American Messianic Jewish Group Formed to Lobby for ‘One-State Solution’

For as long as there has been an Israeli-Palestinian conflict there have been diplomatic attempts to resolve it; the most well-known plan being the “Two-State Solution”. This plan involves establishing a Palestinian State in the areas Israel conquered from Jordan and Egypt in the 1967 Six-Day War, namely Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

From 1974, the “Two-State Solution” has become a buzzword propagated and promoted by the UN, countries and entities that have been sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. Much has been discussed, including partitions, land allocation and redrawing of borders. In light of failed negotiations over the years, objections to the Two-State Solution have come from many voices and for various reasons.

Recently there has been more discussion of a One-State Solution, and the newest proponents of this single-state concept come from none other than American Messianic Jews. Headed up by Alliance for Israel Advocacy (AIA) executive director, Paul Liberman, this Messianic Jewish group is taking a different approach. Their slogan is simple: Biblical Advocacy for Israel.

They have opened an office in Washington, D.C., and are lobbying to support Israel doing away with the popular, decade-long endorsement the Republicans and Democrats have held for the Two-State Solution. They advocate for Israel using Scriptures and prophecies from the Hebrew Scriptures. In speaking with WND, Liberman said, “Israel is forced into defensive arguments saying, ‘Leave us alone, we’re not harming anybody, it’s OK,’ and amazingly over all these decades we have not been using the biggest club in the bag, which is the Scriptures.”

In direct contrast with the stance of the World Council of Churches and other mainstream Christian denominations that promote the Palestinian Liberation theology’s Kairos Palestine Document or the Church of Scotland’s Inheritance of Abraham?, this lobby argues using Scripture to prove that the Jewish people have indeed been regathered to their ancient homeland according to Biblical prophecy. The accurate historical record that the Bible provides is backed up with past and recent archaeological discoveries and proves the inerrancy of scripture.

Liberman said this new lobbying arm of the Messianic Jewish movement will direct Congress to use the Bible as the foundational document for Israel’s right to exist.
In addition to lobbying for a One-State solution, the AIA will also combat anti-Semitism and the BDS movement that has been adopted by many church denominations, who believe that God has replaced the nation of Israel with the Church as His promises and covenant people.

As a Messianic and a man familiar with politics and government, Liberman is quite clear that with regard to the nation of Israel, the other nations have a role in the Scriptures too. There is much work to be done and Jews and non-Jews have to work together to do this. In recent years, many liberal church denominations have adopted the anti-Zionism BDS doctrine that also calls for the land of Israel, especially the capital city, Jerusalem to be divided. Liberman feels that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitic at its core, and along with Replacement Theology, are philosophies diametrically opposed to the Bible.

The AIA under Liberman’s leadership is combatting confusion that has crept into churches. Even though many do support Israel, they don’t understand the Biblical reasons for it. Liberman said in his interview with WND, “So it would be good if we could influence public opinion and say, listen, the Bible is pertinent, the Bible is a historical predictor, so why wouldn’t we want to get behind this steamroller rather than be steamrolled by it? Let’s not go against the Bible. We need to stand with it, and to introduce that idea and we think there will be a lot of people who would help us.”

AIA’s inaugural event will be a symposium May 10 on Capitol Hill. With the help of experienced lobbyist Terry Allen, AIA will call for a Scripture-based, “One-State Solution” to bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.