Aliyah Return Center: Serving New Immigrants in Israel

In the city center of the small city of Tiberias, between the shops, bakeries, and cafes, hangs a sign which promotes a special location with a unique purpose – the Aliyah Return Center. Yes it is a guesthouse, open to tourists from all around the world, but it’s main existence is to provide loving hospitality to “new Israelis”. This guesthouse is run by supporters of Israel for Israel lovers and new immigrants who have returned to the Promised Land, who are in need of encouragement in their assimilation process.

The Aliyah Return Center (ARC) opened up and began operations in the fall of 2013, but for Dean Bye, director of Return Ministries from Canada, this project started many years earlier. And even before the vision was birthed in his own heart, it was foreseen by the prophet Isaiah the prophet, who spoke of the return of the Jewish people to Israel and how people from the nations would assist in this process:

“Behold, I will lift up My hand to the nations
And set up My standard to the peoples;
And they will bring your sons in their bosom,
And your daughters will be carried on their shoulders.”
(Isaiah 49:22)

“When we, Gentiles who come from Canada, who have received the calling to return God’s people to their own land, we wanted to give them more than a seat on an airplane or a bedroom on a ship. A verse in Jeremiah describes how God will return His people with all His heart and all His soul, so we wanted to prepare a place that can really help support the immigrants in their first steps here, ” says Dean Bye.

With the belief that these words of prophecy are being fulfilled right in our day, the Aliyah Return Center was established, with the help of Dean’s son in law & daughter Chaim & Deanna Malespin, and business partner Udi Nativ. After Chaim, also an Israeli oleh from the United States, finished his studies at the IDC in Herzliya, he moved up to Tiberias to manage the guesthouse with his small little family.

To accomplish this purpose the Aliyah Return Center operates in four major areas:

1. The Guest House: 7 newly renovated double guest rooms and two large suites. The guesthouse is advertised on several booking engines to encourage many visitors to stay at the ARC. This helps enable us to offer a free holiday stay for new Israelis.

For new immigrants (olim chadashim), we have a special application to coordinate a short term stay with us. And this is available during the first four years of their new life in Israel. As well, we have a courteous staff of volunteers, who are available to serve the visitors not only in technical matters but also in encouragement and love. Sometimes a listening ear is exactly the thing new Israelis need during the first couple years of being assimilated into their new homeland.

However, the guest house is open to any visitor, and the visitor’s payment for their stay helps cover some of the guest house’s expenses for the new immigrants.

Another means of being able to keep our doors open in loving hospitality, is through the generous support of lovers of Israel from around the world. We have a special membership program that in return for a specific financial amount, a member can stay at the ARC for one week per year for a specific amount of time. And beyond that, the members can participate in being part of blessing the new olim in Israel one on one when they come stay at the Aliyah Return Center.

2. DESTINY-EXPERIENCE TRIP: For brave visitors who dare to take hold God’s promises literally for Israel’s full and complete borders, there is an opportunity to experience a heart-changing trip visiting sacred and historic sites (such as Elon Moreh, Shilo, Mount of Blessings etc.) in the Judea and Samaria, beyond the Green Line.

According to the staff, this trip, which is done of course in a prudent, cautious way considering the circumstances, is a trip that changes views and arouses in visitors a sense of belonging, confidence and faith in the power of God to fulfil His promise that he gave to Abraham (Genesis 12:7) – to give his descendants the Greater Israel!

This is an unforgettable experience of destiny!

3. “Taste and See” Meetings:

And I will bring again the captivity of my people of Israel, and they shall build the waste cities, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and drink the wine thereof; they shall also make gardens, and eat the fruit of them.” (Amos 4:14)

For groups staying at hotels in the Tiberias area, we can come to you and share with you through a “Taste and See” experience about the exciting verse above!  While tasting the best delicacies of the land – fine wines, dried fruits and nuts, the visitors get to hear about the fulfillment of the prophecies of God and His workings towards the renewed establishment of Israel.

4 Physical and Spiritual Support – There are other organizations and government agencies in the country that deal with with the many technical (and important) matters of immigration, such as handling permits, airfare, Ulpan (Hebrew classes). However, our focus at the Aliyah Return Center is to provide relationship and spiritual encouragement which is just as important. However, for those who have moved into the Tiberias area, we have assisted with finding housing and directing people to the different government offices in the city.

There is also a loving community in the Galilee area that meet together at the ARC for a weekly Aliyah Prayer Watch. This is in connection with the Poriya Congregation, who spiritually support the staff and team of the Aliyah Return Center. They pray for the return of Israel to Zion, for their integration in the country.

If you are interested in contributing to the work or visiting the guest house or receiving updates, please contact Chaim Malespin:,