Another Side of the Covid Vaccine Argument

Last week’s Kehila News lead story was entitled, “Messianic Leader Exposes Fake News on the Vaccine.”

While the title may be catchy and “hit” worthy, it is certainly premature to claim that “fake news” has been exposed, given that there is still so much we have yet to discover about the origins of this virus as well as the treatment, susceptibility, long-term effects and so much more. For each doctor who confidently declares the efficacy and safety of the Covid vaccine, there are an equal amount of doctors who have confidently come out and said that what has been developed by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson is neither a vaccine nor certain to stop the viral transmission. Many of those physicians have also warned of a resultant weakened immune system which could likely be the cause of auto-immune issues or other serious health complications, shortening one’s life.

What is sure is that it’s just too early to tell. What is not too early to tell is the exaggerated response of governments, leaders and even individuals who, although they know far less than doctors, in many cases, have engaged in heated arguments with family and close friends who disagree with them – all over a virus that remains a puzzling enigma to even the foremost leading experts in their field who have yet to tell us all the final details that everyone will ultimately agree are incontrovertible.

Another thing that’s not too early to tell is that life, as we know it, came to a halt in early 2020 and has yet to fully return to the routine which we all once enjoyed. As everything hermetically shut down, so did our freedoms. For most of us, grocery shopping and our one-hour exercise regimen became the highlight of our day. Unable to see friends and family, we turned into reclusive zombies wondering when we’d finally be able to resume life.

After nearly a year of that kind of extreme deprivation of loss of freedoms, it’s no wonder that so many individuals were more than enthusiastic to take a vaccine which promised the quick return to all the liberties once those two jabs were gotten, ultimately entitling you to a “green passport,” the coveted prize to freedom. After living as prisoners, most people would have done most anything to regain their lives, so it’s truly understandable why, at least here in Israel, 5.3 million citizens happily rolled up their sleeves to be among those who took part in Pfizer’s fact-finding mission in order to view the efficacy, safety and even long-term dangers of their hastily produced vaccine for which they, themselves, lacked much data. Those are the things we do know for sure.

So let’s explore last week’s “fake news” claims by Ron Cantor which he believes Avner Boskey was responsible for exposing in his article published by Israel Today. Boskey’s  original article begins by stating that “’news’ coming out of a small part of Israel’s Messianic community is filled with dire and apocalyptic predictions about the ‘true’ nature of the nation’s efforts to vaccinate as many Israelis as possible.” He then goes on to draw a connection to these individuals as he refers to “conspiracy theories and videos circling the globe which have been labeled as ‘diabolical, ‘evil,” and on par with the Nazi holocaust. “  Finally, he attempts to use both scripture, the arguments of well-respected thinkers of today and the positive response of the public at large in order to bolster his claim that to believe anything less than his own perception of this vaccine and the government’s altruistic efforts, is either fake news, worth exposing or the musings of a heretical segment of the body of believers in Israel who deserve public rebuke and disregard.

In reality, there is no way to know who is right. While it’s true that many shocking videos and warnings have circulated throughout the globe, it doesn’t necessarily make them wrong or misguided. A refresher glance at the book of Revelation, which many of us have felt an urgency to read at this time, sounds no less bizarre, shocking and the stuff of tin-hat conspiracy theories than anything we’ve heard over the last year.

Given that many of us believe we are rapidly approaching the end of days, as spoken of throughout the scriptures, nothing seems too much of a fantasy to believe, so while the writer makes every effort to discredit certain believers and distance them from the body at large, there is no way that he can accurately know if their predictions or contentions are correct at this juncture.

It’s worth noting that many Israeli non-believers are equally convinced that something nefarious is going on, and that it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that this virus was actually pre-planned in order to facilitate “The Great Reset,” which is the initiation of a one-world government which will essentially  be a huge power grab and attempt to fully control the activities and movements of every human being on the face of the earth, so why cite a few lone Messianic believers who are a bit skeptical and wary of government heavy-handedness which has already limited the activities and freedoms of those who have chosen to not be vaccinated?

Whether or not you are opposed to using Holocaust similarities and comparisons to other events, it’s undeniable that the loss of freedoms, during that time, was a precursor to much greater incursions into the lives of a certain segment of the population which was deemed less desirable, albeit for different reasons.

In terms of the argument employed by Boskey citing Israeli leaders who have “taken the vaccine” along with 80% of the adult population who has chosen to be vaccinated  as being undeniable proof that they can’t all be wrong, the question is – how many of those individuals have actually read the Pfizer agreement with Israel?  How many know that Pfizer, itself has planned to use the data turned over to it by Israel’s health providers in order to learn more about this new mRNA gene therapy which, unlike, conventional vaccines, does not provide immunity but rather teaches your body to respond in a way that your own natural immune system would not.

Covid vaccine proponents not only are convinced that this will bring an end to the scourge which we have been forced to endure over the last year, which is their right to believe, but, for some unknown reason, they do not want another side heard. In order to make sure it isn’t, they will do their utmost to discredit, cast ill repute or even disgrace on those who bring forth another position. While this is expected among unbelievers, it is neither an acceptable or godly way for the body of believers to act towards one another. In fact, the whole reason that many denominations and styles of worship exist is to accommodate diverse viewpoints and opinions, especially on subjects which are, at best, speculative and not settled or fully understood. Why should this be any different?

Is anyone out there 100% positive that these vaccines will not do any harm to the immune system? If so, where is the evidence to back up what will or will not happen as a result of a new therapy which has not even passed the threshold of a full year? Is anyone willing to risk their life on matters concerning a not yet fully understood virus or a treatment which is still very much in a trial stage? One thing is for sure – all of the vaccine companies were not willing to risk their life’s work and reputation on their own products as, from the very beginning, they sought full legal immunity which would protect them from being sued as a result of any serious adverse effects. If they were so sure of their products, why would they need that kind of insulation? It’s worth noting that governments administering the vaccine also enjoy immunity from legal actions against them. Those are troubling and curious signals which only further serve to fuel more questions and suspicions.

For those who are willing to ask common sense questions and take a wait and see attitude, the jury is still out – as they say. In short, the fake news claim is, in itself, fake news.  Everyone may want to hang on just a bit longer, because as the cliffhangers like to say… to be continued.