An overview of Lebanon from a Lebanese Christian


Paul Calvert spoke with Natalie, a Christian from Lebanon, about the religious make-up of the nation; the refugee crisis and what Christians believe God is doing there.

Paul: What is Lebanon like?

Natalie: Lebanon is very diverse. Someone said that, “You have the world in London. You also have the world in Lebanon.”

You have a lot of different religious denominations. You have a lot of expats in Lebanon. It’s a very diverse country. Almost half of it is Christian and the other half is Muslim. The Government is also divided between the two.

We have over 1,800,000 refugees from Syria. We also have a lot of different other communities in Lebanon. You have the Armenians who have been there for a long time. You have 500,000 Palestinians and also Iraqi refugees. It’s a melting pot and it’s a small country.

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