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Helen Reed and Liora Ben-Zion

Helen Reed came to know Yeshua as her Messiah in 1972 and first came to Israel in 1974 to learn Hebrew on a kibbutz. She made Aliyah in 1975. She spent 21 years in Hong Kong with her husband, working to "build up the Body" and in Prison Ministry. After her husband was promoted to Glory, she returned to Israel and then back to the UK to care for her elderly mother. She has now been back in the Land for 3 years doing volunteer work helping the poor. Helen has written 2 books, "What Do YOU Want, Lord?" and "Are We Ready?" Helen has a deep concern for seniors, especially in the Body of Messiah. Liora-Dayan Ben-Zion, as a new Believer in Yeshua, arrived in Israel in 1987 and officially made Aliyah in 1991. She spent her first years studying at the Institute of Holy Land Studies focusing on Biblical Studies Old and New Testaments, followed by the Ministry of Tourism Guiding Course. Her work included: Ministry of Tourism, Pilot Program Birthright Israel and the Jewish Agency. Later in senior years she became self-employed as “A Helping Hand,” Professional Services for Office and Home. Over these many years she has attended various fellowships and conferences. Her personal choice is to participate in a house group fellowship of diverse and wonderful Brothers and Sisters. Liora and Helen met while participating in a fellowship called the Sisterhood – a vision of Sharon Sanders of Christian Friends of Israel, here in Jerusalem.