An Invisible Enemy

Like a stealthy beast the coronavirus walks unseen through borders and stalks the streets undetected as a dark phantom seeking whom it may devour. It is neither racist nor sexist nor homophobic nor in the least biased politically or religiously, but an advocate of equal opportunity for all.

But there are other invisible enemies out there as contagious and even more lethal. Like a lion hunting in the dark jungle, this deadly virus comes to rob, steal and destroy whoever it can. It will divide old friends, families, congregations, neighbors and nations. It is invisible and insipid, crafty and pervasive, and known by many names: Lies, Hatred, Pride, Deceit, Lawlessness and the Satan. Whether appearing as a Hitler or a perfumed strumpet, a demon or an angel of light, it will destroy every good thing in its path, if allowed.

This invisible Enemy in an invisible war cannot be destroyed with fighter planes or artillery, cannot be stopped with bayonets or restrained at checkpoints. It is only by vaccination of its very antithesis: Truth and its invisible but palpable offspring of Love and Forgiveness and Wisdom, that can stay the deadly plague of the common Enemy of one and all.

“What is truth?” the representative of the great world power of the time mockingly asked the Jew Yeshua on that pivotal day of world history. That Jew, arrested and bound in Jerusalem, had replied, only hours before his execution, “I have come to bear witness of the Truth. Every one that is of the Truth hears my voice.”

“Today if you will hear his voice, harden not your hearts” (Psa. 95:7). May we then seek well to hear that Voice to immunize us all against the invisible Enemy and plague of darkness that would cover and consume the Earth, that we may indeed stand strong to “strengthen the things that remain, that were about to die.”