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I can only speak for myself. A watcher, a doer, a carer, a wife, a mother. I'm an American-Israeli Messianic Jewish Jerusalemite. I've spent nearly all my adult life here, and I've matured in between war and peace encounters. There is always something new to learn, something sharp and unexpected to challenge my views. I accept this challenge, and willingly wrestle with it. I value people and relationships, and I strive to see the common humanity between all of us in this city's diversity. I love this mad, beautiful city for its multiculturalism and history. I hurt for this city of pain and hatred, where 'unified' is a political term with positive/negative connotations depending on one's political leaning. Moments of beauty and pain can be found everywhere. I hold tight to moments of hope and redemption, snapshots of what this city can be if we all work to make it a better one.