650 Christian Businesspeople Arriving in Israel for the ARISE Summit

Arise Conference 2019

On December 4th, around 650 Christian business people from 50 countries will arrive in Israel to meet with Israeli entrepreneurs at the ARISE Summit. 

ARISE (the Alliance to Reinforce Israel’s Security and Economy), is hosting the summit to engage Christians who have a love and passion for Israel and are able to help Israeli businesses.

Calev Myers, the Founder and President of Arise, says that the framework for supporting Israel has changed for Christians from strictly humanitarian support to business partnership and investment. Israel has the capacity to be a “blessing to your business,” he tells Times of Israel.  “We have technology that can change your world, your city, your nation, your economy.”

The conference includes speakers, networking, and a Shark-Tank style competition for Israeli businesses with a $10,000 prize. Along with the conference, ARISE also hosts the Miracle of Israel Innovation Tour, happening from the 2cd to the 3rd of December, which includes a historical tour and tours of the Knesset, the Supreme Court, the Holocaust Museum, and a visit with Israeli nonprofit and startup businesses.

In an interview with ILTV, Myers stated that one of the key reasons for creating ARISE was to combat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS). “The most effective way to combat BDS,” Myers said, “is by creating more business for Israel.” He noted that the demand to partner with Israeli businesses is booming, especially from evangelical Christian business people, which number in the 10s of millions.

The conference has been able to draw the support of Israeli organizations such as the Israel Export Institute, the Israel Federation of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce, the Israel Manufacturers Association and the Israel Innovation Institute. In terms of international supporting stars, ARISE’s founding partners notably include Albert Pujols, a famous baseball star from the US.

The event in 2019 will not be the last, and the greatest impact of ARISE may even lie far beyond the events themselves. Myers hopes to build a global trade center in Jerusalem which he aims to have up and running by 2022. Such a center, he tells the Jerusalem Post, “is the best answer to BDS.”

To learn more about the ARISE Summit, visit their website at arisesummit.com.