An Evangelical Response to Evangelical Anti-Zionism

There are many who feel that Evangelical anti-Zionism is gaining momentum.

Perry Trotter, a Christian from New Zealand, argues the case for Biblical Zionism in a 7-part video series that he recorded in Jerusalem in May 2015. He says that Biblical Zionism is not a naïve unquestioning, uncritical support for the State of Israel, nor is it anti-Palestinian. He feels that Christians who attack Zionism while claiming no ill will toward the Jews are deceiving themselves; as to malign Israel is to malign the Jews. His stance against Replacement Theology leads him to say that Christian anti-Zionism is a rather thuggish, unveiled yet sophisticated anti-Semitism. In the 2nd clip in the series, the New Zealander quotes Albert Petiers, “God willed that after the institution of the New Covenant there should no longer be any Jewish people in the world – yet here they are! That is a fact – a very sad fact, brought about by their wicked rebellion against God…” Trotter quotes founder of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem, Naim Ateek, “When confronted with a difficult passage in the Bible or with a perplexing contemporary event, one needs to ask such simple questions as: Does this fit the picture I have of God that Jesus has revealed to me? If it does, then that passage is valid and authoritative. If not, then I cannot accept its validity or authority.” Trotter compares this to early Church Father Marcian of Sinope who too discounted passages of scripture that he found disagreeable especially pertaining to Jews and the land of Israel.

The well-spoken Kiwi is quite clear that this anti-Zionism is not new and he quotes other well-known theologians from earlier centuries and decades. Loraine Boettner disparagingly said, “It is generally agreed that if the prophecies are taken literally, they do foretell a restoration of the nation of Israel in the land of Palestine with the Jews having a prominent place in that kingdom and ruling over the other nations.”

Trotter maintains that this sentiment is evident in today’s Evangelical world and challenges Evangelical anti-Zionists who claim that the Bible has authority, but then effectively deny a plain reading of the text when it comes to the prophecies concerning the land of Israel and the nation of Jews.

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