Anti-Semitism is Really Anti the God of Israel & Anti Messiah

Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed One. - Psalm 2:1-2

Just 70 years after the Nazi Holocaust resulted in the death of more that six million Jewish men, women, children and infants, the Hell-inspired spectre of what we call Anti-Semitism has now become a world-wide phenomenon. Over the last 40 years Israel has increasingly become the most hated nation on Earth. Most people who hate Israel say that they are only anti-Zionism and not anti-Jewish or anti-Israel, however the truth is you can’t separate Israel, Jewish or Zionism. They are all absolutely connected and are impossible to separate from each other, and impossible to separate from the God of Israel and His Son, Yeshua, the King of the Jews.

As ugly as anti-Semitism is, there is something even more sinister at the root of it. The truth is that to be anti-Israel, or anti-Jewish, or anti-Zionism is in reality to be anti the true God who describes Himself as the God of Israel. Most of the anti-Israel people would say that they are anti-Zionism because they see it as the reason behind the so-called illegal occupation of Arab land. Hopefully all of our readers know that the land they call “illegally occupied” by Israel was given by God to Abraham and his descendants in an eternal covenant promise. (Genesis 15:17-18, Psalm 105:6-11, Jeremiah 30:3) To oppose the Jewish people’s right to possess all of the Promised Land is nothing but rebellion against the God of Israel. That being the case, I would not want to be in the shoes of the anti-Israel people on Judgement Day, those claiming to be Christians included!  Some of the most rabid anti-Israel people down through the ages, and still today, were so deceived that they considered themselves to be serving the God of Israel.

The simple reality is that to hate Israel and/or the Jewish people is to hate God. If we truly love God, it makes sense that we would love the things that He loves, and the opposite is also true. What I really want to highlight in this comment is how much the world hates the Creator. Most of the people in the west don’t mind all of the other deities, but they hate the God of Israel, and they hate His commandments. To be anti-Israel, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, practicing immorality, adultery or idolatry of any kind, is rebellion against the God who created everything that exists, and gave us His instructions to live by in the Torah.

The current level of rebellion and hatred towards the One True God is difficult to comprehend. The western news media, music and movie people, and the politicians go out of their way to oppose God, and they influence millions of people to follow them.  Just in case there is anyone who thinks I am exaggerating, I present the evidence that inspired me to write this comment:

1. Check out the lyrics of the song that the band Eagles of Death Metal (their name says it all) were playing at the very moment the terror attack took place in France.


2. On the 19th of this month (April) the United Nations is sponsoring the building and erection of reproductions in New York & London of the arch that stood at the entrance to the Temple of Baal. Then they plan to do the same in 1000 other cities. It is important to note that April 19th is the first day of the 13 day demonic event called “the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast”, which ends on the occult festival of Betane on May 1st. In some countries, Betane is celebrated as May Day, which has been described as the Illuminati’s second most sacred day.  For more information click here.

No matter what you call it, this is direct rebellion against YHVH. He warns us very clearly in His Word that He will not be mocked and He takes idolatry of any kind very seriously. How much more so when it is such blatant worship of Satan. If this blasphemous travesty goes ahead in New York & London on the 19th, and then in other cities, the resulting Divine judgement could be catastrophic.

There is a petition against the arches being erected in London’s Trafalgar Square, but most of the Church is either unaware of not interested in what is going on with this celebration from Hell. This is spiritual warfare at an extremely high level. The Church needs to wake up and meet this attack head on. Most petitions are ignored, especially if they are Christian. The west is so rooted in its hatred of God, it will take supernatural intervention to stop them from worshipping Satan. Here is what should be happening: Churches in the areas where they plan to build the arches and celebrate the Beast need to get together as the Army of God and organise huge worship meetings as close as possible to where the other side is located. Hundreds of Shofars need to be blown, and banners declaring the that YHVH is the One True God need to be waved. The Name of Yeshua needs to be lifted up over these cities. That would have a dramatic effect in the realm of the spirit and the kingdom of darkness will suffer a major defeat.

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion, April 8, 2016.