Ashira: A Record Label for Israeli Messianic Worship Music

Eli Ben-Moshe, 29, is the founder of a new Israeli record label called Ashira (“I will sing.”) Eli is an audio engineer who manages the Future Vision recording studio, from which Ashira music is produced. The studio, established by Eli’s father, Marc Chopinsky, is based at the ‘Tents of Mercy’ ministry center in Kiryat Yam. Eli grew up in Northern Israel and studied music and sound engineering at the renowned Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Tel Aviv. He lives in Kiryat Motzkin with his wife, Vanessa, and their two young daughters.

The Ashira music label is being developed to help Israeli believers grow in Yeshua and be encouraged in their walk with Him through streaming and downloading home-grown Israeli worship music.  Importantly, Ashira will be offering this music for free to those who cannot or do not want to pay for it.

Ashira’s founder, Eli Ben-Moshe, explains: “We feel it is important for Israeli believers to have access to good worship music that was written and performed by other Israelis in their native language, Hebrew. Through Ashira they will have the option of paying any amount they want to for the music – but otherwise it will be available for free.”

With years of experience in mixing, mastering and recording, Eli is well placed to develop the Ashira label: he has worked on music projects with Maoz Israel, Carolyn Hyde, Oxana Eliyahu, Birgitta Veksler, Sasha Fishman, Marc Chopinsky and more.

Although the concept of Ashira was only birthed some six months ago, its first digital album is almost finished and is expected to be fully uploaded by mid-August. The album is by Eli and Rachel Haitov, youth worship leaders at Tents of Mercy. It is called Bou Elav (“Let’s Go to Him”) and can be previewed on the Ashira link:   

Ashira Logo (2)In regards to musicians wanting to work with Ashira, Eli says: “The only starting standard is that they are Israelis living in Israel and their lyrics are in Hebrew, sung without a foreign accent.” Eli confirms: “It is not necessary for musicians to have been worship leaders or have another kind of similar background.”

Looking to the future, Eli shares: “In time my hope is that Ashira will become a fully- fledged non-profit organization. We hope to develop a base of donors to pay talented musicians and other professionals, and to make this my full time occupation. Meanwhile, the project is more of a virtual entity established to give a canopy and name recognition to music that it releases.”

Eli says: “If anyone is interested in having me produce their music under the Ashira label, they can contact me by email and we can set up a meeting to discuss it.”

While the music is intended for the benefit of Israeli believers, Eli attests: “It may also be a way to spread the Good News of Yeshua and be a blessing to the Nations as well.”

Eli Ben Moshe can be reached to discuss recording music or the future of the project through his email address: