the fellowship and love shared between the many brothers and sisters was a testimony of the mighty work that God has done over the past decade.

The ten years have flown by quickly and by God’s grace and lots of hard work, these ten years have also brought forth significant fruit in the city of the King!

There have been challenges, a few defeats, but overall we have experienced great success and as we look back, we are filled with a deep sense of peace and contentment.

At the very first meeting in 2006, there were about fifteen people. Asher Intrater and I were the two senior leaders. We had worked together in Tel Aviv for 6 years and we understood very well that to raise up an end time work in Jerusalem would not be easy but we also were confident that by God’s faithfulness and in his grace, we would succeed. The first congregation to exist in Jerusalem described in the Book of Acts, chapter 2 would be our model and the name “Ahavat Yeshua” meaning the love of Yeshua, would reflect our essence as a congregation that would be filled with his love and power. Today the small group of 15 has grown to fill our hall with about 150 people regularly.

In the beginning, the congregation was comprised of mostly young and single people. Many of them had been raised in the Lord and when we looked at them, we were excited to see the great potential in each one. We spent years meeting with them. We broke bread with them. We walked through difficulties and victories with them. We danced at their weddings and rejoiced as their young families grew. Many of these young people who started with us have grown into mature members of the congregation and we are deeply committed to passing the leadership into their hands. Today they have much of the responsibility for leading and managing the congregation. We have become the coaches and the desire in their hearts to serve is bearing fruit.

For this we are grateful and in this we give glory to God who is building His house in Jerusalem in this day.

Another wonderful work of the Lord over these first ten years has been to provide a home for us. In the early years we met in four different buildings. Although each one was a good place, different circumstances forced us to move each time. And then it happened! In a direct answer to prayer, we were approached by a ministry in Jerusalem to join with them in a new project. In one incredible day, we agreed to share with them the costs of the renovation of a new meeting hall that would become our home in the very heart of Jerusalem. Many of you were a part of this process as you donated funds to help us cover the costs. Today, we are in the middle of our second year in this location with room for 250 people and a beautiful children’s wing for our growing, younger population. We give God all the glory!


Over the years, we have endeavored to grow together as a family and to care one for another. This presented a great challenge in a multi cultural international community. This year we have started home groups and they are filling a great need for closer relationships among the members.

Jerusalem is very hard ground for the Gospel and our hearts yearn to see more salvations. To this end, we are fervently encouraging the release of the gifts of the Spirit. Yeshua healed the multitudes who came to Him and signs and wonders demonstrated the powerful presence of God and many were drawn to him. The same is true for today and we long to see those same wonders manifest in our congregation in the heart of Jerusalem.

God has promised that “All Israel will be saved” and we stand in faith that we will see that happen.

God has been so faithful to us these past ten years and we know this is just the beginning! He will continue to be faithful above and beyond what we can imagine or hope for! And as I often declare: “THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

To God be the glory, great things he has done.

This article originally appeared in Zion’s Glory Update, June 21, 2016, and reposted with permission.