An Open Letter: A Challenge for All Christian Leaders to Take an Esther Moment

Dear Christian Leaders:

If you’re familiar with Romans 11, you already know that you have reaped the benefit of the collective rejection of the Messiah by the Jewish people. You are enjoying a personal relationship with the God of Israel as well as the knowledge that you have secured your eternity in heaven, all because the offer of salvation was made to you in our stead.

Many of you dearly love and support Israel, as you should, knowing just how important this land and her people are, but many of you do so because you also know that Israel’s end time role is vital to the nations and as events unfold here, they will greatly affect your own destinies.

Among you are prominent, world-renown men and women who bring massive tours on an annual basis to Israel. There are those of you who frequently appear on television and podcasts or whose words appear in newspaper print or on the Internet. Many of you have successfully garnered large and faithful followers of Christians and others who listen closely to whatever you have to say. In short, you have been granted an audience during a pivotal time in history. The question is – what will you do with that privilege?

It’s possible that some of you may not be aware that Jews who have accepted the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, known to you as Jesus have, for years, been discriminated and prevented from freely returning to their ancestral homeland. Unthinkable, right? Individuals who were born Jewish and have even lived within the framework of that lifestyle have been told that the moment that they accept Yeshua as their Messiah, they cease to remain Jewish. They are told that belief in Yeshua is tantamount to converting to another religion, thereby effectively wiping out their ethnic heritage and culture – not to mention their birthright.

Consequently, any Jewish believers or Messianic Jews, as they are frequently called, must carefully and meticulously hide their beliefs from the Interior Ministry which is mostly overseen by Orthodox religious zealots who believe that it is their duty to weed out these undesirables from being able to share in their God-given inheritance, alongside their people. So far, their efforts have worked. Hundreds, if not thousands of Messianic Jews have been stopped at the entry gates, unable to partake in the miraculous gift of the Promised Land, as a punishment for acknowledging the Messiah of Israel and making the choice to call Him their Lord and Savior, just as you have.

Not long ago, a survey was conducted to try to determine just how many American evangelical Christians would be entitled to Israeli citizenship under the Secular Law of Return which states that anyone with at least one Jewish grandparent is eligible. Results showed that there were over one million individuals who met those requirements. Yet, those very same people would not succeed in obtaining citizenship due to the fact that, at the moment, Israel is not permitting anyone who cannot prove that they are a practicing Jew, meaning that they must provide a letter from a local rabbi stating that they are a Jew in good standing – a member of their neighborhood synagogue and participant in the Jewish community. Of course, evangelical Christians who possess the blood of Jewish grandparents cannot provide such a letter, because, in their case, it is not relevant. Nonetheless, the Israeli Secular Law of Return assures them entrance and rights into a homeland that, for now, remains unwelcoming to them.

But putting those individuals aside, there are others who are the offspring of two Jewish parents. Their blood ties are not distant, but if they are found to believe in Yeshua, they are unable to be counted as members of their tribe.

As mentioned before, you have an audience as did Queen Esther. At a time in history when her people stood to be annihilated, she became the sole voice to save them through her privilege of being granted an audience before the king. Fully knowing the cost of such a daring and audacious act, she, nonetheless, chose to place herself at personal risk for the well-being of her ethnic and spiritual family. She surely knew what falling out this could bring to her as she enjoyed all the perks of a pampered and luxurious lifestyle, but none of that was enough to stop her from doing what she knew in her heart was the only moral and godly thing to do.

2020 is a year which has brought anarchy, violence, lawlessness, blatant anti-Semitism and a host of so many other frightening and terrorizing events, that each day we are shocked anew by what we are seeing and hearing. Consequently, individuals who never previously considered leaving their country of birth to move to safer shores have begun to seriously ponder immigration to Israel if they are fortunate enough to meet the requirements to do so.

As prominent Christian leaders who have a voice with the government of Israel and her leaders, this is the time to take an “Esther Moment” and challenge our country to open her doors to those who justly possess the birthright to join their people in the Jewish homeland. Your strong endorsement of such a move could turn the tide for so many Jewish believers who feel trapped in their present countries, knowing that they will not be accepted to the land which they have always believed would happily welcome them if another sweeping wave of anti-Semitism would rear its head.

Just as Mordechai warned Esther, his niece, “Don’t suppose that because you are in the palace, you will escape any more than the other Jewish people.” You, too are in the palace. The palace is your coveted place among Israeli leaders who value your love and commitment to Israel. If you choose to remain silent and indifferent to the plight of your Jewish brothers and sisters in the faith, how do you think that will work out for you since it is God, Himself who has placed you in your particular position of prominence and influence?

Will you take the challenge of an “Esther Moment” and be willing to forfeit your good name, position and built up credit for the sake of doing the godly and moral thing of helping Jewish believers return to their homeland? Will God have to raise up salvation through other means, or is He able to count on you?

The Israel Allies Foundation just recently published a list of the Top 50 Christian Allies. If those of you on that list would take a united stand against this terrible injustice which is taking place at the worst time in history, you can accomplish possibly the most important task of your life, by playing a role in biblical prophecy which promises the ingathering of all the Jewish people to their homeland. “I will bring them home to this land that I gave to their ancestors, and they will possess it again. I, the Lord have spoken!” (Jeremiah 30:3 New Living Translation) but if you are just a regular Christian with no particular prominence reading this open letter, you, too, can play a role in making it possible for all of our people to come home. Write to the Israeli Knesset and express your objection to them about the status quo. Their email is: and