AMERICA: “Endowed by their Creator”

“Do you think the fact that great men like the founding fathers of America believed in God is evidence for the existence of God?” – Anon

What that fact does prove is that those great and brave men believed sufficiently in that guiding principle that they would stake everything – their very lives, liberty, property – on an ideal to face a long war of impossible odds which would overturn the monarchies of Europe, and set in motion  a new system of freedom that would roll out historically unlike the oppressive Quranic Islamic regimes or the Hindu world of poverty and castes, or the materialist/communist prisons or the endless primitive African pagan tribal conflicts to shape a new world of freedom and order based on essential principles from the Bible where even a Black could become president, women raised to high positions, and Jews like myself and others could eventually prosper in great freedoms. No, those Founders did not pluck from thin air the idea of a system of judges and police (shotrim v’shoftim) arranged in an ascending court system up to a supreme court based on justice and equality under Law with bribery forbidden, where even a king is held accountable to the Law. Nor did they invent such novel ideas as a seven-day week and the universal day of rest, or the statute of limitations or punishment equalling the crime or a minimum of two or three witnesses to convict, and the difference between capitol crime and misdemeanour, where oaths in court are sworn by the supremacy of God, all and more pre-existent to them by millennia in the Judeo-Christian Bible that came forth from Jerusalem.

What that fact might furthermore prove with America’s proud cities now filled with homeless camps and fear, drugs, crime, violence and mass murders, its discontented and disoriented population filled with depression and anti-depressants, its government now filled with chaos and acrimony and corruption, and its children now filled with gender confusion and Smartphones filling them with porn and pointlessness, is that the amazing power of Godly belief is being eroded and driven out of that great nation of those wise Founders, along with the Ten Commandments monuments, prayer, and God Himself. But as those Founders of America apparently found sufficient evidence for the existence of God, so have I in my own time. As far as the above query, I believe it goes beyond mere “evidence or proof” to where one must now decide for oneself, come what may.

“And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.”

May He have mercy in judgement.

Elhanan ben-Avraham