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Chaim Malespin

Chaim made Aliyah from the USA in 1999, served and still serves, now as a reservist in “Yaahlom,” an elite unit of the IDF from 2005-present, graduated from IDC in Herzliya in 2013 (BA in Government), and is currently Director of the Aliyah Return Center, originating as a division of Return Ministries, Return.co.il Teaching and training international interns, advocacy for Israel, developing the Galilee, and much more. Chaim is also a partner in Isralandgo Ltd dealing in many international, and national business ventures, with a principal focus is to promote Israel and Nations working together for Zion’s sake. Chaim and his wife Deanna are blessed to parent a wonderful son, Matiah, and girl, Hadar. “Unconditional love, in uncompromising faith”