Appointments in Jerusalem

Richard and Carolyn Hyde

Jerusalem is a providential place where coincidence rarely explains anything. It certainly did not seem in play on the day, in 2011, when Carolyn Hyde felt prompted to introduce herself to Marcia and me at a Jerusalem restaurant. In no time afterward,  we became friends of Carolyn and her husband, Richard, two of the most talented, tireless and gracious people we know.

As beneficial as our friendship with the Hydes has been to Marcia and me, it doesn’t seem all that exceptional by Jerusalem standards. That’s the way things seem to happen here. Virtually everyone we know in the land seems to have a fascinating story about his or her preordained connections to persons and places in Israel.

Lydia and Derek Prince, in their book, Appointment in Jerusalem, wrote one of the most inspiring accounts of God’s authorship of Israel’s predestination; his promise to bring the Jewish people and friends back to the land. Lydia’s quest started by seeking the answer to a simple but important question:

“I want to find out for myself if God is real—if there is some purpose in life more than just a career and salary.”

Her answers came accompanied by an amazing string of miracles resulting in her coming to live in Israel under immensely challenging circumstances; she became, as appointed, an important part of Israel’s restoration. The restoration is not an auxiliary issue. As Lydia’s husband, Derek, explains in his book, Promised Land:

The central theme of biblical prophecy, as it is being unfolded in our time, revolves around the land and the people of Israel. God is carrying out His predetermined plan to regather the Jewish people from their worldwide dispersion and restore them to their ancient homeland.

This, in the end, explains everything, including the amazing and providential work of Richard and Carolyn Hyde. At first, Marcia and I knew only about their wonderful music, but their talents and mission are much broader in scope.

A testimonial from the Hyde’s website:

…Richard and Carolyn came to Israel after the bold step of investing two years in Germany, obeying the Lord in an exceptional calling.  They went first to experience reconciliation in their own hearts, then to bring reconciliation between Jews and Germans.  As Messianic believers, their approach was to show the Jewishness of Jesus, enabling German people to identify with the Jews through the Savior they’ve associated with the Church.

What an amazing trail God has led them on.  First Texas, then Germany, now Israel is their home.  Here they are making a valuable contribution to the planting of Messianic faith.  We find ourselves at an historic turning point.  The harvest is ripening in Israeli society.  God is giving us unprecedented opportunities to make Yeshua known.  As the Master said “The harvest is great, but the laborers are few.”

The Hydes are such laborers. I want to thank you for assisting this family in any way you can, to continue laboring as part of Tents of Mercy.

For Israel’s salvation,

Eitan Shishkoff
Ohalei Rachamim, Tents of Mercy Congregation
Kiryat Yam, Israel

The Hyde’s work continues in Israel, the United States and Germany in increasing importance and impact. Don’t forget to visit their website to learn more about what they are doing and to sample some exceptionally good music.

This article originally appeared on, May 5, 2016, and reposted with permission.