Another Sleepless Night: Experience from a Believing Soldier in the IDF


Another rainy night and I’m out doing my military thing – you know, doing my part in making Israel more safe.

I looked at the faces of my fellow soldiers who were standing with me out in the rain, it doesn’t bother any of us. If we wouldn’t be here for Israel, who else is gonna be here? It seems like so many people hate us. And why? Because they’re being misled by the media.

The other day a young Arab Muslim woman ran toward an IDF officer with an ax in her hand. She was so full of hate that she started to run toward him from a distance. Is that how she wanted to end up? Throw her life away, the dearest gift God gave her? I wish the news could be there and see it happen live, then see how they would cover this story.

I also wish I could speak to this woman before she did what she did.
Try to talk her out of this because she was probably hate-driven, not knowing that she lived in a lie her whole life. I wish I could hug her, tell her that yes, I’m an Israeli soldier, but I don’t hate her back – like her society told her.

Another time I saw a group of Arabs protesting against the “occupation” in Israel. They threw stones at me, they called to boycott Israel. I saw people from all kinds of ages with hate in their actions.

But wait,

You use our electricity, our water, you pass everyday the checkpoint to the Israeli side to work for Israelis, you get paid with Israeli money, but when TV comes to your village you protest and scream to boycott Israel, but do you really mean it? I don’t think so.