Battered, Bruised and Jumpy

Whew, we survived into 2016! But very few have an expectation that the year that lies ahead will be much better than the one that just passed. As White House correspondent, Bill Koenig, put it in his weekly subscription newsletter, the end of 2015 found all of us, “Battered, Bruised and Jumpy — The Whole World Is On Edge.”

Why the pessimism?

Seemingly out-of-control terrorism…anywhere…at any time.

France saw two major terror attacks in January and November.

The United States also experienced attacks in July (Chattanooga, TN) and December (San Bernadino, CA).  

Here in Israel there has been a rash of terror attacks since mid-September. A recent article in Arutz Sheva documents nearly 1000 incidents involving car ramming, stabbings, shootings, firebombing and rock throwing (where injury has occurred). “Of those, 296 incidents included injuries or fatalities”.

“29 Jews have been killed and 491 injured, of whom 342 have been civilians.”

Some in the government and media have termed a number of these stabbings “lone wolf” attacks. Nevertheless, Dr. Ofer Merin, of Shaare Zedek’s Trauma Unit, stated that the terrorists know exactly where to plunge their knives in order to cause maximum damage.  In other words, these so-called ‘lone wolves’ have had specific training.

Total failure of the nuclear “agreement” with Iran

The so-called “agreement” itself was problematic. The supposed goal of trying to bring the foremost sponsor of State terrorism back into the community of nations was ludicrous from the beginning. From President Obama’s triumphant announcement of the initial framework in April, 2015, Iran has lost no opportunity to thumb its nose at him and the rest of the world, especially the nations of the P5+1. Some of the flagrant violations include:

…carrying out ballistic missile tests in October and November, ignoring UN Security Council resolutions forbidding them to do so. One would think that such an egregious infraction would result in immediate and harsh new sanctions. The Obama administration half heartedly considered such a step but then decided to indefinitely delay the action, much to the chagrin of many US lawmakers.

…defying a UN travel ban by sending Gen. Qasem Soleimani to Moscow.

firing unguided rockets just 1500 meters away from the USS Harry Truman. This was a deliberate provocation, carried out recently by Iran’s elite Republican Guard.

Finally, the worthless agreement/treaty/whatever you want to call it, is declared worthless!

The State Department has confirmed that the “The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is not a treaty nor an executive agreement, and is not a signed document!” So it should be scrapped, right? Wrong!

In spite of all the above, the Obama administration may be lifting sanctions in just a few days, releasing up to $100 billion in frozen Iranian assets.

Mass Migration of Muslim “refugees”, aka Immigration Jihad

Germany’s Muslim population skyrocketed by more than 850,000 in 2015, for the first time pushing the total number of Muslims in the country to nearly six million.  “As an expression of ‘gratitude’ for Germany’s hospitality,” thousands of Muslim “refugees” in cities throughout the country brought in the new year with sexual predation, theft of wallets and cellphones and physical aggression against native German infidels. Cologne experienced some of the worst violence as more than 100 women reported being assaulted. However similar attacks also occurred in Hamburg and Stuttgart. Daniel Greenfield in his article, Mass Muslim Sexual Assaults on Women in Germany is a Crisis, summed it up the horror: “This is the new Germany. Such mass attacks on women, no matter how they are dressed, are typical in the Muslim world.”

So what’s the solution to the encroaching nightmare caused by Islam?

Easy …. silence free speech, of course!

We should all downplay the real problem, which is Islam, not Radicalism or even Radical Islam, and play the politically correct game of cracking down on ordinary fed-up citizens who are beginning to object to their governments’ immigration policies or complain about the so-called Muslim “refugees.”

In his article, Germany Cracks Down on Speech by Citizens Enraged over its Immigration Policy,  Paul Mirengoff states that the German government is trying to ‘enforce civility’ by“investigating and punishing inflammatory comments about immigrants. The government has doled out fines and probation to people for engaging in such speech. It has also reached deals with Facebook, Twitter, and Google to have these outlets remove offensive posts.”

In the U.S.,  eighty-two leading Democrats have cosponsored a House Resolution (H.Res. 569)“Condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States”.  What makes this resolution so ludicrous is that of all 1,149 anti-religious hate crimes reported in the United States in 2014, only 16.1% were directed against Muslims, according to the FBI. By contrast, over half of all anti-religious hate crimes were directed against Jews – 56.8%.

Why is Islam itself the problem?

The “religion” hasn’t been hijacked. Perpetrators of terror and mayhem are the good and faithful Muslims, according to the Quran and the Hadith. Those who are peace-loving are themselves considered apostates and are in danger of death. The real Islam:

Despite what politicians may say, Islam is not a religion of peace. Just a few days ago, in my former home city of Philadelphia, a Muslim man, Edward Archer, gun in hand, approached a police car and fired thirteen rounds at Officer Jesse Hartnett, hitting him in the arm three times. The officer was able to return fire although severely injured. After being captured, Archer confessed that he did it for Islam explaining that the officer, Hartnett, upholds laws that are contrary to those of Allah’s.

In spite of Archer’s confession, Philly’s new mayor, Jim Kenney, pretending to be an ‘Islamic scholar’, boldly stated at a press conference, “In no way shape or form does anyone believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you saw on the screen ….. It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.”

This is what we are dealing with my friends: political correctness running totally amok. Only brave and rational thinking men and women who are willing to stand up for what’s good and right may possibly, with the help of the Almighty, be able to stem the evil tide.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy New Year.