Be’ad Chaim Gardens of Life – Tu b’Shvat Tree planting event


Women and men who have suffered the loss of a baby through abortion or miscarriage are invited to plant a tree in their child’s honor at the Be’ad Chaim Gardens of Life on January 31, 2018, the day of this year’s Tu b’Shvat holiday. Tu b’Shvat is a Jewish holiday that celebrates nature and its conservation, a time when trees are traditionally planted.

Located close to Latrun, just outside Jerusalem, the Gardens of Life is a beautiful, green, spacious and peaceful place. The Gardens “provide a safe-haven for men and women to grieve, reflect, and find healing after the loss of a baby to abortion or miscarriage.”

Parents may find rest and healing for their souls through the simple act of planting a tree in the Gardens, acknowledging the life their child had in the womb. Some 1,500 trees have been planted since the Gardens opened to the public in 2010.

Many women who had abortions are now believers in Yeshua, and have received His forgiveness and peace. The planting of a tree can bring full closure to what was a distressing and shame-filled experience through honoring the unborn baby and committing him to God.

One Be’ad Chaim counsellor has explained that, having had an abortion herself many years ago, she discovered it was important to also name her unborn child. “I understood my baby had been a boy and I named him ‘Michael,’” she said. “I have planted a tree in the Garden in my son’s honor and memory.”

Another believing woman expressed: “I had taken the Be’ad Chaim post-abortion Bible study course and had already received much healing. At the end of the course my counsellor took me to the Gardens to plant a tree in my little girl’s memory. It was an indescribable experience to be able to honor the baby that way. I named her ‘Emma.’”

Similarly, those who have suffered the loss of a child through miscarriage often do not have the opportunity to say goodbye and to fully acknowledge their baby’s life. Planting a tree for the child may provide deep comfort and help the process of mourning.

The Gardens are open to the public to come and enjoy them, while tree planting can be arranged through appointment. The cost of a smaller tree is $45 and a larger tree is $100.

If you would like to plant a tree on Tu b’Shvat, Wednesday, January 31 from 10-12 please contact the Be’ad Chaim office at 02-625-4070 no later than January 25 so that the Gardener can prepare a tree and place for it to be planted. Counselors will be available to talk to parents and families during the special event.