Another Prayer Mission – Jerusalem Under Spiritual Attack Again

Ask for the Shalom of Jerusalem – Psalm 122:6

In the above verse we are commanded to ask God for the Shalom of Jerusalem. Most translations incorrectly interpret the verse to say Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. Therefore, multitudes of people are praying for peace in the Holy city. However we see it differently. One of the descriptive names of Yeshua in Isaiah 9:6 is Sar Shalom in Hebrew, or Prince of Peace. We believe that there can be no true shalom or peace in Jerusalem until Sar Shalom returns to rule the world from the Throne of David in the rebuilt Temple in the heart of Jerusalem.

What we seen taking place in Israel today is YHVH fulfilling the prophecies concerning His land and His people in preparation for Heaven to release Yeshua to return to Jerusalem (Acts 3:21). The process is moving along and accelerating, however the Devil has not given up on his desire to usurp the place of Yeshua in the city of Jerusalem. Just a few months ago we saw the absolutely demonic Tomorrowland event held in Jerusalem. Now it seems he is planning another attempt to maintain his presence in the city that the Creator of the Universe has reserved for His Name (2 Chronicles 7:12, 16).

We are receiving reports that there is a multi-faith prayer event to be held in Jerusalem during September. Of course we are always in favour of prayer, however we believe that all prayer must be directed to the God of Israel in the Name of His Son Yeshua. However the prayer meeting planned for Jerusalem is for all 3 monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Judaism and Islam do not acknowledge Yeshua as the Son of YHVH, and Islam does not worship the God of Israel. That means that they wont be praying in the name of Yeshua, as Jews and Muslims are offended by the Name above all Names. The director of this event has stated that“holiness is the source of divisiveness, exclusion, and hatred;”. The event is being called Mekudeshet (English = betrothed) and will take place in various locations in Jerusalem from the 4th to the 23rd of this month.

It is being rumoured that the Pope will be participating, which should not come as a surprise, as this present Pope is a champion of multi-faith dialogue and humanism. One of the events is entitled “Seven Ways To Devolve Boundaries”, which tells me those participating in the event are against the borders that YHVH has set for Israel, and will be doing their utmost to push for the unBiblical ‘Two State Solution’ during their time in Israel. A number of well known people from the music and entertainment world are booked to appear at in this evil event and I shudder at the thought of what they plan to do while in Jerusalem.

The prayers of the saints brought the Tomorrowland event in Jerusalem to nothing (Psalm 33:10) and we believe that this Mekudeshet event can likewise impeded by the intervention and intercession of the Saints. Please take this call to prayer as seriously as you did for Tomorrowland and lets thank and praise the LORD for another victory.

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries, September 9, 2016, and reposted with permission.